[3.10] 🐉 Dragon's Breath Elementalist - Incinerate

Hi fellow exiles and welcome to my Dragon’s Breath Witch Elementalist build guide.


FEATURED BY LiftingNerdBro in 3.6 Synthesis league
Check out the video and subscribe to his channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgxL1D1Vpog

Featured by G3 Iron in his starter list for 3.9
Check out the video and subscribe to his channel

Special thanks to exile SicknessXI who maxed out build in 3.6 to insane levels (16M Shaper dps) and gave me great ideas for further development.

This build was made out of desire to go off current meta in 3.5 and give some love to unrightfully forgotten Incinerate skill with 3.5 reworked Martyr of Innocence staff at the time. It is a self-cast semi-crit build. I wanted it to be flexible, all content capable and most important, to be fun to play. With that in mind I tried not to sacrifice defenses and make a build with enough life that can take a hit or two including Über Elder. I also focused on maximizing the area of effect for good clear speed and scaling of cast speed (over 14casts/sec) to easily reach max dps potential in action. It's pretty straightforward to make but if you get stuck ill be there to help out.

Check out my new build for 3.10 Torstein's Death Angel - insane! Dual Oni-Goroshi

Please read full guide before starting the build.
For any feedback, questions or help with the build, leave a comment on this thread.
Wish you many fun hours of play and good start in Delirium league!


Change log 12.3.2020.
-updated pastebins for 3.10 Delirium


+high life pool, 7.5+k life
+high damage
+great clear speed, huge AOE
+all content viable
+Acrobatics&Phase Acobatics, up to 75%/75% dodge
+easy Uber Lab, one-shots Izaro due to preloading of 8 Incinerate stages
+easy boot swaps for UE fight (optional)
+SSF viable
+Reflect Immune
+great league starter

*although quite safe, it's not a facetanking build and requires to manually dodge some things (see Uber Atziri fight video, and yes, she one-shoted me once with the spear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
*not a 200% movement speed buil

-Chaos and Physical damage can hit you hard
-no mana regeneration map mod only possible with mana flask

Path of Building for 3.10 ⭐League Starter⭐

League starter is a build that will easily carry you to maps and mapping with very little or no currency at all. You will be able to comfortably get into yellow maps with 0 currency investment on a 5L that you will find on the ground.

In the bottom left corner of the PoB you have a menu to see points distribution while leveling.

*note: league starter version differs from full one by 6 passive points so if you want to continue to full version be sure to respec those points

Also in the NOTES window you have whole leveling part copied. Follow the leveling from the NOTES for the league starter and gem links from the "skills" window.

Just passive tree

This is an example for a league start with leveling passive tree menu. As you progress you can transition item by item to the full build if you want to continue with the same character. As weapons you can dual wield any rare crap wands/sceptres/daggers with some cast speed/spell damage/fire damage/added fire damage to spells/elemental damage will be ok.

Path Of Building for 3.10 Full Build
In the bottom left corner of the PoB you have a menu to see points distribution while leveling.

Just passive tree

-Path of Building download site


All videos are recorded in 3.5 Betrayal League during initial testing. Build is improved since.
Kurgal, the Blackblooded @359 depth

Videos below were recorded with Martyr of Innocence staff

***Deathless Uber Elder***

***Uber Atziri, Queen of the Vaal***

Shaper & Friends full run
Damage demo can best be seen at min 7:00

Full Minotaur run

Argus & Izaro, Ethernal Labyrinth

Incinerate & how to use it
Incinerate gains more damage when cast continuously from one spot, up to a maximum of 200% more damage (25% per stage up to 8 stages maximum, or 10 if you use the helmet enchantment). The next stage is reached after every tick (0.2s). At each stage, the flames become visibly larger and will spread out in a huge cone. Since the spell is a channeling spell, if the player is stunned or interrupted in any way while casting incinerate, the spell will come back to stage 1.
At the end of the channeling (Final Wave), Incinerate deals big chunk of extra damage, 500% MORE damage with Hits and 500% MORE damage with Ignite. That’s a lot of extra damage.

To get the maximum dps out of Incinerate you should channel to 8(10 with enchant) stages and release. Final wave deals massive damage. If you played Blade Flurry, this is the same principle.
Monster mobs die fast so maximum channeling is not needed. The area will still be very good.

