3.6 Occultist 1 Curse Bane W/ Poet's Pen

Eeldr113 wrote:
There is a lot of questionable choices on this build.

1. Why Poet's Pen? What does this give you that is superior to spell damage/%Non-ailment chaos DOT? If bane is your main DPS, you're not attacking with the weapon as it's a cast, and what are you going to cast when the wording on it says trigger socketed spells when you ATTACK with the weapon.

2. Boots- Chaos damage added on boots is useless. It only affects the initial HIT, and NOT the DOT. Apply it and remove it from your POB and you'll see it does not affect the damage.

3. Gloves - You aren't doing damage with your main hand, I do not believe that Commandment of Light will do anything since you aren't doing attack damage with your main hand. If it's niche interaction with Poet's pen I think you can just get more damage from using a wand with above said modifiers

4. Wither - Use Multiple Totems/Spell Totem/Wither. you Get more applications of wither.

5. I think this may be the most important Bane's damage modifier with additional curses applied I feel like you are missing out on a LOT MORE damage. If you're doing a % MORE damage per curse applied, why not take advantage of that? I think with the new Vixen's Entrapment Embroidered Gloves give Bane an INCREDIBLE boost. Triggers socketed curse skills when you use a curse skill. Bane does not need to be in the gloves to trigger those socketed Curses. +1 to Curses, along with Whispers of Doom (+1 more curse) at the top left of the tree give you almost 100% MORE DAMAGE

So Running Bane with Despair, then in the gloves run Enfeeble and Temporal Chains

SIDE NOTE: Bane does not apply as a curse, so using Bane/Despair is not 2 curses.

I think the main problem is that you're confusing initial hit damage applying to DOT. I think you should reconsider using poet's pen and use a high spell damage/%non-ailment chaos DOT.

FYI Bane does not gain damage/duration from curses it does not directly apply.

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