[3.5] Ascendant - Storm Brand build (Budget, Good clear speed, Easy to kill boss, Very Safe)

Do you need all 3 of those suffixes on the Watcher's Eye Prismatic jewel? Or just the wrath, with good ES% and HP% rolls?
this build kill all bandits or help alira?
Check the guide.
asklan123 wrote:
this build kill all bandits or help alira?

Guide says to go for 2 passive points if you can throw money into the build. Or you can go for Alira for the budget build. I always go 2 points though, they're so nice to have. I'm no expert.
Silly question. Where are you getting your leech from when not using warlord's mark? I don't see anything giving you leech outside of the super budget version with warlord's mark.
Pretty sure the budget build is the one with the elder ring with warlord's and the shaper ring is part of the budget build. The expensive build is the one with Atziri's Acuity. Thus far I'm clearing the leveling parts without the warlord's. I'm just using some acceptable gear with spell damage and an hp pot that either has bubbling or seething prefix.
Once you start using Shimmeron, use warlord's mark ring. It's the only thing giving you leech.
Do I need the Purity of Elements and/or Anger affixes on the Prismatic Eye Jewel? Am I missing how they fit into the build?
No, you don't need Purity of Elements or Anger mods. Wrath Penetration is an expensive mod by itself, so usually the other one or two mods will be bad unless you're shelling out a lot of currency for it.
DonnieDice wrote:
yo vaal RF is killing me... wtf am I doin wrong?

Hey there. Not sure if anyone got back to you on why this might be happening. I had the same problem as you early on. From my experience, it appears to be due to the mechanics of the Cast When Damage Taken support skill and not having the right items. Double check that you are using the Vaal Righteous Fire skill gem and not the regular Righteous Fire skill gem. If you use the regular gem it will trigger the regular version of RF and burn your life away rapidly resulting in a death.

I've also found that keeping the Vaal version of RF on my middle mouse button and triggering it when I want a damage boost helps keep me alive. Just keep in mind you'll need to have a ring with Warlord's Mark auto casting on it and the right Citrine amulet since they work hand in hand and turn damage in to life leech.

Good luck!

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