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Any questions are welcome. please feel free to ask :)
I'm constantly updating this guide

change log
Jan 26, 2019 : added pantheon, off-colour guide, gems and jewels
Jan 28, 2019 : added boss fight tip

map(minotaur map) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXCopFw3y7I

map(chimera map, more dense than above video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBKIplDn1wg

uber elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HL_k1Lz8qY

uber elder(budget ver) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=093HjXaCs7g

shift key + mouse left click

void shot mechanic


pob, bandits, pantheon
pob : https://pastebin.com/pq7aiEUs

bandits : kill all

pantheon :

Major : I recommend "soul of the brine king"
The other three pantheons are good, of course. however this pantheon is useful not only for general situation, but also for endgame boss. because we don't have stun immunity or any stun avoidance either

Minor : whatever you like

gears, gems, jewels

additional pod enchantment + starkonja or any helmet you want

5l setup : remove power charge on critical or increased critical strikes

Q. Why coc-barrage setup?
A. I don't like classic barrage style

please note that this barrage setup is less important than scourge arrow setup
this setup requires 4 off-colour which can cost 700+ chromes and there's no big difference between 6-link and 5-link in barrage setup

off-colour guide
-if your bow isn't 6-linked yet

use jeweller's orb trick to get off-color first
jeweller's orb trick : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kXPc8IomRI

-if you already have 6-linked bow


use many chromes or try vorici's research safehouse bench

if you're rich, buy +1 arrow voidfletcher

hyrri's ire
5L setup : remove cold penetration

rare amulet
life + any mod you want
ex)gain extra chaos damage, increased damage while leeching, crit multi, cold damage with attacks...

rare ring
life, elemental resistance, cold damage with attacks

and I recommend +3 minimum frenzy charges setup (at amulet and each ring)
it makes the game very smooth

enchantment : whatever you want
budget version : 1 socket tombfist

rare stygian vise
life, cold damage with attacks, elemental resistance

rare boots
life, movement speed, elemental resistance
enchantment : whatever you want

unique jewels
watcher's eye hatred crit chance jewel is the way we should go
corrupted blood immunity is not essential but very useful

rare abyss jewels
life, cold flat(to attacks or to bow attacks) + any useful mod
don't forget that we need at least one murderous eye jewel(we're using tombfist)

unnatural instinct jewel is too expensive :(

1. repec these 3 points

2. allocate 3 points like this(also 3 spell damage points -> 3 attack speed points)
and put might of the meek jewel in that slot

you'll lose 16% movement speed, some life and damage

boss fight tip
- maintain frost bomb debuff at all times. it lasts 8.7 seconds

- if you have 5 void charges, try to use barrage at close range as much as possible. it deals huge damage

- you do not always have to gain maximum stages of scourge arrow. even if you don't gain maximum stages, your friend mirage archer will gain maximum stages and shoot it anyway
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I was running a scion voidfletcher build this league as well and this one seems a lot more promising, great build. I never knew you could use scourge arrow like that for clearing.
Completed 37 ChallengesKarriane wrote:
I was running a scion voidfletcher build this league as well and this one seems a lot more promising, great build. I never knew you could use scourge arrow like that for clearing.


tbh when I started this build, I didn't think the clearing performance would be good.
but it's actually quite good, and I'm satisfied with it

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