[3.7] 🔥 Golems Still OP - Flame Golem Elementalist (Millions of DPS, All Content Deathless) 🔥

Your armor section says you could use 2B 3R 1G but its a little worse.

What gems would you use there and how much worse is it? The difference of price between 2B3R1G and 3B2R1G is steep for starters like me ><
In 3.8, I'm running 7 golems, 5 flame, 1 carrion and 1 ice. Would it be better to throw in the lightning golem and lose 1 flame golem for the damage bonus? Or is having an extra magma ball thrower more betterer?

Hi, will the update for 3.8 please? Thank you for your example.

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