Introducing the Unique Collection Tab

Bought a new supporter pack to buy a Unique Collection Tab, and then bought one more. I will probably buy one more later when it's on sale.
Ironically how they make the drop of unique item with so much "wow" effects but 95% of them are just trash.
Screw those who came out the ideas to nerf the unique items which created nothing but tons of flippers.
Multiple variants (different rolls) of unique item exist for few unique items. Currently some uniques do not have slots for each variant.

Unique variants stored, holds all variants:

Volkuur's Guidance, Zealot Gloves (Fire, Cold, Lightning)

Unique variants not stored, only holds one variant:

Vessel of Vinktar, Topaz Flask (Physical, Attacks, Spell, Penetration)
Doryani's Invitation, Heavy Belt (Physical, Fire, Cold, Lightning)
Yriel's Fostering, Exquisite Leather (Poison, Maim, Bleed)
Atziri's Splendour, Sacrificial Garb (9 variants)
The more I think about this, the more it seems to be trying to be two things at once: a storage mechanism for Uniques, and a way of showing off a collection/history of Unique finds.

What I'd love to have is something like a Bestiary for Uniques. Maybe a system like the crafting bench where putting a Unique in the box and clicking a button adds a non-removable imprint (I'm not sure if this is quite the right technical term) of that item to an entry in the tab. And so it that functions as a record of what you've found/obtained without preventing you from selling crap ones or trading good ones. And if you found a second, better-rolled copy of a unique you could choose to replace the same-item imprint in your Uniquary with that one. And then make entries linkable, including an indication of whether an item was present and for sale.

Just a thought.
but can we take items out again? sry if its a dumb question.
Walltrigger wrote:
but can we take items out again? sry if its a dumb question.

yes you can
I'm hoping GGG will add a guild version of the unique collection tab. We currently have 11 guild bank tabs and almost all of them are full of uniques for when someone decides to roll a new character or try a new build.

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