[PS4] 3.6.3d Patch Notes

ArtbyGoulart wrote:
PLEASE work on FPS issues, some of my friends are dropping the game entirely because of MASSIVE FPS drops in maps, and random game crashes. I cant imagine anything more important than this. People playing endgame content are the ones that will BUY your micro-transactions the most over time. Fix performance, fix performance, fix performance. Even just implementing being able to turn some effects off like in PC or enable dynamic resolution scaling. ANYTHING to make it playable end game..

Yes indeed the most important thing. Anything else is irrelevant as long as this performance stays the way it is.
Focus on making the damn game enjoyable... Fix your fps issues, constant crashes, capable of playing with friends right now it's solo play and that's only just. Why the fvxk you release a game that's got the same problems pc had 5 years ago and still ongoing. Stupid wouldn't mind a refund on my purchase.
Vitamin-R wrote:
In game, in the minecamp, not in a menu, click r3 and assign the skill.

how to edit the Neversink filter on ps4?

wanna show some low tier maps in order to keep my elder circle when mapping :>
HC9919 wrote:
Can you please add a more in-depth search in the trade system? It’s really difficult to find anything half decent, much less anything good. The highlight feature does not work very well. For example, if I try to hilghlight an item with chaos damage, it will hilighlight anything with ‘damage’ and costs a # of chaos orbs. Also, the game is not optimized whatsoever, especially with micro transactions. I just bought the celestial soulrend mtx, and now the game runs at like 10 FPS whenever there’s enemies on the screen. The game still crashes all the time whenever you go into loading screen, it’s like a 10% chance to crash whenever you go through a portal or to another area.

So true. The crashes are horrible and I have the same issues with the search feature you gave a perfect example of how it works.
My game has crashed(Blue Screened) twice in the last 15 minutes in the Azurit Mine. It crashes at least once every time I play in the mine but twice in 15 minutes? What is going on? After the last patch everything went down hill. Ive been playing since day 1 and didnt have a single issue till the last patch...since then the game crashes so much. Its always in the mine or in maps... and about 75% of the time its when porting somewhere. Please fix this. I love this game more than anything on ps4.
cxalc wrote:
how to edit the Neversink filter on ps4?

wanna show some low tier maps in order to keep my elder circle when mapping :>

"Edit" the filter? I'm afraid we can't do that. Anything that requires adding or replacing external or user-generated files cannot be imported onto consoles.

It's possible GGG may choose to give us customization options within the game at some point to allow us to make tweaks and fine-tune the existing filters, but we don't have anything like that yet. All we can do, for now, is switch between a selction of filter "strictness" in the options menu. If you want to see things the filter currently hides, you'll need to reduce the "strictness" though that will make a lot of other unwanted items visible as well.
When are you going to add the guild sys? And what about the performance issues?
bendybruce wrote:
Some of these changes sound really good but I was a bit disappointed not to see anything about addressing the lag and frame rate issues, which are by far the biggest problem facing the PS4 right now.
In spite of this still enjoying the game so hoping performance improvements are still being worked on!

How can you enjoy the game when it runs at 15fps in maps, and crashes twice an hour?
dO yOu GuYs NoT
hAvE pHoNeS?

Is this blizzard?

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