[3.6] Bravo's Shooty Girls - Blink+Mirror Arrow Deadeye ~1M Shaper DPS

Big fan of this build , my favorite hipster league starter.

Would a build like this be possible as phys damage ? Can get a bow with 55% chance to bleed, stack minion dmg can the clones do good bleed dmg ?

You might want to use the new unique boots : The stampede

It adds to the build 66% increased cooldown recovery speed, which is really huge, and the possibility to get a notable from everywhere on the tree.
Yup. The build should be a good deal stronger this league. I'd say Necro might actually be the best pick now too.
IGN: Bravo_Thirsty
Hey mate, any pantheon recommendations? Other than soul of lunaris for some default survivability I can't think of something that's especially good for this right now.
For a completely different approach to BAMA, I've seen a couple people on poe.ninja building around doomfletch prism and the new golem, then stacking the hell out of minion phys damage abyss jewels. Anyone here try that, and how did it work?

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