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VidarNanowish wrote:
❆ Get you a Quicksilver Flask from Nessa and buy Orb of Storms. Get Frost Bomb from Tarkleigh and check wands / boots. You want 2 items with BG links now. Gems should be linked as follows: Explosive Trap with Arcane Surge, and (if you’ve hit lvl 4) Frost Bomb with Onslaught.

Ingame tool tips displays arcane surge isn't compatible with explosive trap. Is it an error ?

not too sure on this. you could try using a level 1 arcane surge, hopefully you aren't gated behind the mana usage requirement. try testing to see if you get the arcane surge buff icon when you use it. otherwise if this doesnt work, you are not at a huge loss. simply connect arcane surge with another spell. in the early game arcane surge is there for a nice mana regen and spell dmg boost. (mana regen probably more important).

if you have levelling uniques you should not have issues either way. usually I level with a tabula 6L, 2 lifesprigs, 3-4 QS flasks, wanderlust, mana regen/reduced mana rings and mana regen amulet. all other gear are just generic spell damage/whatever you have.
Killerlotus wrote:
Fireviperrr wrote:
Thank you very much for the guide, very helpful. One thing I don't understand yet: why level six Vortex gems? What's the purpose?

Once again, many thanks, I subscribed to your Twitch channel as a small thank you.

If you don’t have 6 Vortex gems leveling in your weapon swap yet, get them going.

After getting gems to level 20 you either sell them for chaos to get better gear or continue upping their Quality to 20 and try your luck Vaaling them for a chance to get lvl 21/20q gem.

the idea is to lvl them to 20, get lvl 1 q20 gems, relevel to 20/20 and then vaal to get 21/20. vortex is your main skill, lvl 21 is a 10% additional dps boost, it is your biggest priority to get a lvl 21 one (in terms of gems). I mean if you really wanted to gamble you could level 6 enlightens/empowers for example but early in the game you probably dont have access to those so just level your main skill.
roselan wrote:
Fresh2000 wrote:

3. Phase run, not sure why is that with CWDT link, is the idea for this to activate when we are being hit? why there is no level cap on it then? I don't really see use for it when using Flame Dash but again I never used Phase run before.

4. I am leveling storm brand, frost bomb and orb of storms but getting the needed crafting things seems impossible and so far at this time, especially multiple mods one that I am not sure if I will ever be able to use them as intended in this guide. I am not even sure how to get needed prophecies for that pale court thingy.

5. Why we use Vaal Cold snap? I managed to get it now but the vaal version doesn't seem needed, everything dies with use of vortex and cold snap (at least not yet I'm in act 7)

6. I constantly have issues with Mana, and I only use discipline aura, I was wondering if it is because I constantly mash Vortex, cold snap, frost bomb, flame dash and that is not a way this build is intended to be played...

3. Phase run is no triggered by cwdt as it's too high level. You have to use it manually. However it benefits from increased duration, like Immoral Call does. (As a support, increased duration doesn't need to be "triggered", which is nice). quick edit: the hard part is getting "int/es" boots with 3 red slots.

4. You need pale court only for multimod crafting. until maps you only need "trigger as socketed spell when you use a skill". I don't remember which syndicate member has the craft thou. Until maps, any damage on the weapon is a bonus. I did beat Kitava on a claw with the suffix... (but not in HC).

5. It's a nice damage boost against big bad bosses and syndicate, damage stacks with vortex and (normal) cold snap, and both benefits from all our dot+cold bonuses. Plus normal cold snap applies bonechill. It all adds up pretty nicely for bosses, or even fast mapping as the cooldown is low.

6. The best way to mitigate mana issue is one of the mana 2 enchants for boots. (i prefer the 0.6 leech one, SonsOfKorhal prefers the 2% one). Until then, yes, it's hard. I only use vortex, and sometimes flame dash, very seldom cold snap and both vaal skills (bosses). Other spells are triggered automatically.

hey roselan good to see you here haha. yeah i forgot to mention for 6., I generally prefer regen on hit. it helps with your mana regen as well. for myself I run a lowlife build with shavronne's wrapping, hence I have clarity and mana regen is not an issue. but yes, it is common "industry" practice to get a boot enchant to help with mana woes.
. before clarity I also use cinderswallow urn to help with mana recovery. possible suggestion.
roselan wrote:
Killerlotus wrote:
Hey there, I was looking through your build and didn't find any mentions about

For the price it normally costs it's a considerable damage boost that you can pop on the boss for that juicy -50% cold res.
It has some downsides like taking slot of crafted stat ring and denying gear that adds raw cold spell damage, but still can be considered into this build if you can manage minuses it comes with.

The tree goes right by elemental equilibrium, you can take that keystone and use a normal ring too.

I echo this sentiment. simply get EE on the tree, and use a rare ring. you have a lot more customization opportunities and less restrictions. for rings, damage boost via spell damage and cold damage is not as huge as most people think, so I generally roll res/max es/str/dex on them, and suggest to get dps lines on other items.
Suporex wrote:
Died at 55 in Act 6 last location. Build is good and fun but lacks defenses for HC I feel, and it needs some as you need to jump into monsters to cast Vortex. I imagine later it will shine. I wonder as well if it would be better to get CI earlier for chaos/poison immunity (I think it was poison + hits from other monsters that got me).

I am thinking about using this on console tho but for SC char.

my advice probably wont work for HC, but what I do is take CI the moment I have cruel lab. I find I have sufficient ES to work with after 4 ascendancy points. also my levelling skill tree is different because of the above strategy I take. this is just personal preference. I path directly for my end game tree (with only minor tweaks). with some experience in the game, you level so fast anyway that you really dont need to optimize for pre level 60. you lose at most 5% exp before A10 is completed. 5% is nothing at lvl 60.

as for defenses/HC/jumping into mobs, if you want to play more defensively and careful, it just becomes slower. the build still works fine. you would plant vortices outside the pack and get the dot to kill them as they walk in, or plant more vortices around a pack etc. no need to jump into a pack to attempt to kill all at one shot.
for those interested here is my POB (generated 3 weeks back but I think still relevant, cant remember, but will update it later.)


hope it helps for those tinkering their passive tree and gem setups.

my profile is open as well on poe if it's more convenient

gg sorry for the spam so many posts D:
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I played your build in a private HC SSF league with increased Monsters damage I , Monster Speed I and Monster life I mods and this build is strong. It was my first char in SSFHC I died at lvl71 on a breach by mistake but liked your build.

Fresh start leveling without any items, all acts, bosses and kitava was a joke

(sorry for my english)
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Thank you very much for the guide. I play HC SSF and am now level 65. The build is very beginner friendly and easy to play. I have been playing POE for years now and then but never had enough fun to continue. With your guide it changed and it is my first charackter above level 40.

I also wanted to play the same build in the Legion league but have read about nerfs for ES builds. What is your opinion here? Will this character still be playable in Legion?
In grinding at lvl 91 on PS4, maps lvl 14 atm. This is after patch so I just got some more ES and less damage nodes, works fine. The corpse explosion from uberlab is great for clear speed.

Now to the tip!

I use a uniq jwl that gives tons of dex, more room for the good stf.
Apologies to anyone that I accidentally ignored. Over the past 6 months my wife and I have started foster care, and I took quite a bit off time off of PoE. I'm back, I'm playing this league, and I'm currently updating the guide for 3.8. I'd be happy to answer questions as I work on the guide.
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