Path of Exile is all about items, and many players enjoy collecting different sets of Unique Items. Until now, players have had to store their unique item collection in regular Stash Tabs (or potentially Quad Tabs), without the ability to easily show their friends how many they have collected.

Today we're releasing the Unique Collection Tab, a Stash Tab designed for unique item collectors. In addition to storing one of every unique item, it also lets you share parts of your collection by creating weblinks that allow other community members to see what you have collected.

The tab also handles the concept of uniques that aren't regularly-acquirable, and the list of these can differ between Standard and the current challenge league. These uniques don't have visible slots until you have acquired one, so that there aren't next-to-impossible gaps to fill but you can still show them off if you do have them.

Check out the video below to see how it works, or click here to purchase yours now.

We'll be including the Unique Collection Tabs in the Super Stash Sale rotation once they've been live in the store for approximately one month.

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Chocolate02 wrote:
Can we sell items from this tab? Like any other premium tab?

Yes, you can.

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