Stress Free PoE| SLOW MO ZOMBIES |ANY Items Work|Easy/Relaxing Play|Easily Clears the Atlas [3.6]

And a few ideas on the minion side, for those who don't mind slightly more complex pet management:

Spectres aren't going to compete with zombies for damage in this build, but you can get some useful buffs from them. I like the Carnage Chieftains from the Old Fields in Act 2 since they give the zombies Frenzy Charges. You'll have to find a slot for the Raise Spectre gem, no support links needed (though Minion Life is nice if you can shoehorn it in). And use Desecrate to make the right corpses and raise them in the highest level zone you can, repeating as new zones are available. Like I said, more management - I didn't bother doing it until I was in level 60-ish zones, to lessen the number of resummons needed until reaching maps.

When linking up your fifth or sixth Zombie link gem, Multistrike is a reasonable alternative to Melee Physical Damage. Helps in some weird situations, like a cannot-die-aura rare/totem, since nearby zombies will hit multiple targets instead of just pounding away at one unkillable minion. And the faster attack speed is always nice.

For the skeletons, I linked up a Spell Totem (rather than Minion Speed) to make the summoning easier. Drop the totem, let it do the work of summoning your 8 or 9 or whatever skeletons. Since I chose to take Mistress of Sacrifice instead of Bone Sculptor, that makes quite a difference in time spent. Which frees you up to focus on staying alive, which can be important. :) By the way, this also means Vaal Summon Skeleton comes from a totem, which is no big deal as long as the totem lives for at least a few seconds to finish summoning the army.

Speaking of Mistress of Sacrifice, I took that largely so I could use Bone Offering and get the benefits myself. I prefer it to Spirit Offering since, at high levels, blocking a hit is often worth more than a few hundred ES. Added bonus, Vaal Summon Skeletons lasts 20% longer.

None of this stuff is necessary, just tweaks for the sake of more damage or defense or quality of life for those who don't mind a bit more complexity.
Using this old account as I play on Xbox.

This build looks... AMAZING! As a newby summoner/necro wannabe, I would like to ask you if there is a optimal order in which to take the passive nods. Reserve the west (leftmost) side for the end.. ok. But what about the rest? EE is useful, the extra curse too... ES and life must not be ignored.

I was thus wondering what nods should be taken as a priority, to help me navigate the tree. I hesitate if the right side should be taken later or sooner or a mix of both.

Anyways, thanks for this great guide! (And I'll hope to get some good rng for drop only gems once 3.6 hits xboxone tonight)
hull20 wrote:
I was thus wondering what nods should be taken as a priority, to help me navigate the tree. I hesitate if the right side should be taken later or sooner or a mix of both.

I'll take a shot at this, since WOD is offline for a bit. I went to Lord of the Dead, then dropped down for Heart and Soul, then up to Cruel Preparation. Then all the way over to Spiritual Command and Sacrifice, then Quick Recovery, then down to EE and Gravepact. After that it kinda doesn't matter which order you go in, as you've got the skeleton of the build and can add pieces as you like. Oh, and pick up Might and Agility if you have any trouble with enough Str/Dex on gear. You can always respec them out later once your gear is sufficient without them.
Thank you very much!
Hi there. First - thanks for the detailed guide of this build. I took a 1,5 break from PoE, but apparantely your guide is sooooo good, it can bring even a lost cause like me back in to the game just to try this build.

My only question is: as I am leveling up, should I go in 1 specific direction on the skill tree? Are there nodes that I should take before other? I was thinking of getting all the "minion" nodes first and then the "curse" ones, or am I wrong?

I think it will be useful for other new players as well, if there is a screenshot of how the Passive skill tree should look like for example on level 30, level 50, level 70 and end form, or something similar.

Or if anyone from the more experienced users that used this build in previous leagues can share that information will be greatly appreciate :).
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SO question here i am doing this build but does raging spirits work better then skels ? just wondering cause of the rang on them and speed is much faster to get to enemies.
This is seriously an awesome build. I've been off since Harbinger league, but I've never once played a build with such great bossing and map clear potential!

I'm interested in hearing about your thoughts on one handed weapons for this build. I just started using a high roll "severed in sleep" today for the +29% extra minion damage and some attribute bonuses. What do you like to use?

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Bearing in mind that levelling involves some personal choice and that I cannot really say that there is one "correct" way to do it, here are my thoughts on the matter.

I like to get a life regen amulet as soon as possible. I then replace it with a 20+ roll Citrine amulet (Str/Dex) as soon as one drops or becomes available at a vendor.

I equip two Coral (life) rings as they drop. For gear, early on I really focus on gem links (go for anything with 3 linked blues) except for boots - I go for movement speed on the boots (including using the vendor recipe). Later it becomes about Life and Resists (the boot remain movement focused) while maintaining the necessary gem links. I like the Strength belt with Life or the Life Belt with Strength (the Energy Shield belt is really handy for me early on too).

I use Fireball until Power Siphon becomes available (a very personal choice, so it is just an option) and a wand. Eventually I switch weapon types as required for the skills as the gems become available.

Once I get Holy Relic, I find keeping the Zombies alive becomes less of a chore.
I use Raging Spirits until Skeletons become available (I just use them to stack up a few before any big set pieces). I want Vaal Skeletons as soon as possible.

Tree (since for me, the coral rings tend to almost eliminate deaths and so I focus on offence)
Lord of the Dead (I skip the 10% Minion Damage node)
Grave Intentions
Cruel Preparation
(I hold off on Heart and Soul for as long as I feel comfortable, but my first time I took it right away)
Death Attunement (I take whole wheel except 10% Minion Life)
Grave Pact

After that it does become very much a matter of personal taste. I like
Shaper (I really value Life Regen)
Constitution (then I have several life nodes in reach if I feel the need)
Quick recovery (mmmm, Life AND Mana Regen)
then down to Sanctity (not on WOD's tree, but I love Life Regen)
And now I am at where my Tree varies from WOD's tree and so I will stop.

I pick up Dread Banner when it becomes available (I keep it with Hatred, but that gets into those skill tree differences). You will do just fine sticking with WOD's tree.
I now comment in Forums with my Xbox account:
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HealthyMusli wrote:
My only question is: as I am leveling up, should I go in 1 specific direction on the skill tree? Are there nodes that I should take before other? I was thinking of getting all the "minion" nodes first and then the "curse" ones, or am I wrong?

This is my third consecutive League playing this build and honestly it comes down to personal preference.

I go straight for the +minion nodes first to grow my Zombie army and that works pretty well for me. After that it depends on my gear - I either grab a few health nodes or start working on minion buff nodes, and just go for what makes the most sense at the time.
Any detailed leveling guide specific for this build? like what gems to buy/get first in every act?

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