[3.7] ICE SPEAR TOTEM | 15.75 million shaper DPS! | 8k eHP (HP\ES - 38% MOM) | Easy all content

with this gear I don't die very often and clear maps easily, didn't cost a great deal
My problem is that enemies hit me easily and since this build is kinda without damage reduction they do a lot of dmg when they hit. Maybe it's my style of playing that makes me die easily. I played more safe until lvl 92 and now I play as I want (not so safe) and I die so often that I'm not leveling anymore since xp loss. I play only T14-T16 maps and elder/uber elder or deep delve.

Edit: Today I tried only T15 maps. No blighted high tier maps, no T16. Got 60 % of lvl 93 already and didn't die once.
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It looks like your resistences are less than zero...
will this be updated for 3.9?
bryanbergan28 wrote:
It looks like your resistences are less than zero...

This is very puzzeling, noway this build viable unless you like to die 10 time per maps
Poe Pvp experience
Ran this build in 3.9 on console, still shredded bosses like crazy. The new influences on items made this fun to tinker with.

Unsure why people are acting like this build dies a lot, probably user error but hey not everyone can follow a build properly.

Once again this build destroys all content easily and safely.
www.youtube.com/kraytheredghost IG @ADimensionBeyond

3.9 version
www.youtube.com/kraytheredghost IG @ADimensionBeyond
Thanks, I will try this build I had a lot of fun with 2 or 3 leagues ago. Now in 3.10 I will check if it's still Uber fun !!
Thanks, I will try this build I had a lot of fun with 2 or 3 leagues ago. Now in 3.10 I will check if it's still Uber fun !!

Any idea if this build is still 3.10 viable?
i gave this build a shot in 3.10, but as of today i've given up on it. my DPS isn't as high as the guide's, and i've done a heck of a lot in attempt to get there but it gets exponentially expensive to up my DPS once you reach a certain point. I messed around with cluster jewels, but i ultimately never found a combination that seemed to make the build significantly better.

Here's my toon:


maybe there's something i'm missing (i'm definitely not a pro player), but the negatives on this build in 3.10 i'm experiencing:

1. ice spear can be huge dps, but, most encounters are actually close ranged, especially Simulacrum. there's really not a lot of room to work on these maps and they overrun the totems quickly. this makes ice spear inadequate.

2. theres so much physical damage in Delirium modded maps, its almost impossible to survive. there's a lot of running for your life moments. i had 5200 life, another 1100ish from MoM for 6300 eHp - i got one shot a lot without any defensive nodes.

3. it's a pain in the ass to try to get marylene's amulet, annointed with sanctum of thought, and then corrupt to get apply additional curse implicit mod. i attempted to corrupt over 100 amulets with no success. the original build doesn't run 100% curse reduction, and when i tried that in 3.10, i died even faster. to make this part of the build viable, you'd need awakened curse on hit lvl 5, and right now that costs 13ex.

4. golem dies so much, i swapped out decoy totem for it. that helped, but still not great.

5. the life leech is not enough in 3.10 to sustain you. even if you survive one hit, if you get hit with a successive hit or hits, you're most likely done for.

All in all, i feel that freezing pulse seems like a much better option for map clearing this league.
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