[3.5] Fossil Farmer (Raider)

3.6 seems to have killed any sort of low level delving. Tried farming for fossils at around depth 125 and found maybe 10 fossils in 27 nodes, plus the cost of sulphite is about 1200 per long node. Damage fell off quite a bit at this depth too. I would venture to say this build, along with low sulphite cost delve farming is dead.

This build is used to farm fossils at lower depths approx. depth 20-55 (wouldn't go higher than monster level 68) as a Raider. Higher than that it gets harder to evade mobs. This build uses all uniques for a relatively cheap price, lower than 1ex. You can easily make 10ex a day farming fossils. Darkness farming has been nerfed this patch but it isn't so bad. You can easily follow the cart and run into all the paths and if worst comes to worst you can always reset your darkness stacks with a flare since we are carrying 14 and you will never require 14 for a single node path.

https://pastebin.com/vU1w6zpw New New 3.6 Tree

Kill All bandits for 2 passives



Belt - This is build defining as it allows for most if not all item interactions of this build. Coward's Legacy is 70c straight up if you buy it but the non fated? non-upgraded? version is 1c called coward's chain and 4c (at the time of writing this)for a vial of consequence. With both these items you can use a t3 sacrifice room in the Temple of Azoatl to create Cowards Legacy belt. This Belt is required since it acts as if you are at low life. The negative effect of this belt is that you are cursed with level 20 Vulnerability. This allows enemies to do greater physical damage to you and also have an easier chance to cause bleeds and maim. We will counter this with flasks and other items further down the list.

Boots- This is our main source of damage, we use its Abberath's Fury to run over mobs and kill them which chains to other nearby mobs especially with herald of ice explosions. These boots are the most expensive item of the build currently at around 50c.

We use two Lori's Lantern which give us move speed, resists, and makes enemies unlucky damaging us while we are low life (belt). You can buy max rolled ones for 2c.

We use the fated version of Redbeak which is Dreadbeack, it gives us 100% increased damage while low life (belt). It also gives us onslaught which in turn gives us permanent phasing from out ascendancy Quartz Infusion. Dreadbeak can be bought for 5-10c or can be achieved by buying a Readbeak and the Dreaded Rhoa prohecy for 1 Alchemy each and slaying Skillbeak in the Bog map.

We use the fated version of Springleaf which is the Oak. It grants us 6% life regen and has a ton of health ontop of that. The Oak can be bought for 5-10c, or you can buy a Springleaf and Nature's Resilience for an alchemy each and create it yourself by killing Calaf at the Crossroads in Act 2 with the prophecy and shield in inventory.

I use Ondar's Clasp for the movement speed and no other reason. No other gloves give this much movespeed but feel free to use whatever you'd like. I don't even think these cost an alchemy.

I use Devoto's Devotion, again just for the 20% movespeed.

For this slot I Use Daresso's Defiance. This has a flat 6% chance to dodge attacks on top of its evasion rating. Endurance charges are okay, they will be up constantly since you barely get hit. You can use any other chest that you want. I used a jeweler's touch to get a 5 link for this chest.

I use Impresence for this build to get a free frostbite curse with blasphemy since we mostly do cold damage. It adds quite a bit of dps to this build and is a very cheap unique around 5c.


Quartz Infusion
-gives us perma phasing with dreadbeak as well as dodge

Way of the Poacher
-allows us to generate frenzy charges

Avatar of the Veil
-makes us immune to elemental ailments while phasing which is all the time
-gives damage and spell dodge

If you care to do Uber
Avatar of the Slaughter
-gives you 12% more movement speed


Make one or two Divine Flasks with instant Recovery and bleed removal (if using only one Divine Life flask, you can craft a Stibnite flask for more evasion)

Make a Quicksilver flask with either bleed removal or increased movement speed

Make a Jade Flask with whatever the quicksilver flask doesn't have(if quicksilver has movement speed, Jade flask will have bleed removal) I don't currently have this on my flasks and I lose some movement speed since they are always up.

Use a Atziri's Promise for damage

Do not use a flask of warding, it removes your Vulnerability curse which makes you not low life for the duration.

Use quicksilver and Jade flask at the same time or/and if you have a Stibnite

Remember you can use Beastcrafting for flasks

I use jewels just to cap out resists but you could try to find jewels with two resist suffixes and one of the two available prefixes that give us damage which are %spell damage while holding a shield and %increased cold damage

Gem Links

Chest - Herald of Ice - Added Cold Damage - Ice Bite - Increased Area of Effect - Elemental Proliferation

Boots - Ice Bite - Added Cold Damage - Concentrated Effect - Hypothermia

Weapon - Immortal Call(3) - Cast When Damage Taken(1) - Increased Duration

Shield - Herald of Thunder - Blasphemy - Frostbite

Gloves - Vaal Storm Call - Added Cold Damage - Concentrated Effect - Less Duration

Play Style
Literally run at and through stuff, it explodes. Then you have Vaal Storm call for rares but you don't even need that at this delve depth. There isn't much else to say. Your evade chance is a bit higher than 60% but then you also have 50% plus dodge chance as well as a 40% spell dodge chance. If you do get hit it won't really do any damage but you will most likely have a bleed but your flask should be up all the time to negate that. Along with that we have slightly more than 150% move speed and with a flask it's past 200%.

