Streamer Interview - DCLara

Without a doubt one of the most entertaining streamers on the platform.
Canada hype :)
Shagsbeard 2019 - PoE gets hard. So "bad" players see the need to get as much out of the mechanics as possible. Hence, they feel "forced" into "meta" builds. They're not forced. They're just not good enough to play with a build that might have a bit more difficulty than another.
I love those small bar talks
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
So much energy in this streamer.Full roller coaster most of the times.
gimme money bitch
I would like more some information about bug fix release schedule rather than these types of dull community news.
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
I am not speaking on behalf of someone else and I don't get offended by things that have nothing to do with me.
ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Lara is the best she always make me smile :)
Hands down the most entertaining POE streamer Ladeh.
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