[3.5] Ascendant - Storm Brand build (Budget, Good clear speed, Easy to kill boss, Very Safe)

I just killed u.elder with this build, will post my gear in the spoiler below.
my profile is open if u wanna check the tree, name is dabbingOnTheEndgame

Summoner wrote:

The levelling trees look different because you're expected to respec after completing your last ascendency and remove the skill points heading from the scion start to the main block of skill nodes. If the build had a more detailed levelling section, there would be a tree which had ~95% of the full levelling nodes but was still connected to the scion start.

As for starting gear, most of the normal good choices apply. +1 wand (crafted or lifesprig), goldrim, tabula, and wanderlust (or other boots with move speed and a low lvl req). If it's your first character of the league you probably won't be able to afford the tablula until sometime past level 50 or 60 unless you get a lucky drop.

Thanks, mate. I went from Scion up to the left as the first leveling image shows, and then i kept going backwards all the way to Witch start, and then i went to the right and i have now taken extra brand and keep going. I am hoping when i get the ascendancy part where i can "start" from Witch (even though i already put nodes all the way there starting from Scion, but im hoping i can remove the nodes from Scion that goes upwards to Witch and then put those in the other nodes you are supposed to have around Scion like crit and life nodes. Im not sure you can remove nodes from the start point though or if i will have to remove nodes all the way from the end (left side that goes to the 1 extra brand big node). I didnt understand how to do it from the guide. Even started over once, lol.

Now im looking for something to give power charges on kill since the build has them and all i have is the prison wand. I have other wands with much more damage but then the power charge nodes i put points in is useless. Im at 65 now and going in to do 2nd Lab.
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