3.6.0c Patch Notes

Hi. Can you add more memory space please. I feel annoying to constantly switch between maps and nexus. If I wanna do some instance I do it till the end like when delving I go on full tank, when I do bestiary I go on all recipes at once.
I wanna start again, after a long break, my adventure with PoE but sorry, yours game is unplayable. Game is crashing all the time making it impossible to continue playing.

Link to bigger version - https://imgbbb.com/image/rw5Hy
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Is it intentional that the instance manager can no longer be accessed in the Memory Void? Combined with the return to nexus button rarely working, it's just further making the QoL of Synthesis even lower.
Dual Mjolner with dual strike is still bugged, i guess.
Any update on the bug where the memory nexus portal doesn't bring you back to the right memory ? It was supposed to be fixed in 3.6b but it is still occuring (got it myself yesterdat night hours after the patch, and other people reported it as well).

I'm kind of scared of running the nexus right now.
Regarding the Syndicate intervention freeze , I think the problem is this.


I am not very good into the whole graphic / refresh rate things, but I think the game is constantly trying to normalize the frame rate / jitters , and that leads to this thing. And in intervention when the game suddenly has a lot of graphics the thing goes bersek , and the game cannot normalize the graphic.

Also the skins for mobs when getting hit by a shock , ignote , freeze, tend to go red / blue etc losing the skins. I don't know why that is happening , but I think they are linked.

I play from a 960 GTX , 8gb , I3 .

Never had problems in Betrayal with anything. Now after the "shader error" at the start of synthesize , the hot fix made the game unplayable.

I think the problem was the hot fix not the engine.

P.S , I will try to re-install the game, hoping that it was just a patching issue. Will come back with more details after.
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*CLACK* noice
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I really enjoy this League so far... but the Nexus crashes / infinite loading screens are annoying :(

Whenever I run a bridge to some POI (e.g. currency items or modifier node) the only solution to not crash is to never portal back to the Nexus.
If I do portal back, I get the "An unexpected disconnection occured" bug. Or infinite loading screen.


tried to run (reach) this one multiple times, always crashed :(
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It always crashes and disconnects when i use a portal !?!
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