Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Soooo . . . You fixed the one primary way Betrayal was broken, didn't fix any of the other ways it was broken, and then made the few rewards that made Betrayal even remotely worth playing even worse?! AND you made it so if Betrayal spawns, I can't fucking ignore it like I do now?! AND all of the low-tier veiled mods are now locked behind higher-tiered content?! WTF ARE YOU DOING?! WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS ONLY WITH BETRAYAL?! THE ONE THING YOU FIXED ISN'T GOING TO MAKE BETRAYAL BETTER! AND YOU'VE MADE IT WORSE OVERALL! THIS IS THE *ONE* LEAGUE YOU SHOULD HAVE LAUNCHED DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN! FUCK!
My solution: Have Jun give us an option to halt Betrayal progress. Hell... give that option to ALL of the masters and let us decide if we want to use them.
Qarl wrote:
When an area has Jun, that area will contain three Betrayal encounters. There will be either a Transportation or Fortification encounter, as well as both a Research encounter and an Intervention encounter. Care has been taken to make sure that the encounters don't overlap while you're completing them.

Based on this comment, I have a proposal.
Three encounters are not overlap, in other word, next encounter does not occur unless first encounter finishes? If it is true, you can solve discontent of players who dislike Betrayal easily. The method is to make Research the first encounter always.

Reserch does not start when player does not enter labo. So, player can skip all Betrayal encounters by skipping Research encounter.

GGG, unfortunately all of contents you make does not entertain all players. You should always give players the option to avoid doing it, besides leaving PoE.
The single worst problem is intervention encounters in high tier maps where you simply cannot escape. You get swamed out of nowhere and possibly instakilled. My lvl 92 Deadeye, which is maybe not the best geared/developed character, but still strong enough to do most maps, died 2 times in a row before those dudes were defeated. I can imagine no reality in which this game design is good. If the rewards would be worth it it would still be BS because loosing 20% XP at such a high level is a lot of wasted time.

This feature alone, which as it seems GGG will NOT fix, ruins the whole league and possibly game for me. It's no coincidence I have not played less in any previous league.

If you want to fix this feature encounter would have to be a lot less rippy, more rewarding AND there should be an option to disabler the whole mechanic if you don't want it. It completely screws any player that aims to level his character past lvl 90 and who does not have the time to play 24/7 to get the ultra best equipment on the market, which still might not help you with those instakill dudes.
Hmm. I'm going to sum up my thoughts by saying: Do exactly what Kemaba said above. Betrayal is an interesting league, but I have all the same concerns - ESPECIALLY that intervention will just randomly show up in high level content and wipe my hardcore character.

Honestly, I will be OK with whatever other aspects you do or do not adjust, but please please PLEASE do not have intervention be a thing that I cannot turn off!!!

Red critters from bestiary are similarly nasty, but a) you have the much more useful Einhar support and b) you can much more effectively run away or see the marker on the map and stay away, so I'm not as opposed to them.

I love this game, and I love playing it in hardcore more than any of the other aRPGs. Please don't take that away!
i got to chime in with my 2 cents also, our group absolutly hated the syndicate. i agree, that it seems very unfair that you can cruise a level 15 map and boss then loose 10% exp. on a random syndicate member who can 1 shot you on a level 12 map. loosing 10% exp as most of us know above level 95 really hurts and our time enjoying the game is suddenly ruined by loosing an hour of our life to an encounter that is lopsided. you need to keep the game fun, not make us mad. nerf.... buff, items as you see fit. but dont kill us accout you think its funny. please make a way to bypass syndicate.
Fluffylife wrote:
I think betrayal is one league i would have been happy with not going core..

So much this.

I just pray there will still be the option of ignoring Jun -- and by extension, all Betrayal content -- entirely. Nothing made me so happy as finding out that, once you got a Research encounter, if you ignored it, it would follow you around to the exclusion of all other Betrayal content, especially the jump-your-shit-and-kill-you-dead bullshit.

I've never been a big fan of the cop shows where someone's working up the criminal tree, so to have it imposed upon me as a game mechanic is about as delightful as someone waving a stinky finger under my nose. When I don't ask for it, that is.

enoecarg wrote:
GGG, unfortunately all of contents you make does not entertain all players. You should always give players the option to avoid doing it, besides leaving PoE.

Quoted for being gospel truth.
"People ask me why I do this at my age. People are rude."
yeah, skip going core with betrayal please
Another voice in the darkness but you are locked into adding these leagues that a lot of us do not like because they are designed with core elements (crafting hideouts etc.) that are locking you into the need to integrate them. So add this as another voice unhappy with betrayal going forward. Let us work with content we like and manage our risk vs reward.

Delves should be as self supporting as maps with sulphite available in the Delves. If a players wants to delve non-stop there should be that option. Diluting so much content in different directions means that many players only reach parts of the content and never the end. How many players, as a percentage of players who played in the league, have killed the mastermind. You have already admitted that it did not work right and instead of trying something new you ask us to eat shit tasting food with your new fancy sauce on top of it.
mic01851165 wrote:
Cr4v3n wrote:
I would have been cool with the way it was before. So I could opt out of Betrayal by not doing a laboratory. Now there's a 40% chance to encounter Jun, and with her, 3 Betrayal encounters. That's 1.2 on average per map. More than in the actual league.

Not going to come back to PoE if this goes live.

8%, not 40%.

There're 5 masters sharing that 40%.

Read before you comment.

I stand corrected.

Still, the slightest chance to have to deal with 3 syndicate encounters back to back in a single map makes me not want to play this game anymore.

I don't just not like Betrayal, I hate it, while literally everything else in PoE is fun, to varying degree.

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