Build defences

-Build uses Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics keystones which gives passive 30 + 10% attack dodge and 30% spell dodge. Quartz flask gives +10% on both. Atziri's step boots, +14-16% spell dodge. Vaal Grace will cap your dodge at 75/75%. Excellent for mapping and bossing.

-Decent life pool ~7.5k life gives a nice buffer

-Aspect of the Spider (more damage and slows enemies)

Flesh and Stone aura, use Sand Stance! -Nearby Enemies are Blinded while in Sand Stance
You take (10-11)% less Damage from Enemies that aren't nearby while in Sand Stance

-Immortal Call

Active skills

Main Skill

–Flame Dash, gives us ability to get over cliffs, gaps and quickly position ourselves in 1 to 4 successive moves

-Vaal Righteous Fire, 29% more damage at the cost of % of our life at the time of casting. You are not supposed to use regular RF but VAAL. Regular one will burn you down in no time.
-Stone Golems
-Vaal Grace will cap your dodge at 75%


Elementalist Ascedancy

Normal Labyrinth –Pendulum of Destruction
Cruel – Mastermind of Discord
Merciless – Paragon of Calamity
Ethernal – Liege of the Primordial

Items for the full build


With all the changes to multimodding, crafting a staff doesn't justify the hassle anymore.
Martyr is a very good choice and will on average give the same dps as current crafted in a more consistent way.

Body armour
Kaom's Heart

Not much to say about this one, +500 to maximum life speaks for itself.

-Getting cast speed and life is a priority!


Preferably Stygian Vise belt with high total life roll. Belt slot is the best to get strength attribute. Min 80% total ele res. Anything else is bonus. If you can't afford Stygian, go for the Heavy or Leather belt with high life roll, they are perfectly fine.

Just regular rare gloves to cap your resistances and get life.

You want 2 Opal rings (min item level 80). They are craftable with
which gives you guaranteed (27-30 increased fire damage). You just need to hit life and resistance with it. These essences are ~2c. You can also use Screaming Essence of Anger that is even cheaper.

Pay attention to have free prefix after essence/fossil crafting so you can craft Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost. Craft that on only one ring or amulet, so you don't need mana leech! This is important.
On other ring if you have free suffix craft "+1 to minimum Frenzy charges".


Just simple rare amulet with life and resistance. You can craft on amulet Aspect of the Spider and "+1 to minimum Frenzy charges" if there is free suffix.


Atziri's Step boots are very good choice because they further increase spell dodge chance, have 30% movement speed and ok life. They are also dirt cheap.

Helmet and helmet enchant

Buy min ilvl85 helmet with preferably enchant. Use Warlord's exalted orb to get Warlord's influence.
Fossil craft (pristine and scorched fossils) it further for high life, fire res and -9% fire res to nearby enemies.

+2 maximum Incinerate stages is the best enchant
10% increased Incinerate damage for each stage is the second best


Please use Blood of the Karui flask when you get above 6k life!!!

Cinderswallow Urn is the best dps flask instead of Atziri's Promise. Besides damage it provides amazing sustain. Aim for 2-3% life recovered on kill with 3% life regeneration during flask effect if you can afford.

-of Staunching (Bleeding immunity)
-of Heat (Freeze and chill immunity)
-of Warding (Curse immunity)

Aspect of the spider
Aspect can be crafted on any rare item that has free suffix. You can buy jewelry with or without it and beastcraft aspect as long the item has free suffix. Beastcraft with this

Don't use Aspect of the Spider before you craft on ring -(3) mana mod for CHANNELING SKILLS AND GET ENLIGHTEN LEVEL 4 GEM

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Gem Links

Exact gem levels you can find in PoB
You should be aiming for level 21 Incinerate gem. Detailed gem levels and qualities you can see in Path of Building.

6L –Incinerate - Combustion - Faster Casting - Infused Channeling - Concentrated Effect - Inspiration

Use Increased Area of Effect when mapping instead of Concentrated Effect!!!

