The Glimmerwood Mystery Box

Not my style.
Is the Fairgraves Mystery Box coming to the store soon?
Check my YouTube Channel if you want :)
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If you guys want the combined portal, why not wait a few months? You do realize the combined portal will only cost 220 points, right? That's about the same price as 7 boxes.

The system is designed to take advantage of players with no self control that will keep buying boxes until they get what they want. If you really want everything in the box, you probably should not be buying more than 30 at the absolute most.

Of course if you want all the sets it'll be higher but the point is the total amount of points you save on average will go down with every box you buy. The more items you want, the more sense it makes to continue buying boxes until you reach a point where your average cost is more likely to go up than down due to the higher probability of receiving a duplicate item.

If you're targeting one or two items and will keep buying boxes until you get them, of course you are going to lose your money. You are gambling on very low odds. It's like placing your money on green at the roulette table over and over again.

Anyone willing to do simple math can determine whether or not they are likely to profit from the box based on how many items they want, and if the odds are not greatly in their favour, they can choose to not spend their money. I know that sounds crazy but ultimately it's you that has the option to save your points.

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3 Huntsman's wings ... This is really depressing when u know u cant do anything with them :( . I'm not even mad when i got like duplicate pets or something.
5 boxes - 5 madcap chests.
26 Boxes and no wings :( please GGG gimme some luck.
Someone blows a kiss. Who is that?
Reminds me of the Ice and Fire mystery box where someone swore throwing the shield was a new move BEFORE spectral shield throw was a skill, so I wonder if this is a new character effect or . . . actual character specific stories to finally complete for the last 6 acts (I can hope at least)
Madcap set looks like someone who still goes to hot topic in their thirties.
Kevinranders wrote:
For anyone wanting to throw money at this, hopefully below convinces you not to :-)

*note: I love supporting POE (went a little crazy this round) but won't be buying another loot box. This amount of dupes is a bit insane (this is my first foray into these, so I didn't realize how deep down the dupe rabbit hole I was going to get) Ultimately, was trying to get the combined portal, with zero luck.

3 X Huntsman Wings
3 x Madcap wings
3 x madcap cloak
5 x huntsman body armor
4 x madcap body armor
3 x huntsman boots
6 x madcap boots
2 x huntsmen character effect
6 x huntsmen foot prints
1 x madcap foot prints
6 x huntsmen gloves
5 x madcap gloves
6 x huntsmen helmet
3 x huntsmen hood
9 x madcap helmet
7 x madcap hood
5 x huntsman dragonfly
7 x huntsman toad
2 x madcap hare
3 x madcap toad
1 x huntsman portal
3 x huntsman aura
4 x huntsman immortal call
6 x madcap aura
6 x madcap phase run
1 x huntsman weapon effect
1 x madcap weapon effect
4 x huntsman dagger
12 x madcap or huntsman decoration shit

You got off cheap - 130 box . Mathil spend like 200 and got 36 free from Bex.

I refuse to gamble like this.

The average reward is worth 110 points, which is more than three times the cost of the box. Check out the full trailer to see what's available!

Until you get your first dupe then it's diminishing return Bex. To point based on above examples at 3900 and 6000 pts its better to wait and buy whole set for like 1500 pts. And I'm being generous with 1500 pts... None sale price... Sometimes like Sin and innocence armor set goes on sale for 640, etc..

Only Mystery box I'll do is when you give away free ones to entice ppl. Otherwise I'll just buy what i want straight up.
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The Madcap wings made me go, "whoaaaa" but that's about it.

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