Obtaining Sulphite
I use an elder t16 map (chiseled and Alched for more quant) with niko's 150% increased sulhpite scarab and 2 fragments. You can use the highest tier you have but the higher the tier the more sulphite you get. You can also just wait for the daily and beef up that map with quant. 12k sulhpite can last you hours of delving since most of our delves cost 16-49 sulhpite. When in the map I don't try to kill anything, I just run straight for the sulphite. Mobs are going to be higher level than the delve mobs we are used to and will have a much higher chance of hitting you through all your evasion. If you don't want the map to go to waste, you can always have a friend enter with you and clear it for you.

I would not recommend leveling using this build. It was a nightmare and a pain especially since some of the gear isn't available till level 60+. I'd suggest leveling as anything else such as an attack build like frost blades till you are ready to make the switch after the campaign is done. You could have a friend level you through their Delve with level down scaling on for them and doing delves slightly higher level than you at most +5 but you will still have to run through the campaign so I don't even know if this is really worth it.

Gem Leveling
Leveling gems to 20 is really fast for some reason delving at lower depths. I don't think gem xp is tied to monster level xp or anything. For that reason you can easily level enlightens, empowers or other gems to 3 or 20 and go for corruptions. We have a total of 10 free slots for gem leveling.


-Always take the longest delve path, the short ones where the nodes are right next to each other give you no walls to destroy and therefore no fossils. Paths that are long usually have multiple walls and are the most profitable. You should always look for the long paths and work your way there, this is where most of the profit will be. There is still a bug where a super long path will fail to generate and there's nothing you can do besides waiting for bug fixes but it's been 2 leagues so far.

-Some layouts are confusing at first such as petrified forest or fungal caverns, with what looks to be multiple ways to go but you do get used to the pattern and will be able to tell between main paths to avoid and side paths you find fossils in.

-The best way to sell fossils is to set up multiple tabs for different prices of fossils. Some are worth a lot more than others so you will need multiple premium tabs with different prices each.

-Do not have your tabs public while delving or you will get non-stop whispers of people wanting to buy stuff. Farm fossils and dump them into tabs and when you are done, set the tabs public and unload.

-The price of fossils is higher at night due to supply so they are worth more at this time.

-Selling in bulk will net you a lot more currency. For example currently bound fossils are 0.5c each but if you have a tab of say 50, you can charge upwards of 2c each. It's a lore more convenient to buy 50 fossils for a higher price than to whisper 50 people and buy single fossils.

Fossil Drop Chart
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Just specced into this build and it is going great. I might need some sunglasses for the white ball of fury I keep staring into :P
I'm VERY interested in this build -- however this seems like this build is tailored to busting down walls and hunting for those expensive fossils. I was wondering how the fossil farming is in 3.5 for just repeating a single long node and not breaking down any walls?

Specifically, I was thinking about making something similiar to the 500% movement speed uberlab build that's on the front page of Ranger page here.

Wondering what you would think would be more profitable. The insane movespeed build could also Syndicate farm on ossuary or the bridge.

How would single node farming fair vs this build. If you have any idea. Thanks!
I have never gotten one of those fossils that sell for 1ex plus. I think they changed the spawn of those to be only in fossils delve rooms and those are pretty rare and even when you get those, 99% of the time it's going to drop common fossils. I can't speak to fossil farming in 3.4 because I barely played that league but in 3.5 it seems very profitable especially going after dense fossils since they sell anywhere from 7-10c a piece and after a few hours you can easily farm up 40+ on top of other fossils you find along the way. Most of my currency comes from selling Dense, Pristine, Prismatic, Metallic, Enchanted, Shuddering and Perfect fossils. A new thing they added this patch is a box that I think is called hidden opulence which drops a guaranteed exalt and you can find a few of those throughout the day although they are rare. There are also hidden heirloom boxes that drop league specific uniques and are therefore rng. The fossils nodes behind walls also can drop anywhere from 1-5 fossils unless they are specific nodes such as lucent, shuddering, sanctified. So I think farming fossils is very lucrative this patch considering how many people are crafting gear.

I can't speak to other builds but 500% movement speed is twice as fast as this build but I'm guessing it needs queen of the forest along with a ton of evasion gear so it might be a lot more expensive, as well as actually having to use an attack? Also, I don't know if it has phasing since it is required in the darkness. I can't speak to syndicate farming since it seems like a lot of rng to place specific members to certain strongholds on top of having to grind out intelligence, but this build was specifically made for fossil farming and I haven't considered doing anything else with it.
Why don't you use a QotF, seems like an obvious upgrade to me!
I don't think QotF is an upgrade due to Daresso's Defiance increasing the Onslaught effect (20% attack/cast/movement speed), unless I'm wrong? So if onslaught gives 20% movement speed and Daresso's gives 89% increased effect of onslaught, that's 37.8% increased movement speed. Someone correct me If i'm wrong? If I am then yes QotF can be an upgrade with stibnite flask giving around 12-15% movement speed depending on the evasion roll
Most expensive part of this build is rolling the socket colors in chest
Dripepeams wrote:
Most expensive part of this build is rolling the socket colors in chest

Not really that expensive if you just use the two blue sockets craft, should take like 300 max chromes
ShaxMC wrote:
Why don't you use a QotF, seems like an obvious upgrade to me!

I don't think enough evasion is stacked to even outweigh the initial speed penalty.

So, I'm up 1000 chaos and 2 exalt today in just 5-6 hours of casually running for fossils. It's actually quite fun and i get to gain currency while watching twitch or youtube.

Found that 6L well rolled QOTF for 3exalt so thats what im using. movespeed is 243% with only 39k evasion.

If anyone wants to make EASY currency with BARE MINIMUM investment (outside of the gear) this is your build. I spent 30c on a gilded sulphite, ran a t16, and ive made 1000+ chaos and still havent ran out. Easy money.

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