This weekend we're holding a sale on every type of stash tab! Everything has been discounted, including the Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Essence Tab, Divination Tab, Currency Tab and Guild Stash Tabs! Click here to view the full selection of discounted stash tabs.

The sale runs all weekend and ends at Jan 28, 2019 10:00 PM (EST) (this is displayed in your local time).

We've also just introduced the new Sentinel Portal, a statuesque effect that's bound to look great alongside your map device.

Don't forget, Kammell's race event happens this weekend! Be sure to tune in live on Twitch on either ZiggyD's or Octavian's channels. Thank you so much for your support. We hope you have a great weekend!
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Cool portal!
It would be nice if you showed how portals look with ALL types of hideout map devices in the preview videos, so we don't buy blindly :P
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All of these new portals (both dragon ones, supporter pack ones etc.) seem like they have their keyframes sped up 100% in the last 15% of the animation. Like, they all feel like they're coming in smoothly, then RUSH double time to finish the animation in the time frame given.

I think they all deserve a second pass... this statue almost doesn't even get its left hand up on the sword in time. These portals all are cool but that sped-up feeling makes me feel like I'm watching student projects in a high school motion graphics class.
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Would it be possible for you guys to make it so people who have several portal effects like 6+ or whatever, can make it so it uses all different ones? So when you open a map it opens all 6 different MTX portals instead of 6 identical ones?
What about Fossil stash tab?
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