[3.6][HC/SC]Cheap Starter 1ex Herald Of Agony 10k hp 82/82 block 30k Armour

Draconas19 wrote:
teajcof wrote:
Draconas19 wrote:
Has anyone tried this now with the Circle of Nostalgia ring? 70-100% increased Agony Crawler damage looks ridiculous, plus some of other Herald of Agony modifiers looks nice (chaos resist isn't bad, herald mana reservation amount could free up space for something else too.

Because it is increased damage and not more damage it comes out to be a 10-12% damage boost for a level 20 agony crawler... and that goes down if you use empower or have other sources of increased levels in your build (+1 to gems or +2 to herald gems). So the short awnser is it should be about the same as intimate for builds that don't have + gem levels... I have not worked out the math for those so it might still be decent.

Yea, PoB can't calculate the agony crawler buff so its really hard to do the math for that.

Switch to 40 stacks in configuration and then switch attack to tail spike and it gives you the damage for agony crawler properly (depending on your build you might need to give crawler charges or intimidate/maim the enimies in configuration)

But I did not use pob anyway I just did 70/(100+40*19) and 100/(100+40*19) (these are in decimal form multiply by 100 to get percentages) if you take any increased damage from the tree add it to the denominator I just did not want to go back and change that 19 for every gem level we could test 😂
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Hi - Might be about to start your build....
Still worth? Playing HC.
Would be EPIC, if you make like Leveling Tree.... where to go first on the tree and stuff :) would help me understand and know what to do first.
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I just want to say thank you for this simple and amazing build! I have really enjoy this smoothly ez gameplay, god bless you)
Can this build HoGM?
Where is the passive skill tree? maybe im just having trouble seeing it.
bro i litrrally did everything right is this build even able to kill shaper or uber elder

This build cant do HoGM cause of Scorching Ray dude and anoter blocker guy.

But it can kill Mino and Chicken Nugget Guy with temp chains and extralife without any problem. Ill record some footage l8r m8s.

My gear

Still more to improve. Planning change chest to 6l with attack speed gem to achieve higher speed of stacking virulence on bosses and second ring.
i think circle of nostalgia is too good for this build. and i habe the question - what is the maximum block chance cap we can have? is it 82 or?
Layomm wrote:
i think circle of nostalgia is too good for this build. and i habe the question - what is the maximum block chance cap we can have? is it 82 or?

82 is max unless you add +1 max block corruption on shield, then 83.

82 to 83 many seem small for the large cost of getting that specific corruption, but it is about 5.5% more blocking
got it thanks

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