[3.5] Void battery Shimmeron Storm brand Scion. All content viable .

(Chimera was not uploaded, see the clip in Video section).

About build and mechanics
Creates a magical brand which can attach to a nearby enemy. It periodically activates while attached, firing beams which deal damage to nearby enemies and those around them. The brand will detach if the enemy dies.
Using keystone"Runebinder" u can have up to two brands on 1 target,which literally doubles your damage and activates 50% more damage to Branded enemies(having only 1 brand will not trigger it).

Scion can have up to 5 brands at a time(if you got all necessary keystones for that).

Also this build is using two unique wands that are based on power charges, keep it in mind and always have power charges.

Pros and cons

+ Insane damage, even if u don't put too much currency
+ Comfortable and pleasant ability,that chains and deals aoe damage.
+ Good clearspeed.

- Has mediocre hp pool(around 5-6k+ hp).
- No defence mechanics(Dodge,evasion,phys. reduction,freeze,chill,curses,only leech).
- Endgame version of this build is very expensive.

Gear and links

Current Gear:

Gems and links:

Before a boss Fight:
use this

instead of this

Helmet or gloves:


first or second wand:

PoB links

https://pastebin.com/212BdaFK Build with my gear(98lvl).
https://pastebin.com/gNvuzJmi Cheap version of this build(without Loreweave,Void battery,Watcher's eye, 2.6M dps,92 lvl).

Build in details.

About ascendancy,Bandits,Pantheon and passive tree

92lvl Passive tree(Without unnatural instinct):

Alira.Best choice for crit build.

Major soul:Soul of Brine King.Gives you stun immunity if you've been stunned in the past 2 seconds. Saves from stunlocking. Highly recommended.
Minor soul:Upgraded Soul of Shakari.Poison immunity.

1st Lab:2 points towards Templar Ascendancy.
2nd Lab:Templar Ascendancy(Inquisitor) and point towards Path of the Templar.
3rd Lab:Path of the Templar and points towards Ranger Ascendancy.
4th Lab:Ranger Ascendancy(Raider).

About leveling:
Before you will get Runebinder I'll recommend to use blade vortex and vaal version of it.
20 points Tree:
40 points Tree:
60 points Tree:
95 points Tree with 3 Labs:

Gear explanation


- Core of this build. Gives a lot of crit multi , flat lightning damage, flat crit chance. Degen can be easily sustained by life leeching.
- Endgame choice for this build. Has great synergy with shimmeron and also gives a lot of spell damage,crit chance and cast speed.
If you don't have money for Void battery,you can use rare wand with this stats:
1.Cast speed
2.Spell damage(or lightning damage,elemental damage)
3.Critical strike chance for spells
4.Global critical strike multiplier


- Best for this build.Gives you up to 80% maximum elemental resistances,that decrease degen from shimmeron,elemental damage,critical strike chance
If you don't have money for Loreweave:
- Cheap and good. You can easily buy Tabula with +2 AoE gems,that gives you much more damage.


- Best in slot.Life,resisances,aura with -# lightning resistance to nearby enemies, and enchant with 12% light pen.
If you don't have money for helmet with enchant, you can take rare helmet with only - lightning res aura. Or even without aura.


- rare gloves with unique incursion mod: increased critical strike chance against shocked enemies.
If you don't have money for that, just take rare gloves with life and resistances.


- Has two abyssal sockets, for rare abyssal jewels with life,crit multi and cast speed if you've dealt crit recently. Enchant gives you great boost in boss fights.
If you don't have for two abyssal Bubonic,you can use one socket Bubonic


- has abyssal socket. Best among the belts.


- rare ring with warlord's mark on hit.Important for this build. Aspect of Avian just for more damage,not necessary.

- great life and damage booster ring, if your other ring is an elder item.


- rare elder amulet with life, resistance, crit multi and extra chaos damage based on non-chaos damage.
If you don't have money for this version,you can use with life,res and crit multi.


- Another core for this build,that buffs nearby passives. U must have two of them.

- expensive but not necessary for build.With two Might of the Meeks gives a big damage boost.

- strong endgame version with increased lightning damage and critical strike chance.
If you don't have money for this,you can take with only lightning damage,or if you also don't have helm enchant,take watcher's with lightning pen.
Rare jewels should have this stats:
1.% Maximum life
2.Cast speed
3.Crit multi

Rare abyss jewels should have this stats:
1.+# Maximum life
2.Cast speed if you've dealt critical strike recently
3.Crit multi


- common life flask with instant recovery
- Wise Oak for lightning penetration(don't forget that your uncapped lightning res must be >cold and >fire
- Silver flask for onlsaught(helps a lot when you don't have frenzy charges) with unique betrayal mod:increased critical strike chance
- Common Diamond flask that greatly boosts your critical strike chance.
- Common Sulphur flask that gives you 40% increased damage and makes consecrated ground,that gives you 6% life regen.

About Gameplay style,and few more mechanics and also tips and tricks.

Your gameplay is to create Storm brands and spam brand recall to reclaim brands.Recall also triggers arcane surge for more spell damage and cast speed.Try to not get close to the enemy and try to use walls and map covers. Before the boss fight use Jaws of Agony unique shield in the off-hand with fire trap and cluster trap supports.That helps you to generate power charges

Also don't forget to replace increased area of effect with concentrated effect and use vaal righteous fire.
On boss fight place two storm brands and use flame dash and brand recall for triggering arcane surge and escaping .
Don't forget that your uncapped lightning resist must be the highest. But if you even more rich guy, you can obtain triple wrath watcher's eye with lightning pen,lightning damage and critical strike chance.If you have that,you can replace Wise oak with Atziri's Promise,that gives you even more extra chaos damage and chaos resistance:

If you have questions or you have ideas how to upgrade the build,you can write it in my twitch chat.

Started using War banner gem for Adrenaline buff(100% increased damage,25% cast speed for 2.5 sec).For 10% reservation we have insane dps buff,but for that you need to kill 50 mobs

Also crafted these gloves with Prime Resonator(pristine,hollow,prismatic,sanctified)

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looks good gonna try this. nice work
Wow extreme amounts of LEGIT! I might have to try this... I MFed for the first month and have been a bit bored with Tec Strike even though I thought I would really like it so I may try this out!

It is between this and a PP Occultist trying to decide :)
Amazing build. Killed uber elder twice now with it. Super squishy though!
can u run reflect map?
why do u use raider instead of, say, slayer for overleech?
32% cast speed and 12% more damage on boss(when frenzy charges up) . That's why I took it instead of slayer
dominicjr wrote:
can u run reflect map?

no, you can't. But you can take elementalist instead of raider and do elemental reflect maps.
Thank you for your nice build
Btw How about survivability?
Can we survive against uber elder or syndicate with only Leech?
phoenixysk wrote:
Thank you for your nice build
Btw How about survivability?
Can we survive against uber elder or syndicate with only Leech?

Uber elder fight in video section.
Syndicate can't do anything with this big dps. Just try to avoid their attacks

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