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Check out my PoB a couple posts up. There's quite a few changes that would upgrade your/the OP build in it.

Arcane Cloak being the big one (lose immortal call for it). Wave of Conviction totem, another. And really big one is getting an added curse for Assassins Mark, either with Windshriek Boots (cheap, you don't need Inya's boots any longer once you have Conviction of Power), or Whispers of Doom amulet anointment (expensive), or pathing up to Whispers of Doom (should be 4 passive points), or level 5/20 Awakened Curse on Hit (very VERY expensive).

Lightning warp is trash, just use flame dash, then toss Phase Run in your movement button (can keep it up permanently with increased duration + second wind).

Also, if you don't have a bottled faith, then use Purifying Flame to put bosses on consecrated ground (+100 crit chance), not to mention the +6% life regen on demand is nice, too.

Ball lightning for curse application when clearing trash mobs, blade blast when doing bosses for the 10% more damage multiplier from Unnerve.

Couple questions from a noob at this build. When you mention wave of conviction totem, do you mean swapping out arc for it? Secondly, when you say "toss Phase Run in your movement button" what does that mean exactly? Lastly, when you say ball lightning for curse application when clearing trash, do you mean linking the curses to that skill and then freecasting it to apply the curses?

E: also, what level do you recommend getting CWDT to for use with Arcane Cloak?

Thanks for your help!

1. No, you're not replacing Arc with Wave of Conviction. You're simply adding WoC for it's -25 lightning resist exposure debuff. And because you have Ancestral Bond, you can't do damage with normal skills/spells, so you must attach WoC to a spell totem support for it to be able to apply that debuff.

And you only cast that WoC totem occasionally in between your main Arc totems. Like for just the split moment it takes for WoC to cast once so it applies the debuff and then you replace it with your Arc totems again. I typically drop a WoC at the beginning of a boss fight, and then about every 5 seconds during that fight i'll drop WoC again for a quick moment to reapply and then replace it with Arc again.

Because we need to keep up curses on ourselves for the increased damage per curse (self-flaggelation jewel) we're constantly casting new/refreshing totems about every 5-6 seconds anyways, so this isn't big deal, and the -25 lightning resist is a huge DPS boost.

I wouldn't worry about using WoC too much on regular white trash mobs. Your Arc totems should easily be killing those. It's mostly for bosses and maybe big packs of rare mobs.

2. So my left mouse button is my movement button. Assuming yours is too, if you slot Phase Run in that button, when you hold it down to move, you will cast Phase Run repeatedly, and this gives you a huge +movement buff, especially if you raise Phase Run's quality and get as much dex as possible so you can level up the gem as high as possible.

And then, if you link it to a 20/20 Increased Duration, and a 20/20 Second Wind, the Phase Run duration is the same as it's cooldown time, which means you can keep it up indefinitely, or until you use a skill/spell.

Or if you can get percent reduced cooldown recovery affix on your boots and belt, or add Potency of Will and/or Exceptional Performance passive wheels on any builds, you can forego needing Increased Duration and/or Second Wind gems.

But trust me, Flame Dash + Phase Run + Increased Duration + Second Wind, and placing Phase Run in your movement button/key is an awesome setup for a ton of builds. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

3. For curse application, I like 2 variations in a 4-link...

General map clearing: Curse on Hit + Conductivity + Assassins Mark + Ball Lightning

Fighting bosses: Curse on Hit + Conductivity + Assassins Mark + Blade Blast(at least level 13/20)

Now understand that to apply 2 curses you must have either pathed to Whispers of Doom (4 passive skill points), or are wearing Windshriek Boots (fairly cheap), or anointed your amulet with Whispers of Doom (expensive = 2 golden + 1 black oil), or are using a level 5 Awakened Curse on Hit gem (insanely expensive).

While clearing maps (killing trash mobs, as they are called), just use Ball Lightning. You don't even really have to aim it, just cast it in the general direction of mobs and it's AoE will "hit" everything and "Curse on Hit" will then apply Conductivity and Assassins Mark to each mob. And just like WoC, this is something you do in between your Arc Totems as needed. You don't even need to level Ball Lightning because it does no damage (due to Ancestral Bond), it's just the best AoE spell for applying curses with curse on hit.

