Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Betrayal was the most fun league I've played so far and one of the most fun times I have had with an ARPG. Thank you!

I am looking forward to Synthesis!
No crafting bench migration?
everything else we get progress migrated to std.
this took ALL LEAGUE just farming veiled mods.
and now you are punishing me for not keeping it all till standard..?
i am dissapointed to say the least.
the crafting changes are just straight up bad.
what was the point of getting all the last ranks of everything.
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Why was extra chaos moved? Too powerful with Synthesis or something? I don't like the Sulphite changes much. People will just run them in rotas like they did before, except now they'll have to spend more currency doing it. Is Delve really so valuable that GGG has to increase the barrier of entry to it seemingly every league?
...When an area has Jun, that area will contain three Betrayal encounters. There will be either a Transportation or Fortification encounter, as well as both a Research encounter and an Intervention encounter. Care has been taken to make sure that the encounters don't overlap while you're completing them....

Not good.No way to lock them away anymore in the prison (aka syndicate lab).
PoE core game is bloated too much (and becomes even more a themepark nowadays) with past leagues mechanics and they should have kept it the way it was in the last league.

Random encounters will be now be even more annoying than before, with three guaranteed divisions and the usual RNG in map layouts and encounters placement, complemented with other mechanics from past leagues.

Sometimes less is better than more.
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I was hoping Betrayal wouldn't go core, but w/e
xX999Xx wrote:
I enjoyed this league quite a bit.

Were there things I think that could use a little bit of adjusting though? Sure

The overall from betrayal was really good though
. I see people complaining about a few main things here.




Veiled mods

1)Difficulty: If you think that the league mechanic was too difficult, and your character couldn't do it or was repeatedly getting one-shot: I'd say thats a good indicator that you need to make a better character or improvements to the current one. I made 3 characters this league and only one would be considered "meta" (poets pen, golems, flicker) and none of them had any trouble with syndicate in 15s even. That said, I will say that my experience doesn't make it the general consensus but just as a rule of thumb with video games as a whole:

If the content is too hard, get better. Don't complain about it or want it nerfed. This mentality is a disease that has been plaguing video game design for a while now and it's sad tbh. Difficulty promotes longevity and long term satisfaction/sense of accomplishment, but I will agree that it has to be within reason because if not, the snowflakes complaining will just leave and that ends up losing developers money.

If you aren't a fan of the current league but love the game as a whole like we all do, just be patient and wait for the next one. GGG puts out content at a ridiculous pace, maybe you'll enjoy the next one more. It's literally impossible to please everyone at once.

You see all these posts filled with negativity, but people are more likely to be vocal when they don't like things. Don't overlook the fact though that the people complaining are the vast minority. People are much more vocal when they are unhappy about something than when they are happy with it. Ever work a customer service job? How often do people call to complain about things? 90% of the time, but that is by no means the majority of the customer base. No one ever calls in to customer service to be like "hey I just wanted to tell you guys that you are doing a great job"

Just because a majority of the posts here are bitching about betrayal, don't be deluded into thinking that a vast majority of the player base didn't have a blast playing this league.

2)Delve: I see the points given and agree with some of them, for instance the 3 nodes per map for Niko argument. However. 2 main things need to be remembered here.

Delve is an old league. It is not the current league mechanic nor will it be the next one. If you're sad that you can't just easily run delve full time, get over it. They didn't spend all the time and resources to make all this new content repeatedly for people to just run old content and bitch about not being able to completely avoid the newer relevant league content.

That said though, they do want to make it a "part" of the overall game experience and you have to take into consideration one major thing when complaining about this scarab/sulphite nerf.

The new league mechanic will include scarabs and sulphite in with it.

You can see in the screenshots they have posted already that there are scarabs above some of the memories as well as masters.

Before you all lose your shit, wait and see what actually happens in regards with the new league and drop rates first.

3)Rewards: I'm completely with everyone on this one though, the rewards for the mastermind were totally not worth even doing in relation to how it screws your board up in addition to how long it takes to unlock. With betrayal going core but the reduced spawns of the encounters, there is literally going to be no reason to ever do it. The "shuffle" of the board is just as bad as a full reset.

