[3.6] Divine Ire *BOOM HEADSHOT* Lightning Based LL Trickster. Uber Elder Viable! 2-4M DPS+

This is my first build guide so any feedback is more than welcome.

I wanted to make a fairly tanky Divine Ire build that didn't do 5 different steps of conversions. I had started off as Inquisitor Life/MoM Hybrid and just felt squishy. As such this is mostly Lightning Damage with some Fire and Chaos. The damage is quite nice and the character can take a hit. I looked at many other people's trees and think I have a fairly good path that focuses on damage and survive-ability. The very popular dual COTB conversion builds and the duskdawn build are also very viable. The tree was inspired by those, as well as some of the suggested paths from some of the larger streamers such as Mathil etc.

Certainly aren't a lot of groundbreaking interactions here but it works together very well. We're using Physical to light conversion / extra elem as Chaos / Aspect of spider for additional defense, and Herald of Ash as it has a low reservation cost and is the best option as it converts a decent amount based off the high base Physical damage of divine ire.


This Crit Based Divine Ire Trickster has good map clear and strong boss ability like most other DI builds. The Single target has quick phases and I have included some videos below.

There is some currency investment as you will need a 6L Shavs and an Energy From Within to get the most out of the build. I went LL around level 85 once my Shav's 6L'd. The clear and power were still there before the switch and I did not alter my tree - just played slightly less aggressive.

Synthesis So Far

Looking for a fairly sturdy, yet high DPS Divine Ire build and I think this one fits the bill perfectly. Shaper and Uber Elder done at lvl 94 - will update with additional info and videos as I go.

Remember getting 1 Shot by Syndicate?? Time to see how THEY LIKE IT! BOOOOM.

The basics
Divine Ire This is what you'll be one shotting just about everything in the game with. For trash mobs a almost instant click will obliterate packs. Charging up for tougher mobs and bosses is quick thanks to the cast speed we pick from ascendancy as well as gear / nodes.

Orb of Storms We Use Orb of storms to apply Assassin's Mark to increase our Critical Damage and to gain Onslaught during mapping or on bosses. Alternately you may use Storm brand here. I just prefer Orb of Storms.

Wave of Conviction We use WoC to debuff the target with Exposure and to gain Arcane surge. You'll use this for bosses and to keep your Arcane Surge up. Make sure you use Physical to Light to make sure our light is the highest segment of damage. Also keep Arcane Surge around lvl 6/7 to make sure it procs with a single cast.

Forgive the sound quality - its a little rough just being captured from my computer. I will try to learn how to improve it.

Here are a few highlight videos - 1 Death Uber Elder with awful play style but you can still see how strong the character can be. Also forgot to change my pantheon to more Uber Elder specific (Solaris / YUGUL). I was a little nervous my first time recording for everyone haha.

First Uber Elder

Full Shaper Run

Minotaur Boss

Enslaver Fight

Passive Tree
www.pathofexile.com link (3.6): https://tinyurl.com/y6tuwspr

PoB link (3.6): https://pastebin.com/vqGAm1nD, From 3/26 after UE Kill.

Updated lvl 95 POB with some higher crit gear

Some requests for a CI tree so here is one based off the lvl 93 Tree with an 800ES Vaal Regalia. You'd need to pick between HoAsh or Discipline as the aura to run with Zealotry. 7.5Kes+3.2Mdps vs 8.4kES + 2.9Mdps. No aspect of spider.


Swift Killer
Ghost Dance
Escape Artist
Harness the void

Gems and Links
Our Gem links will be as follows

Divine Ire
Divine Ire + Infused Channeling + Controlled Destruction + Physical to Lightning + Concentrated Effect + Increased Critical Damage

Orb of Storms(or Storm Brand)
Orb Of Storms + Curse on hit + Assassin's Mark + Onslaught

Wave of Conviction
Wave of Conviction + Physical to Lightning + Arcane Surge + Increased Duration

For LL Blood Magic
Blood Magic + Zealotry Blood Magic must be level 19 or higher to get under 100% reserved.

Discipline (Or Vaal Discipline)

Herald of Ash

You May also choose to use Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Duration

Cast When Damage Taken lvl 10 + Immortal Call Lvl 4 + Ice Golem lvl 12

Flame Dash

As of the Uber Elder Kill

Some Highlighted or key concepts of the build -
For the wand you want Phys as extra Light obviously and Elem as extra chaos. This will work well with the very popular Atziri flask as this furthers to increase our damage and some leech.

You Could work in an assassin's mark on hit ring, but I found its not necessary as you're using either storm brand or Orb of storms to get onslaught anyways so you can use the very tried and true method of applying it this way.
I Highly suggest getting an aspect of the spider somewhere on your gear, as the boost to defense as well as damage is really great. Being LL we have the ability to work in some extra skills.

The - mana cost on the rings is a nice QOL that makes it easy to channel and with enough investment you could have a "free" Divine Ire cast.

The rest of the gear is a balance between ES / Damage sources and resists.

For the Helm obviously we want 40% Divine Ire Damage. I bought this enchant on a helm for 1ex and rolled metallic fossils to get the -9% light dmg to nearby enemies.

