[3.7] 🔥 Golems Still OP - Flame Golem Elementalist (Millions of DPS, All Content Deathless) 🔥

More content waiting
Fast leveling guide pls
Leveling section is the next thing I'll be focusing on, will do it as soon as possible when time permits.
This solved the problems I was having with my golem build. Thanks for sharing this guide, OP.
Just finished the leveling section. At this point I'd say the guide is about 90% complete.
what a nice guide!

i'll try next league starter!

thank you :)
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is The Primordial Chain worth getting?
Zsno wrote:
is The Primordial Chain worth getting?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is Flame Golems don't benefit from movement speed as much as Ice Golems since they're not melee, you can't use Animate Guardian with Primordial Chain, golems lose 35-45% of their life which makes them squishy especially if you don't have level 28 Flame Golems as I do, and Flame Golem dying = trouble since the mana cost makes you unable to resummon it unless you cancel some of your auras and wait for the mana to regenerate.

With 35% less life you'd have to keep using Convocation to save your Stone/Chaos Golem from Shaper balls/Uber Atziri double flameblast while with my setup it can take everything the game has to offer and survive (it can still die occasionally to heavy bursts of damage but it happens rarely).

Don't forget it also means losing stun immunity (very desirable for a bosskiller), 60% chaos resistance (very desirable for a hybrid build) and 1000-1500 EHP from Presence of Chayula.

Lastly, the -35% Golem Damage mod and the loss of Animated Guardian pretty much offsets the DPS gain you would get from being able to summon 3 more golems, no matter what golem combination you'd have used.

The Primordial Chain is worth considering if you use melee (especially Ice) Golems with it. But that's not my build.
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in your PoB, for configuration you have enemies covered in ash, how are you achieving this with your setup?

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