3.6.0c Patch Notes

rastlin86 wrote:
Breken wrote:
Still hoping to hear official word on if the CwC / Spell Cascade interaction is going to be fixed.

It is already recorded as know bug and apparently worked on.

still waiting 4 days in a row (in league starter) , frustrating

you know...
Any idea when the client crashing will be fixed? Never had this issue pre 3.6 and now the client has crashed 3 times in roughly a 6 hour period.
Is this patch out? Don't remember getting a download for this.
when will you bring back the texture quality edit and give us the option to disable shdow so the low end players could actually play the game and not crash the second that they load in tidal island.plz plz plz
3.6.0b Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where Lilly Roth in Oriath sold gems which were higher than level 1

This is still not fixed. She still sell leveled gems. And not only in Oriath. She sells leveled gems also in Act 6. I wonder if this is going to be fixed, or you will wait till league end?

A while ago I started thinking that you actually create bugs on purpose just so you can have something to 'patch' and make us keep downloading 'fixes' every few days. Fix the damn thing!

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Looking for notice of when fixing syndicate encounters to stop lagging people out and killing them because of 5 second screen freeze.
Any fix for viewing the memory nexus????? That hotkey still doesn't work for me so the league mechanic is literally unplayable. I have no idea whether I should be collecting the memories or not as I can't view the existing network. Please fix.
i was in the memory maze i made a road of 7 tiles to a memory modifier and just before entering this last memory modifier to obtain bonus on my other tiles the game disconnected me so now my road is just shit because only 1 run left on all of this

TY to the guy who made this fukcing mechanic, maybe the worst league invention of history of POE

what a disaster !

and made some teleport available at each tile if my inventory is full...or put the inventory chest on each start of tile, and one more thing could you minimize the message box with the text at each start of a tile it s too large and when monsters rush you at start you misclic on it...
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Decay still start too fast sometime and Instance crash still happen . 3 times i was kicked to login screen trying to return from nexus back into instance.
Fix Jun.

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