3.6.3b Patch Notes

I still think the biggest issue with this league is there are too many core mechanics without any reliable way to engage with them. When we did have a way to engage betrayal (Quarry), GGG nerfed it. I sincerely don't understand the reasoning. They put betrayal in the core game, locked almost of the build specific mods behind it and gave players no way to interact with the mechanic except for daily's and RNG. That's the only real issue I've had, but that issue is a big one because it's just bad game design.
Update: I just started my stream and was excited to see another 16mb hotfix I guess, now the BUT: I already got complaints that it is EVEN worse then before and people are almost dieing while leveling to act 9 now, cause of INTENSE lag and stuttering here in germany. You might want to look into this GGG before eliminating the last bit of players that try to enjoy our beloved game!
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Still no music plays at Ghetto and Promenade Maps
Just died again to syndicate intervention freeze. Fine the previous league, only became a problem this league. Getting fed up with this now. Can we get some king of syndicate opt-out in options or something please?
Whata f is this... Please do something, betrayal was so damn good, this league is so bad. I'm sorry!
Got myself a RAID!
After reading the forum I am convinced. Sadly it seems GGG no longer supports their own game. Almost all of this league is lost now. No reason to continue.

Perhaps next league guys will resolve these problems. Kind of sounds like Jewish folks at Passover, next year in Jerusalem.
Yes it is quite obvious that they cannot fix the lag. They must want to; and I do think they care a little bit but it's obviously not possible to fix. So Yeah of the FR goes insane entering a map I would just go back and make a new map. I can tell every time now in the DL if they are going to be there to kill me. I think that is why they moved the incursions a bit away from the drop; so you could have the choice to leave. Its not the worst fix but its the only one we are going to get. Just like the creatures from the beyond this problem is from the beyond for GGG.

GGG dudes anyway you can loosen up on the Alchy orb drops and chisels as a fix too? I have wasted 420 since synthesis (by having to) back out of the map or dying at the drop when they are there forcing me to abandon the map.

Also maybe have something else drop scarabs since it looks like I will never see another safe house again.
I am reading the post here and it looks like people are tired of excuses funny thing is i have not played in ages and just decided to give it a shot. The game plays like junk even more so now and seems they care more about looking good in the forums than fixing the game .
I seriously have no idea what people are talking with Betreyal lag. I have no issues whatsoever. My specs are nothing special, got the game on a 5 year old Evo 850.

What issue i have with Betreyal and Syndicate events is, that they are too rare. You gotta Unveil like 200+ enchants....you wont be able to do that in the whole league. Ofcourse its ment to you know, buy a craft from someone elese that has it, but yea, i am not giving my item and currency to someone just like that hoping he wont screw me over.

Either they should figure out a system for that, or they should make unveiling the mods alot easier, couse its annoying when you are waiting on an enchant to unveil for a month already.

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