[3.6][HC/SC]Cheap Starter 1ex Herald Of Agony 10k hp 82/82 block 30k Armour

is this pretty much the tankiest duelist build out there?

btw, what's the best way to get endurance charges on this?

just enduring cry
I did quite a few builds this league. THis one was stupid cheap, easy, and powerful. I only play softcore, but i died so infrequently with this build.

Depending on the changes for 3.7, i'll probably run this as a starter.

WIth that said, thanks. My hats off to you!
How do you get all the damage? I am level 76 and only have about 3400 minion damage ...
tomback wrote:
How do you get all the damage? I am level 76 and only have about 3400 minion damage ...

Virulance Stack 40
Hatred + Generosity ( minions gain frenzy )
all gems lvl 20
+3 minions gems helmet

your gems are low lvl , you dont have + minions gems helmet , you dident count Virulance Stack 40 also you dident count minions frenzy

you have around 134k dps Tail spike and 35k Mortar right now with minion frenzy and 40 Virulance Stack

get all gems lvl20 and you will have 85k Mortar and 330k Tail spike

with +3 helmet much more DPS

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Will you update the guide? Or are you sick of him already?

Forget. I already found out everything I needed to know.

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hey davc1234567890,

great build and a very good league starter. Last league I was using a QuillRain-HoA-Champion build with very good dmg, but for now I was stucked with your build.

I came up with an alternate passive skill tree. It has a little less life, but up to 7 (potentionally 8) jewel sockets and more resistances from the tree.

Could you please check it out?


Thank you :-)
taH pagh taHbe'!
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