The Fate of Tawm'r Isley

For those interested in the design behind the cloak, my original post is here:

Tawm’r Isley began life in the city as a pacifist, fleeing to the city to get away from wars and fighting. He kept to the sewers, where he could get around and avoid the sunlight, and was free to sink his teeth into human society.

He made friends, he made allies, and he made enemies. He was studious, of the occult, and academics in general, and was even able to win a game of chess against a grandmaster, a feat not matched by anyone else in the city.

His first friend in the city was a woman who sought enlightenment, who didn’t fight, who tried to talk through everything instead of kill.

His first fight came against a demon that threatened the city, and his clan. It was a prolonged fight, which took some time, and the city eventually won. The demon used to be of his clan, but sold his soul for power. What would have happened if Tom had accepted its offer? We never found out, but the offer was made.

He was kidnapped twice, once by mages who interrogated him for some time, and once to be used in a nefarious ritual, but was freed by the city both times. In trying to protect the city, Tawm’r unwittingly cast his soul into damnation, and enabled himself to be possessed by an evil.

He served the city proudly, giving advice to the martial leaders when they needed it, even if he didn’t see the need for him to be there. The closest of these that he served with, disappeared while he was kidnapped.

Another ally, and leader of the city at the city, travelled outside to help out on an operation, and never returned.

In between, his sister, the closest person to him was killed by a mage. He went to her execution, unable to do anything to prevent it, carried out by a mad woman who believed their kind to be unnatural.

His last act was without his control, leaving the city to travel south to defend the entity possessing him. No one else from the city made it down, and it is known the entity was defeated, and its minions killed. But Tawm’r’s ashes were never discovered. Had he betrayed the entity? Had he survived the fight? Had he even made it down to begin with?

And where was his Cloak, the one constant for a master of stealth? Had he been staked and drowned, waiting to be fished out of the water? Did someone get to him first, rescue him from the entity, and protect him? Was it buried in the final battleground? Or was it in his lair, deep in the sewers, where noone would find it?
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Hmmmmm. A clue to the new way to obtain the cloak? :D
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I'll just force you to give me the location ;p
Hey there, thanks for reaching out. We recommend reading through any game's EULA, and utilizing any option to turn music off if the game includes that option, or mute the game audio.

Based on the text and item level, Act 8 Sewers is where I'd look.
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A lot of map descriptions in there, sewers and Hogm, colloseum and maybe arsenal.

But I'm pretty sure his path ends in Lair of the Hydra or Forge of the Phoenix.
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Posting to be able to find this thread later. Thanks for the story!
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Gaza wrote:
It was a prolonged fight, which took some time, and the city eventually one.

An intentional misspelling?
There's no powercreep here. Creep implies it's slow and could be overlooked, this is a full out sprint.
cpurdy777 wrote:
Gaza wrote:
It was a prolonged fight, which took some time, and the city eventually one.

An intentional misspelling?

For once, no, edited now.

A number of players have discovered how to obtain the item now however.
Meanwhile it feels like people have forgotten since than ive messaged nearly everyone with them for sale and no one knows. I really want to make a necro build with this gem
It's fun being mysterious and all, but seems like the item would get more use if the way to get it were known to someone.

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