[3.6] Soulrend Dualwield EB MoM Trickster Starter/Endgame viable

Howdy! This is not my original idea of course, but more of a written combination of Tarkecats, cutedogs, and the already great soulrend trickster forum guide by Syreith here. All are great and please use any and all, but I thought me combining the parts of all three I liked was different enough to warrant a forum post/guide as well as go through possible options of why to go certain things. There are a lot of options, and I try to go through why you do certain things over others. Feel free to ask questions about the build in general, not just specifically the eb dual wield mom trickster version.

More specifically on the build, I'm not going to explain every little reason the build is amazing and why ghost shrouds are gods gift to man, you probably have seen this build before, this is just something to think about and more options to go with it.

Please note I'm also currently around T14-15 maps, and ever since I got situated it's literally been a complete breeze on a 5 link with underleveled gems. Doing the bosses right now I can literally look away because I won't die. I'll be sure to update (with videos pog) when I take shaper out to dinner and ask for uber elders number.

Have a question on one aspect? Check if i'm streaming and just ask :D

Path of build: https://pastebin.com/c30W9u4i

Video Guide edition

ur gay lol
also update pob, seems to fix the problem for a lot of people :)

T14 Map Clear AND Elder, Shaper, and guardians on 1 ex budget (besides 6 link queen which doesn't really help us in endgame fights)


T14 Map Clear https://youtu.be/tbMvlUXqyVE
Shaper, Elder, Guardians starter build https://youtu.be/20w0sZxwbWI

End game BIG DICK damage options
In order of importance (imo)
1. 21/20 soulrend. Boosted my tooltip dps from 150k to 180k.
2. Solstice Virgil. Lets us run blasphemy temp chains :D
3. Craft wands with spell damage implicit, spell damage prefix, non-ailment chaos prefix, and a crafted chaos damage implicit. (hint hint, look into delve fossils :) If you hit the lottery, give me half the mirror you'll sell them for right now)

4. Dying sun. Not really a dps increase, but is a nice QOL.
Pro's & Con's

+ fast as fuck (watch the media videos for fast as fuck proof)
+ can go super duper fast as fuck or tanky as fuck
+ starts off cheaper than dirt, can have 30+ exalts dumped into it as well
+ all map mods besides cannot regen (I think o.o)
+ If bored, can switch to contagion/essence drain and/or use bane as main skill. Will have to switch to a few more curse nodes on tree tho for bane

- not a melee chad warrior of death and destruction
- everyones playing it
- wtb devouring diadem


Current gear
Whats important on weapons?
Since were dual wands, you want spell damage, a non-ailment chaos damage over time multi roll, and ethier more spell damage or a crafted 40%-ish chaos damage increase prefix. https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/OGrk3lHE You will probably need to go on live search and wait until a cheap one pops up, craft a 40% ish chaos damage roll and your off to the races. Spell damage and chaos damage should be the same, but crafting the chaos damage usually ends up being a higher roll especially before you get the higher tier spell damage crafts.
For your tshirt of choice the general consensus are three options.

Queen of the forest: Standard zoom zoom, super fast and super viable. My prefered choice, probably fine survivability wise up until uber elder.

Perfect form: You DC a lot and lag out standing still? Probably wanna go this. It also gives you - cold resistance for some stupid fucking reason.

Kintsugi: Really weird name, but great t shirt for survivability. If your delving deep or doing uber elder, or just suck in general, consider this! Defences are super strong on this.
Helmets D:
High as fuck ES. Basically all you need because of our trickster ascendancy, the higher ES the higher evasion you get from it. In a perfect world we would have Devouring Diadem, but in a perfect world it wouldn't cost 50 exalts.
Because we need life and ES, you can mess around with leather (I prefer latex) , crystal, or stygians. Life, resist, and whatever other mods you want. Headhunter eventually of course!
Booties :D
I would try to get 30% movespeed. Atziri's step is a good cheap life and 30% movespeed, but I would try to go for a slick pair of high es high life 30% movespeeds. Luckily we don't need/really want an essence worm so you can probably go cheaper on the res.
Same idea as most of the items, try to get an ES base with life and resist. Theirs some super duper expensive shit you can craft on gloves, but just go for an es base with a life roll until your big bucks.
Rings and Ammy
Treat yourself to some life, res, and HARD strength/dex, your gonna need it. Eventually you might want a solstice vigil for some memes, but for now just get some life and res. %energy shield increase on ammy gets you bonus points !
End game look for a solstice virgil, it lets you run a blasphemy temp chains as well.

