[3.5] Raider Siege Ballista - Siege Ballista/Frenzy

So this might be an awful build but here we go..
Any critique or changes are welcome(or tell me to stop)

Path of Building - Raider Version

I've done all maps up to tier 15 handily. Red Elder is easy enough.
Not sure about Shaper/Uber Elder/Uber Atziri. I tried Minotaur but would just get one shot by the rocks/dig attack.

This build is a glass cannon. Could probably sacrifice a lot of damage for a lot more health. In specific, changing out Hyrri's Ire.
Raider could be swapped out for Deadeye for a small bit more damage, and blink arrow cooldown. But raider does give you some nice survivability with movement speed, phasing and dodge chance.

Map mods you can do are pretty map specific. But in general reflect is alright. Some of the twinned bosses are impossible due to totems dying instantly and too much of the boss room being literal death(caldera..).

Path of Building - Deadeye Version
Last bumped on Jan 21, 2019, 6:53:22 PM
Update - Managed to defeat all 4 Shaper guardians, and the Shaper himself with this build(deadeye version).
Gonna try uber elder.
Uber Elder down, it took quite a few tries but it's doable. Completely mechanical fight. It'll get easier as I level up and grab some more health nodes.

Updated build above, has much more consistent damage and health.
I am glad you posted this. I have long been interested in a siege ballista build, but none of them looked that good before this.

A few questions:
1. Did you have fun?
2. What did you level with? Frenzy for clear and the ballista for bosses?
3. What is your order for the ascendancy and your tree during leveling?
4. How often do you have all your totems down? Do you think it may be better to drop to 800 dex in exchange for something like flat damage gems or pure talent with a connection to scion?
5. If you didn't use Hyrri's Ire, which chest would you use? Wildwrap or Queen of the Forrest or some rare chest?
6. Did certain bosses ever get easier for you?

Hey dude sorry for the late reply!

I did have fun, I think the idea of a meme build or not played a lot build is fun. I've had a few people comment on it. In general it is fun, I love playing ranger and dodging things.

For levelling, ballistas as soon as possible. But in general you can use any ability and any bow. The game isn't that difficult until after first kitava IMO if you have subpar gear. By then you'd want Iron Commander.

For the ascendencies: Really down to preference IMO, but I always take fast and deadly first for the blink arrow cd. Way too much survive ability to miss out on. After that probably tailwind.
So really (Fast And Deadly -> Tailwind -> Powerful Precision -> Rupture

Levelling order: Stick on the ranger side of the tree first, then move up to scion area. After that the assassin nodes. You can skip damage for health.

All totems down is very common while mapping. In most boss fights on most maps they are all down. Placement is incredibly important on certain maps like T16 bosses. I actually contemplated dropping the dex down but I don't think you can squeeze out more damage. I can't see gems giving you as much damage as an extra totem. I'd be happy to be proven wrong. I do not think pure talent is worth it. You get as almost as much dex from fluid motion. Although the other stats are nice.

Hyrri's Ire is absolutely insane. On this build it's 20000 damage. You also get dodge chance. Wildwrap isn't very good IMO. I actually removed it in favor of cyclopean coil(previously using the nomad). If I was to use a different chest piece probably some combination of life/damage. Unfortunately there isn't really a unique item that even approaches the damage that hyrris give you while also increasing life.

Bosses did get easier. When I was initially doing T14-16s I was at 100k damage per totem. At 150k there is a huge noticeable difference. I rearranged the skill build from the original post to go from duelist nodes to assassin ones. I gained more life and more damage. I will admit, uber was difficult. I think just from a mechanics point. You will probably die unless you're a god with like 5ms ping.

The T16 guardians are actually interesting, the hardest is the hydra and the Minotaur is the easiest. At least from my experience.

I will make note, you will probably die if you get hit. I think this is just the case with a lot of ranger builds though. 5k life is decent. You just about have enough life that you have time to escape The Shapers beam.

Hopefully that clears stuff up. I'm not sure I want to make a giant post with fancy spoiler boxes like other builds. It's a huge commitment. I can answer more questions about my experience if you need.

Also here is my current build.

love the build it's really fun to play :)

i have 1 question though.

should i kill all the bandits or help them?
BonanzaI wrote:

love the build it's really fun to play :)

i have 1 question though.

should i kill all the bandits or help them?

I think you should help Alira!

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