3.5.2 Patch Notes

nice.... Thx GGG :)
Fixed a rare bug where some players did not receive the default hideout decorations when creating a new hideout for the first time.

Aww... Not the fix I expected... :(

Please make sure everyone has all the 'free' decorations they would normally get on hideout creation, regardless of previous state of the hideout.

Right now, your previous hideout (the one you had active when Betrayal launched) is SoL -- it doesn't get any of the freebies.

It's a shame to have all these shiny toys for other hideouts, but NOT for your MAIN hideout; the one you were looking forward to developing after the Betrayal changes... ;_;


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Playing on Xbox, I can't find the patch to download
Still no delve, haven't logged in for days...back to D3.
DrCola wrote:
Can there be any way to refund the difference in price to previous decoration purchases? I've spent a lot before this patch.

Same... About 6 million.
Bought tons of "A gracious Master" prophecies.
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Control + clicking on an item in a "Trapped Stash" safehouse reward minigame now places that item on your cursor.

Nice to see that feedback you give is acknowledged. Thanks.

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