Why not CI? (I tried it btw)
Sure, you can go CI without a lot of exalts. I can kinda guarantee you won't like it as much as life EB/MoM. You also can't reserve 100% of your mana, which is kind of the point you want to go EB. Soulrend also costs a fuck nugget of mana, which is annoying for reserving like 85%. You can go CI, but wait until you have 3-4 exalts to throw around to really feel like a super star.

Why not life?
Fuck life shits garbage this is 2019 eb mom is like free 2.5k extra hp for placing 3 points in your skill tree. In all seriousness, life is perfectly fine! I've just never went a EB MoM build before so I didn't want to go life.

Why not just MoM?
Just MoM is like the shitty younger fuck up brother that doesn't really do anything. Just be the older brother. Chad can actually reserve his mana, while timmy can't. Also, when timmmy and chad get rammed by a fighter jet in t16 syndicate encounters timmy is sad because he can't cast and gets ripped apart while chad doesn't even blink.

PSA on flasks

So you obviously want to make sure you have your bleed/freeze/curse immunities, but the big meme here is the jade flask #% evasion rating roll. That is the biggest thing to bring your evasion up to the 45k cap for queen. Right now theres ugly bastards trying to sell a good roll (which you need) for literally an exalt, fuck that shit. Buy a shit one and a couple divines and do it yourself. My 12k base evasion with grace gets boosted to 50k with stibnite and the jade flask, if my jade flask was a higher roll I wouldnt even need grace.

End game flasks, thing about a dying sun. Very pog item.

Skill gems

Soulrend - Efficacy, Void manip, Controlled, GMP , I have seen/heard increased duration, empower, or swift affliction for here. Level up all 3 and try them out, its up to you/what you are doing!
You could swap out GMP for one of the others for boss fights, but its probably fine, fuck it.

Bane - Despair, Controlled destruction, Efficacy or temp chains (imo).
Personal preference, in a perfect world you run temp chains blasphemy with solstace vigil, but I think you need to spec into more curses to run blasphemy with bane double curse, I literally have no idea.

Immortal Call (3) - CWDT (1) - Inc Dur - insert some spell if you want
Personally I'm leveling 2 void manipulations, but we do get some immortal call good memes from having the intuitive leap Overcharge, so inc duration is prob a good choice.

Vaal grace - Inc Duration - Phase run
With this build and vaal grace, when I go to a boss I literally stand still and for like 15 seconds just hold down my right click. Blood rage makes your phase run more like a marathon. I can't stress enough, when you have vaal grace and ghost shrouds your probably immortal.

Blight - Spell totem - Faster casting
Could go inc duration over faster casting, your choice. Spreading rot jewel gives your totem wither as well, so its a nice 2 for one totem. Drop during bosses for BIG damages.

Flame dash - Faster casting - Malevolence - Blood Rage (also grace btw)
Movement ability of choice besides 1000% movespeed. Malevolence for the damages and blood rage mainly to help with frenzies, phase run likes to really gobble them up, especially in delve. You might not need blood rage, its up to you. I also like to reserve a normal grace, I actually don't really need it to reach the 45k evasion cap, but I like the defence without my flasks.

Passive Tree (If pastebin isn't working, let me know and/or look at my character tree)

Some quick notes here on what a few of other guides/streamers have and why to go certain things.

Intuitive leap - Easy power/endurance/green orbs. I would still use bloodrage to keep up with phase run gobbling your green orbs, but you might find you don't even need bloodrage :D

EB AND MOM?!?!- Yea its super neat. Its like mom but you get to reserve all your manas! its the reason this is better than straight MoM.

1 spreading rot or 2? - I mean, one does the job. For me, 2 isn't worth the extra jewel socket, but you do you boo.

