Balance in Path of Exile: Synthesis

Hmm part nerf, part buff on what I planned to use as a starter.

Looks like a nerf mostly where needed and expected but also opening the path to a lot of forgotten skills that might get their chance to shine. Interesting stuff as usual guys
Poor Slayer BV/RF Obliteration.
It wasn't even an OP build. It was a brillant concept. I really hope one day I will play it again.

That's my only complain. I'll be patient for melee and I don't think Arc, BV, WO and Brand will be useless. Just balanced.

Looking forward to see more original concepts. This would be possible if some crappy uniques would get slight buffs. So many uniques have interesting properties but very low stats...
Good job !

Everybody have to forget about their favourites builds, and need to think again how to create sometng better than other guys :) Love it !
This upcoming league ES based selfcasting critical witch & Inquisitor builds are OP AF.
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Stop, my Xirgil's Crank can get only so erect! :)
Nice! I love to see that selfcasting is getting some love <3
Fair changes overall:)
Infernal Blow
lagnard wrote:
The leech nerfs sound like they completely destroy Earthquake and any other slower single large hit abilities. Or am I wrong in reading that each hit can only restore a maximum of 10% of your life?

Other than that the manifesto seems decent enough, sad about the delayed melee balancing though.

It refers to ES leech (that can be buffed via passives)not life leech.
Btw try to read about life leech on the wiki to understand how leech works.

Slayer´s leech effect on full life is getting nerfed but that´s a good thing (it´s too OP now).

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