Herald of Ash - Flesh and Stone - Enlighten level 4 - Summon Skitterbots
You don't need Enlighten 4 before you get Aspect of the Spider

Flame Dash - Vaal Righteous Fire- Arcane Surge level 6 max - Summon Stone Golem

Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken - Wave of Conviction - Vaal Grace lvl 15 max

should be fully upgraded

Major- “Soul of Lunaris”
Minor- “Soul of Shakari”

Kill all.



While leveling you will use dual Wands/Sceptres as weapons that you will find along the way. Absolutely no gear is required to buy.

From level 2-12 use Magma Orb or Fireball - Arcane Surge(keep at gem lvl1)-Combustion
When you finish Act 1 start using Flame Dash as movement skill

After The Caged Brute quest buy Combustion support gem
Act 1

After Mercy Mission quest
Act 1
get Infused Channeling support gem

After The Siren's Cadence quest
Act 1
you can use Incinerate for leveling.
3L Incinerate - Combustion - Infused Channeling
Arcane Surge lvl 1 - Flame Dash

Intruders in Black
Act 2
take Herald of Ash

After Sharp and Cruel quest
Act 2
4L Incinerate - Combustion - Infused Channeling - Faster Casting

A Fixture of Fate
Act 3
4L Incinerate - Combustion - Faster Casting - Inspiration
From level 16 start using Herald of Ash

From level 18 onward when you get the chance to upgrade you main setup add gems in this order, Incinerate – Combustion -Faster Casting - Infused Channeling - Inspiration - Increased Area of Effect(Conc. Effect for bosses)

Finish normal Labyrinth when you get at least 1000 life.

Cruel 2000+ life

Merciless 3000+ life

Uber 5000+ Life

When you finish quest A Fixture of Faith in Act 3, buy from Siosa Summon Skitterbots.

Usefull leveling items (optional):
Tabula Rasa
Praxis - until you get Praxis ring use mana flask
Meginord's Girdle
Le Heup Of All
Lochtonial Caress
Ngamahu's Sign

For other item slots use rare items and prioritize life and resistances.

Take defensive points first for each stage of leveling.

In Path of Building, in the bottom left corner you have the menu to see level by level point distribution.

Anointing amulets
Good passive points to anoint are:
Off: Divine Judgement (best bang for buck), Disciple of Slaughter, Prodigal Perfection

Off/deff: Singular Focus, Overcharged, Golem Commander

Deff: Golem's Blood, Heart of Oak, Soul of Steel

Mobility: Fleetfoot

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


-Why Vaal Grace lvl10-15?
Because it's enough and dexterity for that is provided by passive tree. Going higher can give you problems with dex attribute and it's not necessary.

-Can I use 2 Wands?
You can use pretty much any crap you want but, getting 2 one handed weapons means you have to get 6L on chest. Having Kaom's Heart (+500 life) and 6L in your staff is the biggest advantage of this build.

-Which items to upgrade first?
Go for staff and Kaom's Heart next!

-I die often, what's the problem?
You probably don't have enough life/capped res, wrong flasks or not using them.

My other builds

Torstein's Icebreaker - Glacial Hammer

🐍Ultimate Poison Pathfinder - Venom Gyre / Pestilent Strike - All content & Map Mods

Oni-Goroshi Slayer Cyclone

Dragon's Breath Chieftain Incinerate

Cluster jewel version (what you should make)

Use Forked PoB from here so you can see everything that changed

This version of the build is a lot stronger in every way so it's my big recommendation.

Cluster jewels required
Large rare
-1 large with max "adds 8 passive skills" and "added small passive points grant: 12% increased fire damage"
Prefixes: Master of Fire, Cremator
Suffixes: Widespread Destruction, 2 jewel sockets

Medium rare
2 medium cluster jewels with max "adds 5 passive skills" and "Added Small Passive Skills grant: Channelling Skills deal 12% increased Damage"
Prefixes: Enduring Focus, Stoic Focus
Sufix: 1 jewel socket

Small rare
with max "adds 2 passive skills" and "Added Small Passive Skills grant: +12% to Chaos Resistance"
Prefix: Rot-Resistant

Natural Affinity small unique cluster jewel

This little cluster jewel provides Nature's Patience Keystone

-Gain 2 Grasping Vines each second while stationary
-2% chance to deal Double Damage per Grasping Vine
-1% less Damage taken per Grasping Vine

Everyone bypassed this jewel because it lowers your movement speed drastically when you are stationary. But, vines are instantly broken by using any blink skill like Flame Dash, Blink Arrow, Frost Blink or Dash, so pretty much any build can benefit from it.
Also Juggenrnauts with allocated Unstoppable or chars with Kaom's Roots won't even notice it.