Minion damage nodes? - google spiritual aid :)

WhY aRe YoU uSiNg MiNion NoDeS#
spiritual aid on the far left side of the tree lets minion damage apply to us :)


Normal lab I went weave the arcane, cruel patient reaper, merciless ghost dance AND respecced out of weave the arcane to go prolonged pain. Uber lab is when I picked up escape artist.

You can easily not go weave the arcane if you don't want to spend the regrets/worry about it (10 regret needed to spec out of weave the arcane and the small thingy attached to it.
Why not swift killer?
Eh. With bloodrage, one gem, and intuitive leap/overcharge on the skill tree you pretty much always have frenzies/power/endurance charges. The damage it gives is not needed, and our other ascendancies give us damage anyways.

Why not weave the arcane? ITS SUPER FAST :D
Is it though? We don't even use the mana, and escape artist literally gives us cast and attack speed anyways. Weave the arcane is a little faster, but fuck it, escape artist is a 1000% better for survivability and does give us speed as well.

Bandits and Pantheon
Kill all, or go allira for early resists and then switch to kill all later. I reccomend going kill all to avoid the hassle :)
For pantheon I would go for major soul of Arakalli, and minor Shakiri. Make sure to buy divine vessels and upgrade them!

Bu-bu-but your energy shield isn't high enough compared to your life! You will get hit and won't be able to cast spells!
Theirs some nasa level brainiac equation with MoM where if you don't have enough mana proportionally to your hp (ES in our case because were eldritch battery btw) and some big fucker slams your face in, you run out of mana and cant cast spells. For some reason, idk why, that doesn't happen. *shrug*. If you want higher es, take more es vs life on the tree and get more es on your gear. If your like me, its fine. Dont worry about it, get a lil bit of both life and es and you'll be alright :)


Run around like a chicken with its head cut off, spam your flasks and soulrend stuff until it dies. If a big tough scary ugly mob appears, drop blight totem, bane every 3 ish seconds, use vaal grace, stand still and stab the thingie to death.

Feel free to use a shield while leveling up for easy resists and life, also I reccomend running ED contagion and/or bane until you get GMP. Just level up soulrend in your off weapons :)


T12 Map and Delve
starts at :54, ends at like 5:45 ish.

or twitch.tv/superducky47 :) You can follow/watch me and/or just click through the recent vods to see it in action.
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nice build bro
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hi! sounds interesting. how about the BANDITS - kill them all??
i gonna try your advices on this, just starting with..
thnx & pls update soon! =P
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bridgR wrote:
hi! sounds interesting. how about the BANDITS - kill them all??
i gonna try your advices on this, just starting with..
thnx & pls update soon! =P

If your league starting with this, I reccommend going allira if you feel like you might have trouble with resists, and switching to kill all later. I personally just started with kill all, and my resists ended up fine.
Do you think the build is HC viable as dual wield, or should I adapt the build with running a shield in mind?

Thanks for contributing!
prismat1c wrote:
Do you think the build is HC viable as dual wield, or should I adapt the build with running a shield in mind?

Thanks for contributing!

Honestly, if I was going HC I would run with a shield until you have uber lab and can get around 30-40k evasion with flasks up. This is more of a softcore build, but the tankiness is unreal even with dual wands. If you want to be the ultimate tankinator, possibly look into the other soulrend trickster guide in the sub that does use a shield.
I'm playing a similar character. Wondering what your thoughts are on Vixen's Entrapment for gloves? Allows you to link more dmg supports to bane but still get the curses.
So why the Void manipulation linked with immortal call and cwdt?
Redshadow1101 wrote:
So why the Void manipulation linked with immortal call and cwdt?

just leveling them up to sell them later :) Ideally you want an increased duration with some sort of spell for the memes, but I haven't really needed the extra tankiness yet so I'm just making some extra monies.
Wragliath wrote:
I'm playing a similar character. Wondering what your thoughts are on Vixen's Entrapment for gloves? Allows you to link more dmg supports to bane but still get the curses.

Actually seems pretty fucking good! would probably go that if I was playing bane, but a lot of the times I literally forget to even cast bane. For me, soulrend does enough damage and I like having resist/life/other cool mods on gloves instead. Can def see the potential tho

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