4)Veiled mods: I'd agree that the actual mechanical process of unveiling everything got a little tedious after a while. I do think that there is room for improvement on ways to streamline that process (think how they added the book to ID uniques in D3 instead of manually one by one).

The new crafting mechanics look amazing tbh though and it did make me think of one thing as a footnote.

All of these ridiculous new implicits, the fact that lab enchants don't override implicits anymore, and the overall reworking of a ton of skills along with the new additions leads me to this final thought.

The power creep is real with this coming expansion
, and to everyone crying about syndicate, it may not end up even being an issue. You should wait and see what they end up giving you before you start rioting about shit.

Funny how some noobish casual barely played the league, tells us we are all noobs. Did you ever play a T15-16 5-8 mod map while fighting a boss and Intervention pops up? Or Breach ends in a Fortification encounter
You know I had 2 98 and 1 level 100 this league and they have not been some cheap shitty glasscanon, I got at least 10+ times 1 shotted by the betrayal encounters. Let me guess all those HC 1 shots, those people have been noobs right?

Pathetic and bootlicking.

Lol I'm a casual? I play/stream 40+ hours a week. I've had multiple clips in highlight videos. Multiple 90+ characters. Did all endgame content. What exactly are your certifications for not casual?

I choose not to do certain things because I don't enjoy them. For instance, I didnt run any pure stones because I had no desire to.

Yes, I ran multiple t16 elder maps with 5x sextants and 8 mods and had to deal with syndicate things.

Did I die multiple times this league?

Was it because of my own stupidity?

Was your reply from the same mental deficiency?

Do you even realize that even if you are a dumb nut, that your stupidity is not saving you from 1 shots?
How can anyone, who thinks he is so smart and having his head so much into his own arse, that he could wear himself as a hat, think this is a "fine" leaguemechanic?
And protip buddy, I did almost only T14-16 Betrayal mechanics since a month (U-Elder farming), and every one and his grandmah is streaming low effort garbage nowadays.
I liked Betrayal league ALOT! I did skip delve league because I was too busy, but I immensely enjoyed doing that too this leagu.
All the changes look good to me except for one, like most people I really disagree with nerfing sulphite scarabs.
Either undo that change, or make delves cheaper.
I like doing delves for the delve-experience, not the rewards per se. However currently without sulphite scarabs, you can barely experience delve at all beyond 250 depth.

Just some paper napkin math:
- A medium-long node costs between 2k and 3k sulphite (at 250+depth).
- Every 5-6 maps will have nico in them, giving you a chance between 1-3 nodes (if you hunt him every single time)
- If you only run T15-16 maps, and are lucky enough to only get him on those maps, AND you invest enough in those maps. You will get about 3-4k sulphite average every 5 maps.
- Meaning that every 5-6 maps a player when completely investing in farming sulphite, will be able to do about 1-1.5 delve nodes.

Thats like the equivalent investment of farming uber elder.

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Fluffylife wrote:
I think betrayal is one league i would have been happy with not going core..

same.. got to a point where just got laboratory and never entered it so it doesn't influence my game in any way

1°) Couterbalance sulphite scarabs nerf through synthesis mechanics or make rare mobs dropping some "sulphite cristals" (why not after all ?).
2°) Nerf the ridiculously stupid amount of damage betrayal members deal which forces us to think and build our entire game experience around them exclusively (is it worth mentionning HC players ?), making a lot of people not wanting betrayal to be in core game.

And then we'll be talking, thanks.
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three syndicates in the same map... I would be more confident if you said you put fortification and transportation in separated zone (as actual research).
Now I'm just afraid to meet two or three at once because of bugs.

I never liked delve (I hated the darkness concept as it was revealed and the never fixed flare bug didn't help to like it), so I don't care about the sulphite scarab nerf.
I guess if you balance it, there is a reason. certainly other ways to have sulphite in synthesis.

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