Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Will Pure stones going to standard end up legacy or will the use the new numbers?
IFF they do not provide a mechanism for us to entirely avoid Betrayal, like we can avoid Incursion (also a surprise ripper which can RIP your char with yellow monsters 10 levels below yours, in the temple), then RIP the entire concept of HC.

I am exclusively HC player. I wanted to be hyped about 3.6 and the coming 4.0, but with this, my enthusiasm somehow deflated.

I also really, really love Delve, and Delve is ending @ March 5th as we all know (nice slip), so there's that.

I don't really care about crafting and the acquisition of crafting mods, because I play SSF and it's an entirely different game, where you use what you get, and don't care about being completionist.

SSF HC is basically to take chaos, and you bend it to your will and make it work, or die.

But with Immortal Syndicate, you are guaranteed to die if you do not deactivate it, or somehow jail everyone and everything, but then it's just a waste of time.
I liked the Betrayal League so I'm happy to see it being implemented to the Core game but I cannot agree with the nerfs. Nerf is rarely a good solution, buffing the other rewards would have been a better choice. I hope you'll rethink your point of view on the matter GGG.

Thanks for your hard work as always.
Redblade wrote:
while Sulphite Scarabs are 60-70% less effective depending on tier.

Say what? Suplhite scarabs were the only thing making proper delving possible. How about fixing so people can't farm fossils for days on one daily instead of destroying the ability to delve at deeper depths?

Can't even put words to describe my utter disappointment at this moment.

GGG don't touch, nerf, destroy delve please because it's really a nice alternative to map , easily one of the best decision you made for the game
Elf_97 wrote:
GGG don't touch, nerf, destroy delve please because it's really a nice alternative to map , easily one of the best decision you made for the game

Delve will not be forgotten.
But betrayal - will.
After having now had a few days since the first upset-ness, I have decided to think it through and make some suggestions how I think it could work.

As far as I can tell (and feel), the issues with Betrayal's gameplay are that 1) the syndicate is (comparatively) overtuned, 2) the encounters essentially limit build variety because any build without insane clear-speed will rip to never-ending hordes of monsters, 3) it is very difficult to keep an overview and see abilities with such dense monster-masses and effects (= more unexpected rips), and 4) the mastermind encounter is difficult to get to (with many people only having seen 1-2 masterminds in Betrayal, most players might not get to a single one in Synthesis). Lastly, 6) some rewards of safehouses are far too valuable, making it feel like doing them is an obligation instead of optional (because you essentially miss out and can't get as rich as those who do safehouses).

Making the content entirely avoidable in my eyes defeats the essence of the encounters. Having to agree to be ambushed is... weird. And a fortification or transportation behind a portal makes it the same as incursion and therefore boring. Adjusting the syndicate's strength to that of normal mobs means we just steamroll it all, and therefore the content might as well not be there in the first place. The difference between Betrayal and Incursion is that it is challenging and gives us something to engage with during every encounter, and not just at the temple/safehouse.

Therefore, here my suggestions:
1. Limit the number of adds an encounter can spawn. This may be a high number, e.g. 100-200, but it being limited means that even not insane clear-speed builds eventually get to see and attack the syndicate members.

2. Adjust the strength to be more in proportion to the map level (currently it feels much higher, but this may in part be due to the enormous number of ever-spawning mobs). My suggestion would be having syndicate captains (=3 stars) be as strong as the boss of the map. This way it will still be challenging (in a challenging map, especially with 2 or 3 captains) but it feels more appropriate.

3. Increase the information gained by doing safehouses from maximal 4 per turn (=12 in total) to 7 (=21) per turn. This way people can do the mastermind after 5 safehouses instead of after 9, which should allow them to still see the mastermind in Synthesis.

4. Adjust the safhouse difficulty AND reward (quality or amount) to scale with the level of the completed encounters (similar to Incursion). T14/15 maps would be the current reward level, and T1 maps maybe 1/3 to 1/4 (with exponential increase of rewards, so that 1/2 would be at roughly T10-T12). This way challenging play still gets OP rewards, and lower tiers still get worthwhile rewards, but mindless low-tier farming would not be as profitable and therefore not feel mandatory. And this way the rewards themselves wouldn't have to be scaled down.

With these changes I feel we could have Betrayal's essence in future leagues, without feeling like it's still Betrayal league.
Honestly, I'm not a fan of Betrayal at all. Many of the reasons have already been mentioned in this thread, so pointless for me to reiterate them here.

I am looking forward to Synthesis however. It sounds like it's going to be the new Delve.
I enjoyed Betrayal,

Being said there was many faults that ruined key moments for me which only lead me to play 1 month.

Every single Fortification and (transport that had a door) the spawned in minions in almost all encounters did MORE damage than the syndicate, monsters in the map, map boss, rogue exiles it was baffling to me. Not once did an update happen where they got nerfed completely ruined the experience in red maps where you would just randomly die.

Abyss league is very much like delve league most of the time you run 100s of abyss cracks to find a depth, you then run 100s of depths to spawn a boss then the boss still drops 1 socket items that you can get from divination cards :/.

Delve league why didn't we just get 3 sulphite in every zone and maps at the start of the league rather than a patch for the next league.

This one one step forward two steps back is really silly.

What I did like was having the choice of running incursion,delve,bestiary I had a lot of fun getting to 36 challenges. I'm happy that you've decide to make it so when you kill Catarina you don't loose all your syndicate progress I killed that boss like 3 times overall due to this.

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