[3.6] Storm Untethered: For lazy / bad exiles! UElder Deathless, fast clear, 2m-12m SDPS, 11k EHP

EDIT: WHERES THE DELETE BUTTON. DO NOT READ THIS POST. Or watch the vids. I'm writing this guide and meant to preview not submit. D: Come back in 6 hours!

EDIT: [3.7] Guide is NOT updated for 3.7... Yet. Page 4 has a post discussing the nerfs/buffs (most notably Warlord's Mark). I feel that the build is about as strong offensively and defensively thanks to new items overriding the sustain issue. For example SotDivine now lets you gain a shitton of instant + over time recovery, while we lost Blood Rage Arakaali. The most pressing issue right now is really mana sustain. Stay tuned.

Hi guys! It's me, the creator of Storm Untethered (and Flickering Blizzard before that!). I make meta off-meta builds - that is, I usually take an already strong set of skills and find an alternative way of playing it!

Are you just plain bad at dodging / great at getting one-shot? Do you want to take it to Uber Elder this league? PREPARE TO GET YOUR MIND BLOWN but not your small budget.

Boring dude, gimme HYPE vid (ft. our childhood song):

Uber Elder Deathless with shitty wands:

T16 Minotaur in 1m45s (no side area)(not final build)
https://youtu.be/g8dOaQYotIo (sorry, filter was off for NoLube league)

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The intro videos I have been making on my YT channel usually get good feedback but I have been told Reddit threads and YT comments may not reach a big segment of players, which is ultimately what this build is trying to help. So here is my first Forum guide! Help me by subbing to the channel so I can justify this hobby to the SO hehe.

Build Goals & Concept

1. Map clear fast!
Storm Brand + Brand Recall. This adds a stable chunk of leech and damage during boss fights too.

2. Boss fast!
Storm Burst OP. No Helm enchant needed or fancy gear needed! With a cheap essence + Shaped Helm we get GUARANTEED 5 - 7 links on helmet.

3. Insane HP Pool!
Custom made for bad players like myself! By abusing Soul Tether, you can break into 13k HP + ES with OVERLEECH and basically allows you to be terrible at the game while crushing all content.

4. Beats a lot of map mods
You can actually do Added Damage/ Crit / Ele Reflect / Less Regen / you can perma RF while clearing the map, and burst T15 bosses down with RF on too. You don't even need an Anti-Bleed flask...

INTRODUCING: The IDGAF let me try this build NAO shopping links:

Alright you lazy asshole, I like you already! This build was made for you Here are the links. However do note balancing resists is your own damn business. Jeez!

Soul Tether: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/Zww666CQ
Chests with open prefix and to self-link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/KodY2Mu5
6-links: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/3G5920U5

Cheap wands to replace Shades once you get enough levels for crit: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/rZV76MuQ

Neckpiece to boost healing: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/kwwybwu5



Extremely cheap to start.
Core item is 1 alch, and hybrid gear is nuts cheap. You can build one for <4ex, excluding the 6L maybe. You don't even need a 6L - that's your Storm Brand on your chestpiece, which does just fine on a 5L. Tabula possible since you have so much tankiness elsewhere.
Newbie friendly because of high EHP pool and regen.
Actually a template for very high DPS (12m+ if you blow currency on the build. It IS Trickster Storm Burst after all).
I would go so far as to say it's the most well-rounded build I can see right now, in terms of DPS cap, speed, survivability and Leech. Fight me IRL bro



- Quite a 'melee' build.
- Not very zoom zoom, relies on Quicksilver, though you can max your Flame Dash if you wanna. (I think Instant Cast makes up for a lot of speed though).
- Becomes a normal 5.5k squishy build on No Leech maps. Actually, you have ES leech so it's kinda doable but why risk it? I keep a spare Abyss Belt for such maps - or use a simple ES recovery Leather or Crystal belt.
- Chimera, of all bosses, absolutely shits on you if you don't instaphase him (which you can). I have vids of me instaphasing him but once he goes into smoke, you have 5 seconds before your leech drops off. Pop Basalt and find him quickly.
- You kinda have to keep going nonstop in maps, because the Leech lasts only 5s. So you're back to 'mortal' 5k+ HP status if that falls off.

Overleech, or What the f**** am I seeing in the video (for complete newbies who want to learn):

Okay so you're totally ignoring the fact that the build has 11k+ EHP because adding 5.5k and 5.5k is hard, but you DID notice that it just takes punches to the face and regens in a safe period. (And the vids aren't even tryharding to regen!)

The mechanics are explained visually at the end of the vid but here is a detailed version.

