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Apologies to anyone that I accidentally ignored. Over the past 6 months my wife and I have started foster care, and I took quite a bit off time off of PoE. I'm back, I'm playing this league, and I'm currently updating the guide for 3.8. I'd be happy to answer questions as I work on the guide.

Looking forward to the update, thanks for the work!

Bit wondering about Ascendancies... Would so very much like that explosion from curses, but i think its just not possible in HC, because i need Vile Bastion.

All the best with the foster care!
Uber Elder farming Low Life Vortex Occultist on HC Blight.

Character: DanThatWasMyFault

Weapon can just be a +1 spell or cold gem 1hander that you multimod with
cold damage over time multi, spell damage and trigger a socket spell when u use a skill. Shield must have 300+ ES and the 5% es block recovery mod (Shaper base).
A Eye of Chayula gives stun immunity so u can take Malediction node. Helm is Rime Gaze. Belt is Bathed Breath. Timeless jewel by Eldricht Battery for double block and spell block. Rest of gear can be just ES, resists and stats. Rumis is a must have flask.
Jewels is 1 Energy from Within, a Watchers Eye, a stat jewel and 1

A level 90 skill tree would be something like this:

Dan's skill tree lvlv98 (he is using offhand Vigilant Strike to proc fortify):
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Can you update the POB guide for 3.9?
Ravenous0001 wrote:
Can you update the POB guide for 3.9?

This guide has been out of date for a few leagues. Good news though! I've redone the guide completely, and the updated guide can be found here:
Vortex For Dummies:
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