Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Hello there,

I am an experienced player, who always play whe whole league.

i'd love to join an active guild, then its more fun during the league.


Been looking for a guild for a while. I find it is more fun to talk and play the game with others.

I play most nights if RL lets me. I am in US Central.

So if you have room for one more send me an Invite

Hey i would like to join the guild I am PST been looking for a group of people to hang with while playing poe

I'd like to join, I'm in CST, IGN: quakkkkkke
Hey There, Looking to join a guild. been playing POE for a while but never joined a group/guild to play with, I've always been playing solo but would like to change that :).
hoping for an invite.

Hi new to the game but am loving it so far. joining guild cuz id like to meet new ppl and learn more about the game.

ign: SantoryuOugiSanzenSekai
I would like to join.

Ign: Bolov
IGN: twototango
Hey i would like to join the guild, but im still a newbie

My IGN : SaoBeo
I'm looking to join, playing a bit more then casual, but mainly looking for a fun people to play with.

IGN: Adhaabu
Current char: Homomen

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