Basically, aside from using Hybrid (Life + ES) gear to reach a monstrous "tank" of hitpoints, we really focus on making the FILLING of those TANKS the absolute best rate in the game. On a regular build, you either have 20% of max life leech or 10% Energy shield leech, which translates to at most 1250HP/ES per second. These figures are before Vaal Pact or Ghost Reaver.

With Soul Tether, we achieve a few things.

All your life leech not only continues to 'tick' when your life is full, but 'flow over' into the ES tank at 1250 ES/s. You would need a max of 12500 ES to do this with ES leech, here we only need 1 ES for that to happen. Even when your ES is full, your ES tank continues getting 'topped up' at 1250ES/s.

This mechanic is known as 'overleeching' and has the effect of having a 'perma potion' on you. The moment you take damage, this potion just instantly starts topping you off even if you are running around like a headless chicken. Buck buck!

Overleech used to be achievable with Slayer / Scion Ascendant but it recently had some nutty modifier applied to it, and now Slayer is the worst class in the game, even worse than Zerker. Let that sink it.

Even then, ES overleech wasn't possible. This is hands down the safest way for newbies to approach fights like Uber Elder!

Part II - making it stupid OP
Okay you thought you were done? Now let the rest of the mechanics kick in to let you see how dumb and relaxed this is!

We have the following modifiers going for us.

From our Watcher's Eye (very cheap mod): 20% increased recovery rate of Life AND Energy Shield while Malevolence is active.
From Soul of Arakaali: 50% increased recovery rate of Life AND Energy Shield if you've stopped taking damage over time recently
From Patient Reaper (you will use this for mapping): 70% increased recovery rate of Life AND Energy Shield if you have killed an enemy with your damage over time recently.
From our necklace: Let's say 20% increased maximum total recovery from Life Leech (what a mouthful. It's a 20% more mult. That's all).
From our neck / Atziri's Acuity: Vaal Pact - basically, a 100% more multiplier.

So that's 140% total increased recovery of life AND energy shield.

For simplicity's sake if we leech 20% of 5K Life = 1000HPs
Vaal Pact = 2000 HPs
Necklace = 2400HPs. (1/5 of 2000 = 400HPs)

Apply 140% increased modifier = 2400 * 2.4 = 5760HPs.

Well now you recover a full life and ES bar in 1 second. But wait!
Since your life is now full, your leech goes to ES...

Which receives a nice 140% multiplier AS WELL.
5760 HP * 2.4 = 13824HPs.

Plus you have a huge chunk of ES leech once your Storm Brand stacks tick enough. Note that that's not Overleech however so it's a few hundred ES at best because it's just starting to kick in

FAQ: It doesn't look like you're leeching 13000 HP in one second in the vid, are you a scammer. Reported]

Well the brutal truth is that some of the vids were recorded with Escape Artist instead of Patient Reaper, because 20% spell dodge and 36% cast speed is nuts to pass up against Uber Elder, for example. When you map though, you WILL run Patient Reaper. I also broke down a couple vids internally to the millisecond and -- damn, yer right, it's not 13600 for sure, but it landed up at about 9500HPs. WTF? I have no idea really. Maybe something fell off halfway. Someone help me out here. Mark_GGG?


Map clear: 6-Link Storm Brand in Chest

Storm Brand + Onslaught + Controlled Destruction + Energy Leech + Lightning Penetration + Innervate

Why these links?

This intentionally isn't the highest DPS set-up. Storm Brand is here to provide decent damage, map fast, and most importantly give a constant source of leech and Onslaught even when you're running around.

It is also highly focused on buffing your Storm Burst when the time comes to use it. Storm Brand grants Onslaught and Innervate during boss fights - you cannot live without Onslaught, and Innervate is probably gonna proc off an add kill.

Energy Leech is not only a very solid damage multiplier (especially if you take damage), adds about 500 * 2.4 = 1200 ES leech per sec as an additional defense layer. You can replace this with Elemental Focus (and take Innervate out for Conc Effect because you'll never shock if so) if you really want to max the deeps.

Controlled Destruction is actually very critical if you are using Shades of Solaris. Simple: You only need crit to proc EO. If you crit too much thanks to your 3 Power Charges, you actually lose DPS because your crits do no damage. Controlled D is not only the second biggest multiplier out there after Ele Focus - it allows you to crit less, dealing more damage.

Bossing: 4-Link Storm Burst in Shaped Helm with Essence of Insanity

Storm Burst + Elemental Focus / Controlled Destruction + Physical to Lightning + Infused Channeling + Socketed Gems have 50% of Physical Damage added as Extra Lightning Damage

For 10c you add on to any helm a straight-up 50% Multiplier (until you buy Gain Physical As items, which are only used in high-end variations).