For Gloves if you don't have fingerless silks for damage you can do of Light, or Of Reflection enchant.

Boots, for damage you can do Adds 1-160 lightning damage if you havn't killed recently / Penetration or Movement speed. I got lucky with Lightning on my second run and stuck with it. This does apply to your spell damage.

Help Alira for the Crit and Resistance.
For Pantheon I use fully upgraded Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Gruthkul.
Solaris and Yugul would be my Pantheon for Uber Elder.
This is all very flexible however Use what you want.

More to Come -

I started down this exact tree with very minor adjustment. Used Freezing Pulse - into orb of storms- Wave of Conviction - Divine Ire at level 28 and never stopped using it.

There are some really great leveling guides out there that go into specific detail such as Enki's arc guide which works for any spell caster etc. So I will just give a few basics to get people's brains started.

At the start it is easy to craft a +1 Wand or Sceptre for cold skills. Use a magic wand/sceptre + saphire ring + orb of alt.Use a Topaz for Lightning and a Ruby for Fire. You can socket Freezing Pulse + arcane surge + onslaught.

I know a lot of people will use Frost Bomb in this set up for speedier clear, but it always feels kind of clunky to me, so I just use it seperate for the early bosses.

At level 16 you can pick up Wave of Conviction at the same time as Herald of Ash - this will give you some additional fire dmg thanks to the base physical, use this in place of your DI set up with whatever support gems you have available. Added Fire / Added Cold / your end game set up etc. We will want to start looking for 4 links at this point.

Once you have access to Divine Ire, begin to use that at 28 and enjoy the ride all the way to end game.
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First! ♥ from 1801 ;)
hey man, my build is almost identical... but i feel way less tanky than you do... i cant get hit by anything at all!!!

let me know if you see something i dont thats just staring me in the face that i dont see

DeathMedlc wrote:
hey man, my build is almost identical... but i feel way less tanky than you do... i cant get hit by anything at all!!!

let me know if you see something i dont thats just staring me in the face that i dont see


Hey friend - our builds are very similar! Except you have more damage and more ES haha. I am surprised you are having any issues whatsoever.

Your tree looks good - I personally would remove the point in Arcane Vision and put it towards dmg or ES, I don't think the light radius is really an issue for me, but you might feel otherwise.

I wonder if the Ghost Shrouds are not refunding as much ES for you b/c you don't have Sin Treks or something similar with Evasion. I might try a few maps with Sorc boots to see if I feel a difference. To be honest I doubt its that, but it might be worth trying for you.

You can see in my Uber Elder and even the Shaper video with general mobs I can take a good bit of damage.

Aside from the Evasion on some gear option - are you overcharging your Divine Ire perhaps? I can almost just one click everything except bosses, so maybe you're standing in packs and taking too much damage trying to charge up? just a half second insta click destroys most everything.
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thanks for the reply!

its not trash mobs that are the problem i one pop everything including most map bosses... but with he map bosses its either pop or be popped.... and i did uber elder with 1 death but its because i know the fight inside and out because i run a bossing service.. i just couldn't even take a shaper melee attack or elder melee attack let alone a ball or spear..... would 90% me and would take 10 years to get my ES back. i dont feel like im leeching enough or mitigating enough damage.


Credit where due?

Can vouch for the build though, its verrrry strong/tanky - flasks are essential.
demesm wrote:


Credit where due?

Can vouch for the build though, its verrrry strong/tanky - flasks are essential.

Does this have a build guide somewhere I missed? i'd be more than happy to link it as another option if so and you have it. As I stated this is a pretty standard CI tree adjusted for LL inspired by some early league tree paths from mathil and the popular conversion builds such as the gentleman above who was using something almost identical. This isn't ground breaking work or gem setups but it works very well together and I wanted to consolidate it someplace for people who don't like the 5 steps of conversions like I don't.

Glad to hear your created version of it is working for you. Feel free to post up any additional thoughts on the build or ideas you came up with!

Is this build playable without shav's wrappings?
I just want to use my ES Vaal Regalia.

Bizz1986 wrote:
Is this build playable without shav's wrappings?
I just want to use my ES Vaal Regalia.

If you'd go CI, then yes. Otherwhise, no.
Bizz1986 wrote:
Is this build playable without shav's wrappings?
I just want to use my ES Vaal Regalia.

As Rave pointed out - you would have to take CI of course. And then you would have to prioritize which Auras you wanted to run.

You definitely would not be able to take Aspect of the Spider. So you'd be looking at either Zealotry and Discipline or Zealotry and Herald of Ash.

Without Discipline with the relatively low ES of Shav's Wrappings i'd have 6.5K es with the tree. So you'd probably end up in the 7-7.5k range going full ES without discipline. For reference I have 7.5K ES on my current set up with 4.2M Shaper DPS and find the build to be quite tanky.

you could of course spec into some reduced mana reservation nodes and adjust the tree accordingly.

If you do decide to pursue this route let us know how it goes and any changes you might make!! If I find a high ES chest and want to experiment later in the league I will do so and make an alternate path for full CI.

thanks bud
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