[3.5] Tectonic Slam | Shaper uber elder DOWN | PERMA IMMORTAL CALL | INSANE MAP CLEAR

Do you want a build that can do the entire game? Farm t16 fast and can kill shaper? well this is the build for you! With my version of T slam you can play some nasty ass mods on your maps even the Guardian ones, totally melts shaper u Elder all of those nasty ones! if you dont like to read check my video guide leave a thumbs up pls!

Video Guide

Well to make it short we use eye of innocence to make our endurance charge infinite, we do fire damage to ourselves and the we get max endurance charge as long as we hit something, that opens us up for perma immortal call which in return makes it possible for us to wear abyssus without any of the downside and some nasty T slam joy!


This is the core of the build you how you balance the rest is up to you but you need this 100% the rest is spread between the rest of our gear

Well the rings are expensive but totally replaceable by cheap ones you wont even feel the difference, the shock is nice tho for boss killing

Gems and Passive Tree

yeah im too laZy to copy paste all that so just check the paste bin :)

Different option and comments
Some of you might ask why not the Glutony belt? Well simply because when you perma immortal strike you cant get physical dmg on you so no endurance charge procs defeats the entire purpose of the build.

The Gloves dont NEED the convert physical damage to fire for the build to work, in fact it wont even give you that much dmg BUT for phys reflect map it helps a lot to have almost no phys dmg.

Vaal pact is not an option for hardcore players but the rest of you out there can try it i personally dont like the degen its really rough on us

Abyssus: look i dont personally like this item in normal times i stay away from it because its a death trap, but thats the whole thing with the perma immortal call you dont get the downside so try it up!

Belt of the deceiver is not the 100% best choice in there but the dps diference is almost nothing compared to a 2 ex yellow belt... so yeah i prefer that also tombfist in place of it would make it better but then again you lose attack speed on the gloves and unless you get 2 abyssal socket one wich is like 6-7 ex its gona be worth it imo.
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hey nice build im liking thus far, my issue is i didnt get same exact items obv but im finding tanking things to be a bit of a challenge, tree is 100% the same though... any idea why or what i need to change?
you seem to have all your resist up so i guess thats not the problem your immortal call needs to be lvl 1 and your CWT to increased duration lvl 10.

you have NO bleed flask you need that mate, anti curse to is helping you on nasty mods map, and anti freeZe because yeah getting froZen will kill you.

second thing is kaoms roots are useless we already are immune to stun because of HER EMBRACE buff that goroshi gives us, get a nice yellow pair of boots with some life.

You also are missing on a ton of damage without herald of ash and herald of purity that probably reduced your maximum leech per second also same thing for max life im at 6200+ if your bellow that stuff might kill you idk never tested lower health pool.

if you do all this you should have no problem face tanking the world also check the jewels ive added it might help get your dps at a better place.
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Link to video seems broken

Why do you have adrenaline ticked in POB?
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i fixed the Link my bad, untick the adrenaline and you will se were still at 2.3m shaper dps with my average gear. but we have adrenaline for like 2 sec when we put banner down.
Clear speed is decent, not insane.
How are you getting focus? shocking nearby enemies?
daimonxp wrote:
How are you getting focus? shocking nearby enemies?

Nm I figured it out lol. Trying to see how to move away from mathil's version since I'm getting hit like a truck but do dmg like crazy. But I use xoph's blood amulet he doesn't.
Completed 15 Challengesdaimonxp wrote:
How are you getting focus? shocking nearby enemies?

Nm I figured it out lol. Trying to see how to move away from mathil's version since I'm getting hit like a truck but do dmg like crazy. But I use xoph's blood amulet he doesn't.

yeah that was my take on it as well this dude is to much of a good poe player he expect us to dodge most damage that comes from bosses... XD with this build you'll be able to face tank all of it just dont stand in multiple pool of stuff.

Clear speed is decent, not insane.

im thinking about puting out a new vid with me actually focusing on speed clearing because tbh this is on par with my poet's pen build if u use the same stuff i have with WB and not leap slam, also its its not enough for you you can always grab berserking node for 18% woopin attack speed, i dont feel like i was necessary but if you wanna focus on maping theres your INSANE clear speed XD.
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What pantheons?

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