[3.5] TheAmigoMines! ⚡ Low-Life Arc Mines with INSANE DPS! (6M+ Shaper DPS & 9k+ ES!)

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Hello fellow exiles!

I am finally back with another build guide! This time its a guide for my first Low-Life build in years. This time around we are using Arc Mines and i have to say, this is the most powerful build i have ever played, yes it's even better than my STD league builds!

The Build is capable of clearing all endgame content VERY EASILY, and can do so deathless.

DISCLAIMER: This Build is not meant for beginners, and can be very expensive. I would not recommend making this build with less than a 5-10ex budget. -But don't worry, it will be worth every penny! ;)

And of course, if you got any questions regarding the build be free to ask me ingame at @TheAmigoBoyz

⚡Looking for upgrades? -GG Gear for the build i'm selling (Updated February 11th)
Take a look if you are looking for upgrades

We can ofc negotiate the prices and make a good deal, since i know you will be using it for the build :)

Weapons and shield:





  • How do you generate mana? This is a very good question, and chances are you will be running into some mana problems! It's very important to get an eternal mana flask with the "Cautious"-prefix, which gives it 100% increased recovery when on low life. We need this to be able to sustain our mana. Once you get used to spamming this flask while mapping, you will not have that many mana problems. If you have it on bosses, its because you let your mana fill up to full, which makes the recovery stop, thus requiring you to press the flask again
  • Why Low Life? We choose to make a Low Life build, first of all because we want a higher ES pool. This is gonna prevent oneshots from the syndicate, and overall make us more tanky. On top of that, we get to use more auras, as you on a life build generally would go MoM (and only have one aura in your essence worm). Last but not least we get 30% more spell damage from the Pain Attunement keystone.

⚡Videos of The Build In Action

⚡Pros and cons:

  • Very respectable clear speed
  • Keep your power charges in boss fights!
  • Can do ALL map mods!
  • Crazy Damage! -Up to almost 7 million Shaper DPS
  • Can reach over 9k es!
  • All Content viable

  • Can be VERY expensive
  • Requires some micromanagement of flasks, detonation etc. to work optimally

⚡The Skilltree:
Skilltree + Ascendancy order

Skilltree Link (lvl 95)

Ascendancy Point Upgrade order

  • Normal: Pyromaniact
  • Cruel: Bomb Specialist
  • Merciless: Demolotions Specialist
  • Endgame: Born in the Shadows

Path of Building

Leveling Guide

  • Level 2: Explosive Trap + Lesser Poison
  • Level 2: Onslaught (Mercy Mission quest)
  • Level 4: Frost Bomb + Onslaught + Arcane Surge
  • Level 10: Flame Dash
  • Level 12: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield (discard Explosive Trap and Frost Bomb if you wish)
  • Level 16: Herald of Thunder
  • Level 24: Wrath (discard Herald of Thunder)
  • Level 28: Lightning Spire Trap

We use Minefield for leveling

4 Link: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield + Trap and Mine Damage (Act 2 vendor)

5 Link: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield + Trap and Mine Damage + Lightning Penetration

6 Link: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield + Trap and Mine Damage + Lightning Penetration + Controlled Destruction

Credit goes to user alolamola -ty so much!

⚡The Bandits

We take +2 skillpoints


Solaris (Major) We take this because of the defensive aspects it gives us. The 8% reduced elemental damage taken when you haven't been hit recently also helps agaisnt Uber Elder

Shakari (Minor) We need this to be immune to poisons. Poisons are very annoying as they make us unable to recharge our ES.

⚡Gear breakdown:
The Gear breakdown for the different pieces of gear

  • In the helm slot we use a rare helmet with the very important stat "Place an additional mine". -This is going to double our DPS, so it's a must. On top of that try and get 250+ Energy shield.

  • Shavronnes Wrappings is the only option, since we are a low life build.

  • The First ring is Dream Fragments as it gives us freeze and chill immunity on top of helping us with our mana problems.
  • The second ring, is going to be Lori's lantern, because it gives us movement speed, resists and the "enemies damage is unlucky"-mod. This is a huge defensive boost, and prevents oneshots.
  • The second ring can be swapped out for Mark of the Shaper if you are able to get an Elder Dream Fragment

  • Get a Rare Crystal Belt with energy shield and resists. Also get STR if you need it!

