Blood Magic

Yes if you have less than 35% of your maximum health you are at low life regardless of whether it's missing or reserved.
Reducing the starting multiplier to 2.0 would be more reasonable.

If people use this for their main attacks, they waste 1 support gem, while still paying 2.5 more mana.

By itself it does not compare to other MAIN ATTACK support gems in effectiveness.

Using life instead of mana just for the main attack skill by itself does not compare to the effectiveness of the true integral Blood Magic.

The passive is just a fraction version of it, that cuts directly into the meat of the MAIN ATTACK damage per second.

Even after the prohibite cost is halved to 200%, it still would be balanced by the fact each cluster of skills would require its own Blood Magic passive. The gem itself would be usable at early levels.

Each support gem is supposed to provide a benefit equivalent to a multiplicative 30% damage bonus average or an utility that is balanced with it from the get go, not after its level 20. Its not the case of the current Blood Magic gem, wich is a penis.

The balance between a level 20 Blood Magic support vs a level 20 Main Attack support gem is insane.

At the point the player reaches level 20 with the Blood Magic he might as well just spend 1 passive point to get Blood Magic keystone for the extra bonus provided by a level 20 Physical Damage or level 20 Weapon Elemental Damage or level 20 Fire Damage support.

For 1 skill point, the player get the power of a full fledged level 20 support gem for their Main Attack and all its skills gets the benefit of the Blood Magic, instead of having to have one Blood Magic gem for each cluster of skills.

Blood Magic if used mainly for the MAIN ATTACK, does not frees the characters need for the full mana pool IN ANY WAY.

Neither it does free the players from the need to have Mana regenerating flasks either.

Players still need to use other skills that are unsupported by blood magic, such as phase run, enduring cry, warlords mark, immortal call, totems, traps, auras, mines and so on.

Right now, this support is not viable early on, it progresses really bad and it is inferior to other support gems that could be used for more damage on the main attack.

The support slot damage lost + the ridiculous increased life cost is inferior to any advantages it supposedly provides.

Its a choice between the 1 passive skill point to get the Blood Magic keystone for more damage from the support gem on the main attack skill the Blood Magic gem will free (at level 20 power potentially) and the increased survivability of wasting a lot less life, risking dieing a lot less.

Why would anyone ever care about the Blood Magic support instead of getting the Keystone?
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I would suggest changing the increased mana cost to perhaps an increased time to cast (perhaps +40%?) or a decrease in damage and effect duration (-20%?). This would make the blood magic passive an attractive pick for someone who solely wants to use blood magic, while still making this a viable option for people who only want one or two spells to use health.

Spells like auras reserving health are already reserving a lot health so I don't think you need to increase the mana cost or decrease the potency of those skill gems.
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So I noticed that with Chaos Inoculation, when Blood Magic is combined with some mana reserved skills you die instantly but for some others it just fails to use the skill. Why not just make them all fail to work?

On a somewhat related note, I've found that casting mana reserved skills with Blood Magic tends to be kind of dodgy at times. Sometimes it will recast an aura that is already on (which will consume additional health) rather than turn it off like it should, and sometimes the skill slot will indicate that an aura is on when it isn't.

One last thing, I really feel that % mana reserved skills should not have any cost multiplier applied to them. 30-40% life reserved is already crazy enough, there's really no excuse for skills consuming upwards of 100% life.
@interesting: the main reason would be to have a whole lot more reserved mana skills active at one time. Some people enjoy having them up and if you have no mana pool, there is only 100% to go around(and much less than that if you intend to have much HP for enemies to not kill you with). With this applied to the main attack, you could have a large percentage of your mana reserved (80-95%) and still keep a little mana for the occasional utility skill, while your attack uses a seperate resource that replenishes itself when you attack. I don't get what is so confusing about that.
Interesting wrote:
Why would anyone ever care about the Blood Magic support instead of getting the Keystone?

Linked below:

My blood magic/ double strike/ LGoH helm (with item qt) and my mana reservation gems.

This gem setup lets me use double strike for a net gain of health, so that I can freely reserve most of my mana for Tempest Shield (linked with chance to flee) and vitality.

I use cleave, warlord's mark, enduring cry, and shield charge on mana, without issue. I only have one mana flask, which I will be replacing with a high tier hybrid flask when I can, and several misc. flasks (granite and other resist flasks which I rotate out as needed).

I don't want the blood magic keystone because then I'd be reserving ~65% of my health pool.

I don't think blood magic should be ubiquitously useful, as you seem to want. It shouldn't *effectively* remove the cost of skills on its own. It should be drastic and something that you fit into a build or build around, not an easy fix for mana cost.

250 may be a bit high to start, but 200 is too drastic a reduction. Maybe 225 or somewhere slightly higher, with an adjustment in progression. As it stands, it IS a gem which is useful on higher level builds, just as the blood magic keystone is suicide on a low level character.


D623932883 wrote:

One last thing, I really feel that % mana reserved skills should not have any cost multiplier applied to them. 30-40% life reserved is already crazy enough, there's really no excuse for skills consuming upwards of 100% life.

I disagree. Currently, reserving an aura with blood magic is the best solution for a low-hp build (such as wondertrap IIRing or pain attunement builds).

If you don't have the skill slots -- both gem slots and hotbar slots -- to link and reserve multiple auras alongside the blood magic'd aura, your proposed change would negatively affect those pain attunement / wondertrap builds while broadening the possible users of blood magic + auras to include those who don't currently need to use blood magic with their auras because they have other options.
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This is great

Change please. Not fun in hardcore.
no offence but why didn't you read it before using? the screenshot itself showed you cannot use a lv 1 blood magic gem with most auras. 40% * 2.5 = 1. 100% of your hp is instant kill. no one would honestly do that, specially hardcore =(

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