Looking at league statistics is interesting for our designers and a good opportunity for us to see how actual player behaviour might differ to what we expected.

Betrayal's endgame content was focused around Safehouses. These were not intended to be equally common, and we had a rough idea of what it would look like if a player was making naïve choices (that is, without trying to influence which safehouses they were running).

Intended naïve relative breakdown
Fortification Safehouse30.84%
Transportation Safehouse30.84%
Research Safehouse10.28%
Intervention Safehouse20.56%
Mastermind's Lair7.48%

We did expect players to try to push research safehouses to be more common, and we knew that they would also make choices based on the perceived value of the rewards. There were a lot of changes to Betrayal decision outcomes during development for various choices to try to prevent one strategy being completely dominant.

These statistics are taken from the most recent week, and so represent the later league experience where players have targeted goals and most-fully understand what they are doing:

Actual completion breakdown
Fortification Safehouse27.83%
Transportation Safehouse25.94%
Research Safehouse17.35%
Intervention Safehouse25.04%
Mastermind's Lair3.83%

The most concerning result for us here is that Masterminds are run less often than we intended. Part of this will be the danger of the encounter, which becomes very clear when we look at the breakdown across various Betrayal league types. We can also see that the Safehouse breakdown is much closer to what is intended in SSF leagues, which may suggest the ability to trade changes what strategy players use.

AreaHardcore BetrayalSSF BetrayalSSF Hardcore Betrayal
Fortification Safehouse29.57%32.68%34.60%
Transportation Safehouse28.60%30.61%34.70%
Research Safehouse17.31%13.13% 11.65%
Intervention Safehouse23.05%20.05%17.91%
Mastermind's Lair1.46%3.54%1.14%

Other elements which factored into how often the Mastermind encounter was run relate to the time to complete, and its rewards. We can see the mean time to complete here:

Mastermind's Lair - Time to runMinutes
Hardcore Betrayal7.67
SSF Betrayal11.52
SSF Hardcore Betrayal9.76

Challenge Progress (of Players With >=1)

  • 24.26% of players have completed 12 challenges and earned the Betrayal Helmet Attachment.
  • 6.19% of players have completed 24 challenges and earned the Betrayal Aura Effect.
  • 1.08% of players have completed 36 challenges and earned the Betrayal Cloak.

As always, these stats give us useful information for planning future leagues, and will also help greatly if we integrate Betrayal content into the core game.
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Grinding Gear Games
Race soon???
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
Last edited by zeldzioszka on Feb 6, 2019, 5:56:38 PM
The mastermind´s rewards are simply not worth the effort (lose all safehouse progress and risk exp or perma death). It´s also the most chaotic bossfight in the game so far. It´s unpredictable what she does next, and that is, most likely, always fatal.
The research safehouse is way too rare to complete the 40 safehouse challenge as a "normal" player.
Last edited by IamLoco on Feb 6, 2019, 6:02:49 PM
How exactly are we supposed to influence which we can run? Just using intelligence, or is there a better farming method where you neglect some divisions?
I hope this serve you guys to understand that the mastermind fight is utterly garbage in terms mechanics (to many inmune phases, no indications of what to do, avoid(the skeletons) and rewards, plus it reset your syndicate board so its not worthy at all.
Nice breakdown .. but Mastermind rewards (or lack there of) was also a major factor for people not doing it very often. Plus the reset of syndicate on failure ..
The reason no one did mastermind is because the rewards are absolute shit
Less than 1% challenge group ;))
The most concerning result for us here is that Masterminds are run less often than we intended. Part of this will be the danger of the encounter,

LOL... seriously, you guys are blaming no one wanting to run Mastermind on the difficulty of the encounter?

How about you get rid of the reaaaaaaaaaly poor and needless decision to have it completely wipe clean your syndicate? The entire concept of the syndicate board is to let us manuver people into the divisions we want them, to take the members we want on and off the board, and to build up rivalries or alliances...... and then you have mastermind just wipe out all that work instantly.

Imagine how many people would want to kill shaper if doing so uncompleted your Atlas and made you start out from square one again?

Maybe you should look more at that. Just maybe.
Last edited by GoldDragon32 on Feb 6, 2019, 6:07:14 PM
Yeah the mastermind fight is WAY too long. Longer than Shakari.

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