The Glimmerwood Mystery Box

I want that combined portal ;)
luci713 wrote:
luci713 wrote:
As long as you sheep keep feeding them money they will never change and they will never care what you think.

If me and the other how you called them Sheep stop giving GGG support they will shutdown the Server's and move on (except for maybe the china realm those guy's seem to like this buisness model).

I dont get you people at all you dont like it then dont buy it and let people buy it that like it be it the whole set or just pieces of it.

Let me give you a example cause most of you peep's seem to hate on the pricing of GGG's mtx if you buy a 60 dollar Game and play it for 30 hour's you pay 2 dollar per hour if you now spend 100 dollar on PoE and play it for 1000 hours you spend what again?

Oh right you spend 100 divided by 1000 thats what 0,1 dollar per hour you get the idea.

Ah, yes, I knew I would get a reply from a blind follower, it's people like you that make gaming companies worse by throwing your money at them regardless how garbage they are or they've become. It's because of people like you Activision/EA exist today.

Blind Follower thats funny no where did I say GGG was perfect they arent but they are lightyear's better then EA/Activision.

I also say when I dislike something they do like for example this Spellrebalance its a bad joke or the FlameTotem rework that doesnt include the mtx being reworked aswell.

Btw you do realize that this Game with ton's of Content is free right and you compare it to EA/Activision that put mtx for day's in 60dollar fullprice Games.

I also LOVE the remark of me making Gaming Company's worse its hilarious I dont preorder Games I dont buy them blind I do my research befor buying anything but hey let's call everybody a blind follower that says something that doesnt fit my opinion right.
I really want that Madcap set :O
Yeah, euhm no. I've thought about these loot boxes since they started getting released and sure the stuff in it looks amazing but I have no interest in paying for 25 duplicates of whatever. No dupes and I'd have picked up quite a few of the collections since you've done some amazing things here but. No, just no. I've put my money where my mouth is and let's leave it at that.
nefarious wrote:
Is this an out-of-season April Fools joke?

Wallet = safe this league.

Well mister, it's actually the right season for april's joking
Wings! :)
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For anyone wanting to throw money at this, hopefully below convinces you not to :-)

*note: I love supporting POE (went a little crazy this round) but won't be buying another loot box. This amount of dupes is a bit insane (this is my first foray into these, so I didn't realize how deep down the dupe rabbit hole I was going to get) Ultimately, was trying to get the combined portal, with zero luck.

3 X Huntsman Wings
3 x Madcap wings
3 x madcap cloak
5 x huntsman body armor
4 x madcap body armor
3 x huntsman boots
6 x madcap boots
2 x huntsmen character effect
6 x huntsmen foot prints
1 x madcap foot prints
6 x huntsmen gloves
5 x madcap gloves
6 x huntsmen helmet
3 x huntsmen hood
9 x madcap helmet
7 x madcap hood
5 x huntsman dragonfly
7 x huntsman toad
2 x madcap hare
3 x madcap toad
1 x huntsman portal
3 x huntsman aura
4 x huntsman immortal call
6 x madcap aura
6 x madcap phase run
1 x huntsman weapon effect
1 x madcap weapon effect
4 x huntsman dagger
12 x madcap or huntsman decoration shit
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LOL. There are literally game braking bugs and performance issues. And they release MTX...
Really? about 50 or 70 boxes madcap portal still...prob 30 duplicates..give us the option to "resell" duplicates for gods sake, this is dumb.

check those out...i don't know how to upload them correctly..whatever.
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