Need help for Uber Lab (lvl 84 Berserker)

Hi guys

i have problems with the uber lab.
tried 4 times and got wrecked.
i have 7.5k life
4.5k armour
25% est dmg reduction
15% est evasion

but izaro one shots me. at least my life flasks are not fast enough to recover.

first of all, im broke. got 50 or so chaos, no ex, so buying exiting stuff is no option.

izaro in merciless is no prob at all, didnt harm me. only the damn razorblades kill me all the time. is there a way to reduce the damage that traps do?
have anti bleed on one flask, but that doesnt stop me from dying every 2nd try.

Tier 8-9 maps arent a problem besides some bosses and the syndicate, but izaro wont let me enchant my gear :sadface

how can i improve my char to have better survivability?

thx for advice
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First thing I can see is that you have four curses linked to cwdt gems. You can only have one curse up at a time with your current setup. Also tell us a little more about what is going on, I'm skeptical of you getting one shot with those stats.
sure with that curses?

i tried it on low chapters just standing between mobs and the cwdt`s are all working. at least the symbols are lighten up, not sure about the curses.
but anyway, i wouldnt know what to put in the slots instead.

my biggest problem in the lab are by far the traps. especially the razor blades which kills me extremly quick.
the 4 uber lab runs might not be the best sample size and since i got wrecked, i changed my gear to optimize my lifepool.
so to be fair, the few uber runs might have been with around 5k life und 1k armour when i think about it.

damagewise i feel ok with consecrated path starting at 90k up to around 140k with rage, charges and onslaught. if i can i try to activate fortify with vigilant strike at the beginning of the fight and molten shell.

also i place one ancestral warchief and if activated the 2 vaal chiefs, which is quite often enough to kill the bosses on tier 7-9 maps.
but in izaros chamber the vaal warchiefs arent available, right?

i think the life flasks are a big problem. recovers only 4.3k over 10 seconds, thats only 800 life in 2 seconds. maybe this is the reason why it feels so oneshotty?
because there are traps in stage 3 i facetank izaro and when he starts to go full berserk, my life cant recover fast enough for his damageoutput.
Traps can cause bleeding, use staunching suffix flasks to stop bleeding. Other than that just time your movements a little better for traps. They all have patterns to them and don't ever actually chase you, even if it feels that way sometimes. They'll do about half of your life pool in damage and aren't affected by armour. So, just maneuver through them.

Builds that have a lot of life regen tend to have less of an issue with the traps and can just run through a dozen traps maybe popping a life flask once. If you don't have a lot of life regen, maybe carry a second life flask.

LiftingNerbBro on YouTube has a bunch of videos about the lab. Maybe, something in those videos can help you.
Where there's one they're bound to divide it right in two.
As from, "By default, creatures can have one curse active at a time." So really instead of worrying about what you would put in the slots you should be thinking of consistency. If you stay with only warlords then at least you have some life leech. Find what fits for you, but I notice that you have really low leech/life regen outside of your weapon. Remember that at max rage you lose 5% life per second.

When you first enter the chamber you do not have vaal skills charged that is correct.

If you are having trouble with traps then you can try and find a darkshrine in the lab and hope that you get one of the two that helps vs traps. One disables traps in the last izaro fight and the other lowers damage taken by traps by half.
Hi there,

some hints:
Traps can deal large amount of (physical) damage overtime (apply bleed, darts poison) and on top of that you have Rite of ruin allocated (it´s adding up to 10% degen at 50 stacks) and Aspect of carnage.

- Drop Sorrow of the divine flask (it adds only a little damage), craft mod on jade flask, get immune to freeze flask.

Buy better boots with movement speed / life

I think you should drop small 10-12% physical damage nodes and eventually 4% life nodes and take an extra endurance charges + sockets nearby and cast enduring cry manually.
Endurance charges will help to mitigate physical damage and you can fill up sockets with life/damage (make CWDT+IC higher lvl in that case).

About Eternal lab you can get more info on the wiki

You can find Dark shrines to get buffed (smth will disable traps in the last phase and other nice bonuses to help you with going through).
PoE lab is really helpful to navigate through
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so, i did as i was told and it worked.

switched from berserker to juggernaut, respeced from weapon nodes to endurance charges and it is unbelievable how "easy" it became.

at first i was shocked as i saw my dps dropping from 150k to 40k
even after all 7 charges kicked in, my dps never reached 60k
but the 60% damage reduction makes it so much easier. no more oneshots.
i went from 3 life flasks to one and barely die at all.
only deads in the last 2 days was a Tier 11 Boss, a syndicate fortress and inside the pyramid.

i think a better weapon should be enogh to farm T10 maps to reach lvl 91.
after that i assume i have to invest heavy in better gear to ramp up my damage.

but your tipps worked well, so im motivated like never before

thx @ all!
You´re welcome:)

Btw drop unique sulphur flask, craft affix on Jade flask and you should have flask with freeze imunity (shock/curse imunity too eventually or good unique flask such as Atziri´s promise).

I am sure you can save some points with better pathing (upload your character to PoB and try to fix it).

GL Exile!
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thx Rakiii

switched the flask, saved 1 tree point and maxed the endurance charges to nine.

which comes with two problems.

1. the 200 fire damage take per second per endurance charge via double nebuloch maces. this very quickly adds up to half my life. is there a way to reduce that?
i already switch my pantheons skills like sugested in a guide. but i feels unsave... probably need to invest a bit in life leech?

2. my resistances went down due to the 2 kaoms sign rings.
do i need to ramp them up again to 75%? because the moment the charges kicks in, i gain 31% to all resistances. would save me a lot subfixes i could instead use for damage increase
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Kaom's Way rings are much better than Kaom´s sign - you´re getting 0.4% life regen per EC (with 9 EC and two rings = 7.2% life regen)

Take also 0.2% life regen node next to the Stamina passive (9*0.2 = an extra 1.8% regen)

You can drop Dual wield accuracy (you have RT)
You should have some form of life leech (it will help with survivability by a lot) - from gear or passive tree (Vitality Void) - you could drop small damage nodes at the start (except 16% life one) and connect your tree through armor/life nodes.
You should get resistances from gear. You have lots of room for improvements.
You can start with helm and belt.

You should have capped resistance at 75 without EC(there are situation you need more resistance than usual - being cursed, debuffed, …).
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