[3.5] Cyclone - Cast on Crit - Dark Pact - Occultist [3 mil DPS] [7k MoM]


Dark Pact in 2019 is this a meme build? NO!
This build of dark pact has both incredible damage, survivability and clearspeed.

This build uses cyclone with cast on crit to trigger our dark pact casts.
For clearing, we trigger it on ourselves and has enough damage to clear mobs in t16.
For bosses we cast skeletons and dark pact is triggered against them to deal huge amounts of damage.

Darkpact sacrifices 6% of your life (your skeletons's life if there are any) to add to the base damage of the spell. We therefore scale minion life on gear and tree in order to boost our single target damage.
Currently my skeletons have ~11k life which means an additional 660 base chaos damage!
Additionally when dark pact is cast on skeletons they chain 2 additional times which means we deal triple damage with each cast.

Other awesome builds:

T15 Tower


-Clears entire packs with a single tap
-Incredible single target damage

-requires lots of gem slots
-needs some micro to summon totem/skeleton for single target





A rare claw with minimum:
-high attack speed
-high crit chance
-hits can't be evaded craft (3EX)

A rare shield with:
-spell damage
-crit chance with spells

Budget Version
Wasp Nest provides atk speed and crit
Lycosidae provides hits can't be evaded


rare helm with minimum:
+3 minion gems


Cherrubim's is a 1c unique and the centerpiece of our build
Increased life leech per second allows us to instantly leech back out life lost from dark pact when clearing. Without this we will simply kill ourselves with dark pact.
It also has some juicy chaos damage and life.


rares with:
-minion life


rares with:


rares with:
-minion life


rares with:
-crit multi


elder ring with:

provides us with much needed spell damage

alternatively use a opal ring with life/resists/crit


To Dust
Allows us to summon 3 skeletons at once (6 with spell echo)

Rares with crit multi/minion life
Other useful mods - life/spell damage/chaos damage/mana

Watcher's eye
Clarity - damage taken gained as mana

Very cheap watchers eye that refills our mana if we take our massive hit.
This fixes a common problem of MoM characters have when they lose all their mana in 1 shot.


Main CoC setup

Cyclone - Cast on Critical Strike - Dark Pact - Void Manipulation- Increased Critical Strikes - Increased Area (Conc effect)

Order of importance
1) Cyclone - Cast on Critical Strike - Dark Pact - Increased Critical Strikes
2) Void Manipulation
3) Increased Area

Swap out Increased Area for conc effect for bosses


Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark

Clarity (lvl 1) for use with watcher's eye (damage taken gained as mana)

Our second curse (Despair) is activated by our flask


Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify


summon skeleton - empower - minion life(unless your helm already has it) - spell echo - withering touch(optional)


Spell totem - wither - multiple totems

Cast when Damage Taken

CWDT - Immortal Call


Vaal Righteous Fire
Vaal Blight (provides hinder with slows and a -20% chaos res debuff)




For bosses/syndicate encounters
-cast wither totems
-summon skeletons on enemy
-pop vaal blight
-spin 2 win!


Kill All


Profane Bloom -> Forbidden Power -> Malediction -> Void Beacon


Depends on preference but I chose
Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Shakari


Level with spells (dual wield axiom sceptre)

start with freeze pulse -> frostbomb -> arc -> armageddon brand

Gem setup
armageddon brand - controlled destruction - ele focus - increased area - fire pen

Upon reaching blood aqueducts is a good time to transition into cast on crit gem setup and level the gems.

19 points

38 points

60 points

83 points

116 points (lvl 91)
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Love cyclone, chaos damage and CoC. DEFINITELY MY BUILD! TY BOY!
Added video + gif, updated gear
How do you recover the life lost from dp?
life leech from warlords mark + my body armour which gives 100% increased leech
Hi. I was thinking build like yours and accidentaly found yours while planning it. I am curious why you go occultist over scion ( slayer+assasin )? Made claw for my build
Still thinking if going for flat cold or lightning for spells.
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Zizzuz wrote:
Hi. I was thinking build like yours and accidentaly found yours while planning it. I am curious why you go occultist over scion ( slayer+assasin )? Made claw for my build
Still thinking if going for flat cold or lightning for spells.

Slayer+assassin is very cookie cutter and can do well in a lot of builds however occultist for this build in particular is undoubtly the best choice.

Profane bloom is incredible especially since we are a chaos build and scale chaos damage. If you watch the video you will see that a single proc of dark pact makes the whole screen explode.

Forbidden power is almost like assassin in that it allows us power charge generation but it also gives us extra spell damage and area which works both with DP and profane bloom.

Void beacon is one of very few ways to lower chaos resistance and is VERY powerful since monsters have much lower chaos res.

Malediction is effectively 10% less damage taken and 10% more damage dealt to cursed enemies. It almost makes us able to do hexproof maps/bosses and +1 curse.

There's just too much occultist does for us.
Would it be possible to run this as an Energy Shield Character?
Chazua wrote:
Would it be possible to run this as an Energy Shield Character?

Possible? sure you can.

Will it be good? probably not

You can go low life or CI but either way your life pool is going to be tiny and dark pact on yourself is going to do about half damage of life version.

It's also gonna cost you buckets of currency to get good es rolls and minion life on all the gear, especially a helm with +3 minion and minion life.

Our body armor is only 1c but you will have to replace it with a good es armor which can also be very costly.

If you have load of currency you can go for it i guess.

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