Path of Exile: Synthesis Patch Notes

Wait you guys made unveling recipes 3x harder? LOL? Seriously?

Was totally miserable before - in Syndicate. I never ID so many useless rares in my life and I play SSF. I know lots ppls that did 100 safe-house achievement and still did not get all recipe. Was a big time skinner box experiment on us I stopped playing.

Now 3x rarer rarer than that previous sad state because only 10% Jun map appreances and 3 Jun per appearance.

Guess another league I parking Jun underground. If you can.

Oh and everyone bitching about SKILL AND ITEM nerfs - IS NORMAL. Every single league to get you on another racehorse than playing same old things.

What happened to the "Don't tread on me" Americans?

It’s easier to fool the masses than to convince them that they are being fooled. -Mark Twain

Give a fish they'll steal a whale. Teach to fish and they'll eat forever.
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Nibelton wrote:
Psykrom wrote:
Nibelton wrote:

also,yes arc is dead,pls dont play it so i could make instakillanything build almost for free.

Arc is not dead, learn to read.

exactly my thoughts ! LEARN TO READ.

damage was nerfed yes and the arc chains not offscreen anymore but it is still useable, just not as OP.
Yes, mobs spawn very far from the starting memory node now.

*cough cough*

I said I had pretty much no issues at all only minor bugs here and there, UNTIL today. First it started in a map where I wanted to go to my hideout through a portal and it said, failed to load instance, ok np, I had that happen before. Then I started a new toon (always league hardcore) and wanted to level it up quick. The sad part is, since today on every third zone I try to load in, it keeps loading for forever and I am forced to restart the game. Now I tried to get normal lab done and in between zones the same thing happens and I am NOT able to finish normal lab. Today a few guys that I wanted to play with had even worse issues and they lost characters and they had enough, they are QUITTING the game until the syndicate freezes are FIXED and THE LAGS are fixed AND the zone loading screens are FIXED. They really had enough. I am totally fine for this happening to me, but I am sad for these guys. We are in week 5 now and some of my folks are STILL in act 9 grinding blood aqueduct. IS THIS REAL LIFE? Please don't tell us you can't fix these issues until 3.7. This would be INSANE. DO YOU HEAR ME? ARE YOU STILL SANE GGG? WE NEED FIXES AND WE NEED THEM NOW! TOMORROW! VERY VERY SOON! Thanks for your patience, I think I am speaking for ALL hardcore players when I am saying, OUR PATIENCE IS RUNNING EMPTY by now. Makes me sad to write this, but as usual, THE TRUTH HURTS!

Peace out!



Sangdraxus wrote:
I'm curious why the change to Bone Helmet? It's already hard to get an endgame viable necro build as is without some serious tweaks when other classes just manhandle the encounters...

GGG HATES summoners

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