The Lost Souls Apparition Effect

I guess
I suspect that one of two things is going one.

1. Accumulated player points are a liability on the GGG balance sheet and it has grown to too big a number. Spending points on MTXs will bring that number down and back into a more appropriate number.

2. Cash flow is slower than GGG likes and the company needs to speed up point purchases (through direct point purchases or support packs). One way to do this is to offer more and new combinations of mtxs products.

3. Could both be true? Maybe. It kinda depends on how Tencent looks at the company: do they see it as a cash cow or as a growing asset based entity? More revenue is always nice, but too much balance sheet liability can hamper growth strategies.

Marketing 101: When the cost of adding new products to sell is low, offering one's customers more choices will generally increase sales. That is why the Sears Catalog grew to be so big in its heyday and why big box stores offer so much stuff. The question for GGG is at what point will their customer base just see everything as repetitious and boring and stop buying. Limited editions can help, but I think at some point soon they should begin retiring them. Then once a year they could bring retired ones back for a week long sale.

For me it is speculation and guess work, because I don't know any sales history, but marketing hasn't really changed much in the past 100 years. There are new channels, but people are still the same and respond in similar ways over the generations.
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We are that much closer to having stand battles
So brutal, gj!
И никакой рекламы сервисов.
nice! nice!
Anyone else having a problem launching the game via steam since the update? Also...1 entire update for 1 mtx?
wish this was in Incursion support pack :(
When I read the title in my feed, I thought it's a skill MTX for SRS that turns them into Lost Souls from Doom. Somehow. Even though they already look very much the same. I feel a bit disappointed now. :P
Stop implement crap mtx no one cares about and fix your fcking game...

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