You can use Bane (it applies linked curses by itself) instead of Ball Lightning + Curse on Hit, but the AoE radius is smaller and you have to aim it. BUT, you can essentially free up a gem slot by doing this, so it is an option.

Now for Bosses, I like to use Blade Blast + Curse on Hit because BB also has the Unnerve debuff attached to it, which is a 4 second +10% MORE damage multiplier. Which is significant. However, the AoE radius is small. You can improve it's radius a bit by making it at least level 13 with 20 quality, but you have to aim it and drop it directly on top of the boss you're fighting. But to me, for +10% more damage, it's worth it... on bosses.

4. You don't use CWDT with Arcane Cloak. You get you a level 20/20 (or higher if you can afford it) Arcane Cloak, and link it to a level 20+ Arcane Surge, along with Increased Duration + Second Wind, and you manually self-cast that thing every 9 seconds when you're engaged in fighting.

This should give you about 1600-1900 additional effective life (64% of your mana pool). And it synergizes great with Mind Over Matter (30% damage taken from mana before life/ES) and Divine Guidance (10% of damage taken from mana before life/ES).

This is also why you need as much mana regen as possible, too (at least 500+, or around +300%). However, an Enduring Eternal Mana Flask or Enduring Hollowed Hybrid Flask can help if you're struggling with mana regen.

Just to illustrate this, lets say you had 4,500 life, 500 ES, and 2500 mana.

With Arcane Cloak + MoM + DG, you would have an effective life pool of 9,100.

4,500 + 500 + 2,500 + 1,600 = 9,100 ELP.

Now in addition to that, Arcane Cloak is also giving you a MASSIVE DPS boost. While it's up, 15% of that 1,600 mana it spent for effective life becomes +lightning damage. So +240 FLAT lightning damage (15% of that 64%, or 1600 * .15 = 240), which equates to about +20% MORE damage (you need to learn the difference between MORE and INCREASED damage if you don't know... check the POE Wiki... More>>>>Increased).

AND... because AC is spending 1,600 mana, you can link a level 20+ Arcane Surge to it, instead of the level 13 AS the OP guide has suggested. Which equates to an additional +5% MORE damage over the OP guide.

Yes, this all is a lot of additional button mashing, and it makes the char more complex to play, but this is a unique playstyle that isn't really like anything else in this game. So you have to love it or hate it... play it this way, or don't play the build at all... if you want to be successful with it.

It's squishy, but not that squishy. You kite around and keep distance from mobs, and can continuously move while doing uninterrupted significant damage, while shrugging off curses and debuffs and having nearly 10k effective life and unlimited mana. You also don't need a Watcher's Eye jewel and can end-game gear this thing out for probably under 6 exalts (although you can spend much more if you really want to min-max it, but this isn't necessary)

Build this thing right and you can take it to level 100 and kill anything in the game. Not every build can do that. Just don't follow the OP guide as it's outdated. Follow my PoB and you'll be significantly less squishy and have nearly double the DPS.
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Yo my man!!! Instead of blowing you up with questions i wanted to thank you for posting this thicc build. I have played glacial cascade & spark totems in the past and both were so much fun. I game and stream too so as a fellow gamer/streamer i commend you for your post. I already purchased the Automation Arc Effect to go with my sick skin that ill buy at start of league!! I have been picking different builds and playing for a while. Anywho, thanks again :)
Holla at me on twitch, twitter, & youtube @beats4president

Always trading :)

Thank you GGG for the Great Game
Hello, build look very good, will it be updated to 3.11 ?
update to 3.11 ?
Loved this build last league, hope you can update for 3.11!
The guide carries you to yellow maps EZ PZ. I'm doing great now - definitely will need tweaks for the end game but to get there it's a breeze!

One of my all-time favourite builds and a great call-out to Diablo 2's trapsin (my favourite!).

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