Why Shaped Helm, then? That adds on to the cost significantly. Well, you'll have a chance to land mods like Hypothermia, Innervate, Increased AoE, and flat cold/lightning damage to spells. Also, if you go the crit version, up to 3% base spell crit is huge for the deeps.

If you don't want to buy one or don't fight T16s often, a regular Hubris Circlet will do.

Mapping: 3-Link Brand Recall

Brand Recall + Enhance + Empower
For those of you new to Brands, Brand Recall is basically what makes the build go REALLY fast.

It's a spell that summons all your existing brands on the map to your current location, and gives them insane range so they can hop to targets around you. It's also instant so you don't lose a single beat, just keep running.

Empower is there because the higher your Brand Recall level, the more often you can use it. Once you get so much damage you can speed through packs, this cooldown becomes the bottleneck for clear. That's why some people who speedfarm place Brand Recall in a corrupted +1 Magna Eclipsis for +3 to BOTH your Brand Recall and Empower... resulting in an almost 1-sec flat cooldown. (Or was it 1s flat?)

Enhance is basically QoL and allows your Brands to really jump insanely far, ensuring you wipe out entire packs without straggers.

Wouldn't beat myself up over Brand Recall unless your gear is so significantly good that you need the faster cooldown.

Note that Brand Recall is instant, so you can actualy Recall while channelling Storm Burst on a boss to place the Brands (and subsequent leech / onslaught effects) on him.



Tankiest/Budget version with Shades of Solaris: https://pastebin.com/ZuA2nBgf

Variations / High-end / Other classes

You most definitely can just apply Soul Tether to another class.

The HIGHEST DPS version is, as expected, a Scion Trickster + Inquisitor running Zealotry, with Elder Duration boots to push Storm Burst onto the next damage 'tier'.
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Reserved, sorry, i hit submit not preview
finally someone who's making a guide about this!
Treydez87 wrote:
finally someone who's making a guide about this!

Haha sorry. Been busy AF. And when I wasn't busy... I made the mistake of joining the ProjectPT league. Now I'm addicted to that one.
holy fuck i just watched the mods on it. now i know why its called no lube haha. im currently leveling my trickster for this build. cant wait to try it
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Gonna try this now even though it's not nearly a full guide and am super lazy exile hurry the fork up and finish your guide for this lazy exile, With Love <3
Edit: was this abandoned?
Last edited by LazyBlanketCat on Apr 24, 2019, 3:20:23 PM
Gotta wonder why it was abandoned too. Frustrating lack of details here. The only helm like OP's is up for 50 exalt. Ya, like that will sell.

"No Helm enchant needed or fancy gear needed! With a cheap essence + Shaped Helm we get GUARANTEED 5 - 7 links on helmet."

Oh how we all wish it was that simple.

edit: 100 chaos in essences :

Not too bad.

Gotta point out though, hypothermia does your Storm Burst precisely zero good without some cold damage. Gotta get it on a jewel, or jewelry.
Last edited by DamageIncorporated on Apr 26, 2019, 9:50:11 AM
Thats why he's using vortex - to chill enemies for hypothermia.
Gonna try this now even though it's not nearly a full guide and am super lazy exile hurry the fork up and finish your guide for this lazy exile, With Love <3
Edit: was this abandoned?

I did say it was for lazy or bad exiles, who also don't finish guides.

After a 85 and 70 RIP in the league I'm back to finish it!!
Gotta wonder why it was abandoned too. Frustrating lack of details here. The only helm like OP's is up for 50 exalt. Ya, like that will sell.

"No Helm enchant needed or fancy gear needed! With a cheap essence + Shaped Helm we get GUARANTEED 5 - 7 links on helmet."

Oh how we all wish it was that simple.

edit: 100 chaos in essences :

Not too bad.

Gotta point out though, hypothermia does your Storm Burst precisely zero good without some cold damage. Gotta get it on a jewel, or jewelry.

Actually it's worse than that, because we're not Elementalists, most of our chills are discarded.

That's why, as someone else pointed out, I use Vortex. I stand on enemies and drop Vortex (CWDT Vortex / Cold Snap Works too, so does Aquamarine flasking, so does Vaal Cold Snap). Brand Recall can be used while Channeling to keep up the leech.

That said, fixing the guide up now! Got super distracted (or rather super busy and all I wanted to do after work was play some POE, not write more context x_x)

Glad you figured the helm out!

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