3.6.3b Patch Notes

nothing about map sustain?

This 100x!!!

This league is terrible. People are playing standard. For every 50 T15/T16 maps I use, I get 1 or 2 back after running. The map drops are completely abysmal! Fix the map drops WITHIN MAPS!!!!
why no sindicate FIX ?????? still many people have very laG !!!
1 month too late... stop forcing beta-testing on to players
You realize the only reason leagues exist is because they ARE live beta tests?
Cross Your Fingers XD
https://www.twitch.tv/xboneshockx (offline)
More syndicate spawn rate please!!!
Mirror service thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1743892
LMAO! This patch is pathetic. Even after the INSANE buff to loot this league is still a slog and you guys are apparently incapable of fixing something as simple as THE BASE MECHANIC OF YOUR LEAGUE! The rate of creep in these zones is so wildly inconsistent that it's laughable.
and nothing about fixing the synth bosses that clearly weren't balanced around having map mods affect them.

Although i guess that takes actually playing the game to notice, so how could you have even known?
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First, the Synthesis patch added a lot of great content to the Synth mechanic - well done. However, i most likely will stop playing. I have lost count of the number of crashes/instance disconnects i've gotten. I've lost roughly 110%-140% exp to.... Syndicate fps bug (on lvl 95+). Imagine having 0 - 1 fps whilst an angry Master shoves it up your arsehole, and you unwilling to literally do anything about it except hope the disconnect comes in time to save your exp.

Mid way into the league and this issue hasn't been resolved. I admit i have a potato laptop, but the fact remains that in Betrayal league itself this bug did not exist, for me, with the same potato laptop.
nothing about map sustain?

map sustain is currently easier than it has ever been - play more
Why Synthesis is still not removed from the game???

And to the ppl that are crying about syndicate lag. Oh well the whole game is laggin af. Just log oriath and you will see loading times and zerofps. I MEAN they should fix whole game and not just syndicate. But they sadly cant do this for years already. And they adding more and more new things in this crappy terrible indie game engine.
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