[3.6] Bravo's Shooty Girls - Blink+Mirror Arrow Deadeye ~1M Shaper DPS

Aspect of the Avian is only 10% chance to deal double damage, so it's effectively only 10% more damage. Not worth the reservation.

It would be better with other Saqawal uniques but then it becomes more about Saqawal's gear than anything else and it limits what you can wear.

I find it cheaper and easier to just use another aura.
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How do mirror/blink arrow interact with minion instability?

With a lot of the new changes i've been exploring some sort of life stacking necromancer zombies and maloney's+mirror arrow caught my eye.

If I spawn them at low-life will they still explode like they used to back in 2.0?
AFAIK they still explode but they modified how much life the minions get so it works very differently in terms of damage and I think they made it a lot weaker than before.
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Is it worth it to take these new cooldown recovery nodes on the tree?

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Wowee! I hadn't seen these yet. If you're going for the Necro Version of these, they're absolutely amazing.

Even if not, they're still great. Cooldown Recovery is like a big effective more multiplier. The cost to get the nodes is a bit high, but you're be in the area anyway as a Ranger. Not sure how worth it they are on top of Deadeye, would have to test it.
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Update on 3.7 on this? Can anyone post their POB? Thanks!!!
wyshcen wrote:
Update on 3.7 on this? Can anyone post their POB? Thanks!!!

Not much has changed at all. Only thing you can't have anymore is synthesis stuff, so no crazy explosion bows & no easy pierce quivers, you'll have to rely on Projectile weakness for pierce or essence craft a quiver to have more pierces.

The tree hasn't changed at all, and besides those two things above gearing hasn't changed either.

You can snoop my character profile for 'TotallyNotAMinionBuild' to get an example tree/import it into PoB. I can't post a pob link right now unfortunately.
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You sure the tree shouldn't change at all? Those movement skill CD reduction nodes seem crazy strong. And addition 60% cd reduction on blink arrow gives a fair bit more damage, but it also improves the ramp time for that damage and substantially improves clearspeed.

It's possible that they're not worth it, but I think it should at least be looked at.
What u guys think about using untethered belt?


Hello :3
ezyanfarihin wrote:
What u guys think about using untethered belt?

I personally think there's way better belts available in terms of cooldown.

Though, with the price jump of Maloney's Mechanism, it might be necessary to go with it in order for things to feel fluid.
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