PlayStation 4 Release Date: March 26th

release the loot boxes \o/
Meow meow secret mission meow


iunoso wrote:
THANK GOD! Please GGG, PLEASE. Let us migrate our accounts

things that will never happen for $500
Imaginaerum wrote:
iunoso wrote:
THANK GOD! Please GGG, PLEASE. Let us migrate our accounts

things that will never happen for $500

I wish it would, I really do. It won't though. I'll just start all over again so I can play with my friends. Not a popular opinion on here I'm sure, but these types of games are more fun with a game controller anyway. D3 was miles better on consoles.
I'm gonna cry at corner for this announcement. But, this is 3rd times thats happening. So, still not believing till I play it on PS4 lol.
Fantastic! Excellent news! Will be a day one download. I hope my stash tabs and kickstarter supporter pets from PC will be available on PS4.
Tourbillon92 wrote:
butt... what will we have to complain about now :(

Don't worry. There's always trade to bitch about. xD
uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllllllllllll i cant wait *-*
I'm both happy....and frustrated at this date....Obviously happy cause I can play PoE on my PS4 now as well...but at the same time....WHY....WHY THE SAME DAY AS FFXV DLC!
So sploosh, thanks so much guys. I'm crazy hyped, this will be the longest two weeks ever. I've been fiending for some new loot.

Edit: To the sir above me. Because FFXV is substanceless fan-service, it's just DMC on easy mode, but Final Fantasy.

Edit again: I lower cased the I in it's.
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LOL! Guy above me just made me laugh (In a good way).

But...but...It's FF, a game I've been playing since the FFIII! Plus the DLC looks good imo.

I will agree on it being DMC on easy-mode though, always been the thing I hate about FFXV, it's too easy (No hard mode, bleh).

Either way I'll probably be playing both FFXV and PoE throughout the day, provided I don't get dragged away (As it's also my Birthday on the 27th LUL).

Edit - Will stop talking about non PoE things now as this is an Announcement of PoE PS4. -Sips-
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