Last year we introduced the Streamer Interview news series where we talk to our community streamers in order to know more about their lives. To continue our series, this week Bex reached out to DCLara with some questions about her and her history with games and streaming.

Hi Lara, thank you for taking part in the interview! Please introduce yourself.

Hey Bex thanks for reaching out for this interview! My name is Lara, I'm 23 years old and was born in Turkey but grew up in Canada. I just recently graduated university and I'm focusing on streaming for now while living in Vancouver.

When did you first start streaming? How did you get into it?

I first started streaming in February of 2017. My friends and I would play Overwatch all the time and they encouraged me to stream from time to time. One month later I got tired of Overwatch and my friend Taha suggested I try out a game called "Path of Exile". Ever since that day I've mostly been playing and streaming Path of Exile.

What can people expect from your stream and schedule?

I almost exclusively stream Path of Exile for the first two months of a new league. I usually play hardcore league because it's more exciting to me. After the first two months I usually play strategy games such as "Heroes of Might and Magic III", "Command and Conquer Generals", "Civilisation 6" etc. I usually stream everyday unless I have schoolwork, or am sick. Now that I'm done with school, people can expect me to be on much more often. Since I moved to Vancouver from Ottawa a few months ago, the 3 hour time difference has somewhat messed up my schedule which I'm trying to get back to.

What were you doing before you started streaming?

I was a hostess and bartender at a local diner at the same time as being a full time University student.

What one thing caught your attention in the beginning and what one thing kept you coming back?

The first thing that caught my attention about Path of Exile was a Breach portal. It was my first time playing Path of Exile, and I was playing with my friends. I had wandered off into a corner of the Mud Flats I believe and saw this large purple portal. As soon as I touched it purple men started running at me out of thin air and I died. After freaking out at my friends and bringing them back to the exact location that I found this purple portal - it was gone. They didn't quite believe me, and I had no idea how Breach mechanics worked at the time so it left a lasting impression on my memory. The main thing that keeps bringing me back are the new leagues, and content I haven't experienced yet.

Are there any highlights from your time playing Path of Exile that stand out in your memory?

The highlight of me finding my Doctor card is probably the biggest standout. I had been farming a Doctor card for over a week I believe and had run hundreds with full quant gear with nothing to show for it. When it finally dropped, it was as if my inner demons were unleashed and I'm pretty sure I scared everyone ahahaha.

What are your thoughts about the Betrayal Expansion?

I absolutely adore the Betrayal expansion because it introduced my new favourite skill: Winter Orb. Furthermore, the syndicate members are extremely rewarding - Tiny's Trial and the Booby trapped stashes are probably my favourite syndicate reward just because they're so exciting. Veiled mods have also given a huge QOL boost, with my favourite new craft being 5-8% increased max life and mana on chest. On top of that, there is so much stuff to do I never get bored while playing. The adjustments to the delves and beast crafting were amazing and make it really enjoyable to play.

You recently created the 'Dab of Ink' Divination Card. Can you tell us a little about your thought on making this card?

Oh boy, where do I get started. First and foremost I have to thank Aneruok for gifting me the divination card slot and giving me the chance to add something to a game that I love. Dabbing has long time been a meme in my chat, and I thought it would be pretty funny if we could *sneak* the word dab into the title of a divination card. I thought about what my favourite unique in the game was, which was the Poet's Pen. Then together with my chat, we came up with the clever name of "A Dab of Ink". Shortly thereafter I submitted the ideas to GGG and you guys gave me the go-ahead. Many people know that when one designs a divination card, you only have a say in what the item will be and the title of the card - GGG decides what the illustration will be, etc. I remember suggesting that the image of the card look like someone wiping sweat off their forehead and it merely looks like someone dabbing. I never imagined that you guys would actually draw someone dabbing - and much less make it look exactly like ME! I feel extremely honoured to be immortalised in Path of Exile, you guys are amazing. It was drawn so well, that even those who are unfamiliar with dabbing would not sense anything amiss in the general dark theme that POE divination cards are made in.

Is there anything you'd like to see more of in the streaming community?

I'm pretty happy with the POE streamer community. I think it would be awesome though if you, Bex, would stream every now and then, that would be super fun.

Do you have any advice for people who are looking to make their own career out of streaming?

One of the best pieces of advice I have for newer streamers is to try to get on right after bigger streamers get off. This sounds weird, but when I first started growing my channel, I would start streaming when the biggest streamers got off. That's usually when most people start searching through the POE game directory for new streamers to discover.

Are there any up and coming streamers that you'd like to shine a spotlight on?

I would highly recommend checking out and supporting these channels that have really good content and stream regularly: somayd, DajoTmone, CellTank and PUTT3BOI. I'd also like to shout out to suitsizesmall, who does daily lab runs so that all of us noobs can see the normal/cruel/merc and uber lab layouts. He suffers so we don't have to and I think that's really admirable.

What hobbies or interests do you have outside of streaming?

Since I stream during the night and sleep during the day, it doesn't leave much room for extracurricular activities. However, my hobbies include reading, learning the flute, and playing with my dog. During the summers I like to play basketball, volleyball and go swimming.

How has your life changed from before you were streaming until now? What role has streaming played in that transition?

Well when I graduated highschool I was very confused in which direction I wanted to head in life. I graduated university more for my parents than anything, which isn't the best reason I admit. But ever since I started streaming, the friendships I've made have been incredible. This is quite literally the dream job. I used to take breaks from work to play games, and now this is my work.

What is one thing you think every Path of Exile player should hear?

Do you have any projects on the horizon you'd like to talk about?

I don't really have anything too big other than trying to get my first level 100 in hardcore. Maybe it will happen this league. The closest I've gotten before is level 95 (which I know isn't close at all) but hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere.
Thank you so much for participating in the interview! If you want to follow DCLara, check out her Twitter and Twitch.
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