After 5 seconds being stationary, it gives 20% chance to deal double damage an 10% less damage taken, which is big and most useful for any character that has to be stationary to deal damage.

Passive tree is a lot different and cluster version of the build uses Block based defenses.

Lots of gear is a changed also. You will need Tailwind boots but not some crazy expensive ones.

Flasks are changed.

Amulet anointment is changed.

Gems are changed

You will have to have "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" on any jewel, doesn't matter which one.

I can't make whole another guide for this version so please go thru it carefully, step by step, item by item.
Either me or someone else from the community will help out if needed, but don't be lazy to check things yourself.


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Hey there - I'm new to the game as of 2 weeks ago. I tried your build yesterday and it was amazingly fun! You switched out cold snap for (vaal's) grace, but kept hypothermia on the 6L chest piece. Was that an oversight?

Since I don't know all the game mechanics and spells, I was wondering what you would put in place of that for additional damage since nothing is doing cold damage any longer? Again, I'm new, so I could be overlooking something here.
KBeutler wrote:
Hey there - I'm new to the game as of 2 weeks ago. I tried your build yesterday and it was amazingly fun! You switched out cold snap for (vaal's) grace, but kept hypothermia on the 6L chest piece. Was that an oversight?

Since I don't know all the game mechanics and spells, I was wondering what you would put in place of that for additional damage since nothing is doing cold damage any longer? Again, I'm new, so I could be overlooking something here.

Hi, i'm glad you are playing my build. :)

True, I made some changes but they are final now so pls dont forget to check new pastebin. I'm sorry for the confusion. Change log is updated.

Yes, i changed Cold Snap for Vaal Grace in boots due to changes i made to the build defences.
I switched from stacking block chance to stacking dodge chance thru Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics keystones, flask and finally Vaal Grace.
Flask setup is also different and now you dont need to change flasks for Uber Elder.
I changed the main boot also to Atziri's step.
Defenses are much better now due to stacking of dodge that is at maximum level (75%/75%) in tough situations.

About cold damage. Pay attention in gear section. I said that you need to have Abyss jewel with cold damage to spells or cold damage to spells while wielding two handed weapon mod for hypothermia to work. Minimum roll is perfectly fine.
Damn this build looks really nice, midterm season is coming so I doubt I can play much but I'll try to give it a shot.
Damn this build looks really nice, midterm season is coming so I doubt I can play much but I'll try to give it a shot.

tnx! :)

give it a spin when you find time
Really enjoying the build so far, only level 27. I am curious why even bother with Hypothermia. Does the chill and damage due to chill really make that much of a difference? Thanks
kwiknez wrote:
Really enjoying the build so far, only level 27. I am curious why even bother with Hypothermia. Does the chill and damage due to chill really make that much of a difference? Thanks

I'm glad you like it.

Yes, Hypothermia is worth and very potent gem but it needs Beacon of Ruin (Ascendancy Notable Passive Skill) to be acquired first and cold damage source which is Abyss jewel.

Hypothermia at gem lvl20

-Supported Skills deal 39% more Damage with Hits and Ailments against Chilled Enemies

Beacon of Ruin mechanics

-Beacon of Ruin overrides the minimum threshold of 1% effect that normally applies to chill and shock.[2][3] In other words, 1 point of cold damage from any hit will apply chill[4], and 1 point of lightning damage from a critical strike will apply shock. This also applies to damage types that are enabled by unique items, where 1 point of physical damage will apply chill when Soul Taker is equipped.[5]

more on PoeWiki

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Incinerate my fav skill ;) good old times when it was op af :)

Started lvling. thanks for sharing.
MusicalMind wrote:
Incinerate my fav skill ;) good old times when it was op af :)

Started lvling. thanks for sharing.

It's still very strong. :) rock on ^^

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