  • Presence of Chayula is the way to go!. Gives us the most ES from the amulet slot, and gives us stun immunity. Also gives us a ton of chaos resists, which helps us against "It, that fled".

  • i'd recommend using Rare Gloves 150+ Energy shield and resists. If you can get an abyssal socket on it, from the hollow fossils, it will give you more damage and resists. Also get Aspect of the Spider on here, if you don't have it on your boots.

  • Rare boots with resists, 150+ ES and movement speed are the most important stats. Again, if you don't have the Aspect of the Spider on your gloves, get it here.

  • Any Rare wand/scepter with high damage, crit and added lightning damage. I would also highly recommend getting the extra chaos damage shaper mod on here.

  • Get a Rare Shield with high damage, spell crit 250+ ES. I would take ES any day over damage. Getting 300+ ES with spellcrit is more than enough. You can also craft the Aspect of the Spider on here, if you don't have it on boots or gloves.

⚡My Current Gear
My Gear in 3.5 betrayal League (DPS SPEC)

Bear in mind this is very GG gear, and you dont need to use this much currency to be able to do all content

My Gear in 3.5 betrayal League (DELVE SPEC)

For delving we use Inc Critical Strikes instead of Elemental Focus. The reason for this, is because the on death mechanics in high tier delves are very scary. When the mobs shatter they don't explode!

We are also using Lori's Lantern instead of Mark of the Shaper + elder Dream Fragments. Lori's is more defensive and i dont need more damage at depth 350 atm


These are what i use:

The Cautious Eternal Mana flask is very important! -Without it you cannot sustain your mana!


Unique Jewels

Watcher's Eye: This is very good for the build, if you can get it with the Lightning Penetration while affected by Wrath. But any other Wrath mod can work.

Rare Jewels

Rare jewels: If you have some jewel sockets left, you want rare jewels with Energy shield, crit multi, mine laying speed or spell damage. Also get resists on here if you struggle to get capped!

Abyss Jewels: On Abyss jewels you prioritize ES and added lightning damage. Crit multi is also good.

⚡Gem links: (Gems are in order of importance)
Gem links

Arc - Remote Mine - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Trap and Mine Damage Support - Lightning Penetration/Empower

(Note: only use empower if you have a +1 to gems Shavs and a level 4 empower!)

CWDT setup

Cast When Damage taken (lvl. 1) - Immortal Call (lvl. 3) - Increased Duration


Vaal Discipline - Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration

Blood Magic - Wrath

Spell Totem

Spell Totem - Detonate Mines - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance


Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (lvl. 1)
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Just respecced my assassin.

Here is my current setup:

What i could to improve DPS wise?
seems like you got 900k in path of building, me 140k

I know i have shit helmet and not enough crit %, but wich way i could obtain it "easiest"?
skaidi wrote:
Just respecced my assassin.

Here is my current setup:

What i could to improve DPS wise?
seems like you got 900k in path of building, me 140k

I know i have shit helmet and not enough crit %, but wich way i could obtain it "easiest"?

I would first of all try and upgrade the wand and get a lvl 21 arc. The 21 arc is 10% more dmg, and is very cheap!

stats to look out for on wands are extra dmg as chaos, as thats basically a more multiplier.

Also, getting aspect of the spider is very good for the build. You can get that crafted using a service for around 1ex.
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Why not use while affected by wrath mana regen to solve mana issue
PandaZeus wrote:
Why not use while affected by wrath mana regen to solve mana issue

because it's mana leech and you dont leech from your mines
selling GG LL arc mine full setup

10k es 5+ million shaper dps

uber elder deathless everytime

Nice take on the arc mine, did uber elder deathless on 1st try :P
(thanks for the elder dream fragments and a nice chat Amigo)

Hey! Interesting build. I just reached endgame with a partially completed MoM Arc Miner. Considering a respec into your LL Build, but currently don’t have a huge amount of orbs to invest into gear. Would you be able to provide a few suggestions for some budget gear to map with the LL Miner until I can generate enough orbs to get your recommended gear?

Thanks for the guide and your help!

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